The World's Best Scientists Want China NOT America


Chinese scientists are leaving America and moving to China. Why is this happening? In today's video I examine this interesting trend and reveal how Donald Trump's policy has caused much fear amongst Chinese professors and students, and why the America China university battle is only just begng.


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Chinese universities train more STEM graduates (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) than any other in the world.

The Countries With The Most STEM Graduates (2016)

  1. China (4.7 million)
  2. India (2.6 million)
  3. United States (568, 000)
  4. Russia (561, 000)
  5. Iran (355, 000)
  6. Indonesia (206, 000)
  7. Japan (195, 000)

Source: World Economic Forum



1. 中国(470万)

2. 印度(260万)

3. 美国(56.8万)

4. 俄罗斯(56.1万)

5. 伊朗(35.5万)

6. 印度尼西亚(20.6万)

7. 日本(19.5万)




I, too, am feeling like my loyalty as an Asian-American isn’t reciprocated by my adopted country and contemplating a move back to a country that I haven’t lived in for over 45 years. It’s a sad time to call oneself an American. I’m disgusted by how this country has been ruined by greed and money in politics. I’m sad for my fellow Americans who are unable to make a move nor have a choice.




In the past, China suffered from "brain drain" where intellectuals travel from a develo country to a developed country. But with China's rise and the Sinophobia in the U.S, China is now experiencing a "reverse brain drain" where intellectuals travel from a developed country to a develo country.



Jeffrey Cheung

I won't feel comfortable to live in US if myself as Chinese my country being continued attacked by US from all angles.



Liam Porter

US is so divided and yet we're creating conflicts and wars which caused millions of lives murdered throughout history.  Fix our problems first instead of meddling other countries internal affairs through funding conflicts and wars.




Unless Biden encourages people to not discriminate against Asian Americans, this trend will most definitely continue.



iaoyun Chen

i got my B.S. at China and PhD at USA. I've been working in USA since then and recently quite a few of my phd-level colleagues are returning to China. the FBI's China-initiative is really hurting USA, unfortunately.



Will Lee

I worked in the Silicon Valley and many of the MS and PhD Engineers and Scientists were of Chinese descent and they helped the Silicon Valley and many Semiconductor companies become what it is today.



andrew lin

if I were a Chinese scientist , I would love to go back to homeland & contribute my experience




Unless Mandarin becomes one of  the working language of the world, just like English is, it is difficult to have that kind of influence US exerts throughout the world.



Kevin Feng

will the US reverse this trend?

The issue is on the old politicians, they keep using the same foreign policies, they keep treating other countries as they used to but the world is changing.

The US need new brains in the political scene who will bring new ideas and try them.




GT Collection

Two of my American friends left USA for China in late 2021 on the basis of personal security. Claiming Nazism/Racism sentiment and exponential growth in severe mental illnesses among Americans




Beauty, brain, loyalty, such rarity nowadays. Motherland comes first. Hope more will follow



David Wong

This trend is irreversible.




If there is no war, conflict, only peaceful development. In 20 years, Eurasia will be the absolute center of the world, especially East Asia, and in 100 years at most, the United States and Canada will be the remote regions of the world. So, the US will not sit idly by and will definitely continue to provoke wars and conflicts everywhere. If the competition is fair, the US will lose because it is so uncompetitive that it can only show its advance by constantly disrupting the development of others. But not for long



Armament Armed Arm

US universities have lost some of their luster for Chinese undergrads, too.  COVID had some of my graduating students delaying or changing their plans to go to the US.



Nelson Ngai

I think there is no stop of the trend of more and more talented Chinese Scientist returning to China, and / or seeking advancement elsewhere . The mindset , hence the major rhetoric, against China will continue to hurt the image of a fair and safe workplace for overseas talents




the next question is whether, with the US destroying Germany and the best minds  (and the key industries as well) being economically forced out of Germany, will they be relocating to the US, or will they be heading east to China and southeast Asia where the future looks more promising.  Language, of course is a substantial barrier against westerners moving to China, since English has become as much an international language as the dollar is as a reserve currency.




If you think China will beat USA's technology and overcome USA's dirty tricks, raise your hand




this reminds me of the Chinese exclusion act all over again but this time is not cheap labours but top scientists which to me is a good thing that happen for China!



InkedKyng Films

Hope I can work in China for a few years.



John Gwizo

One of the world's leadership contributions are vision and ability to communicate effectively while not using coercive threats or use of force.



mark yeung

Good to see Chinese scientists hel their home country.



William N

imo China can offer similar environment and resources for their scientists to do their researches when many of Chinese leaders are engineers themselves...



iceman Lol

My brother is a mathematician and he’s now in China working on AI



Do Matthew

USA may not be able to reverse this leakage of talent.  There is no political will to reverse it's views on China. USA Universities are also too focused on inconsequential social behaviours and topics and not in Science and technology.



somashekhar ertyug

Wish these two giant economies worked together with the aim of making things easy for everyone on the planet...but sad it is not the case




The scientists rather not choose sides! But if they had to, definitely they will choose China!




Even the Chinese students that do come to the US to study, the vast majority now want to go back to China to pursue their careers. That used to be the minority of Chinese students. Indian students will likely follow that trend in the upcoming decades.



Tina Tang

The quality of life in China is vastly improved ever since the government managed to clean up the air and atmosphere and with the construction of high speed rail and other 5G infrastructure, residents and tourists can enjoy unsurpassed connectivity, unlike in the US where everything is falling into disrepair.


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