China builds bridge to help Maldivians dream come true, but India is angry!


"In the center of the Indian Ocean, a 2.1-kilometer-long bridge winds out, connecting the capital Male and the international airport, which is one of a growing number of Chinese projects in the resort Maldives." However, a good thing like this, which improves the living standards of the people of Maldives, has caused great unease in India. In order to "win back" Maldives, India has frequently shown goodwill, and also said that it will build a bridge there, which will surpass that of China in terms of scale. But experts in India immediately pointed out the infeasibility.



Completed in 2018, the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge was called a "milestone" in the relationship between the two countries by then-Maldives President Yameen. "We are grateful for the help provided by the chinese, who made the dreams of the Maldivian people come true," he said at the opening ceremony of the bridge. Why is China's civil works in the Maldives so disturbing to India?


At present, what other representative projects do China have in the Maldives? Can these projects really help local residents?


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Hong Yan

The exchanges between China and Maldives began in the Ming Dynasty, when the Maldives was still what China called a "mountain country". During Zheng he's voyages to the West, Zheng he led a caravan to the Maldives twice. later, King Yusuf of the Maldives sent envoys to China three times, and the two countries had a friendly bilateral trade relationship.



Hong Yan

More than 91 per cent of the RMB 1.26 billion investment in building the bridge came from China, and only about 8 per cent of self-raised funds were raised in Maldives. The bridge was completed in 33 months.



Blue Star

Maldives is an independent country, is it not? They are free to make their own decisions. India should just stay out of it!



Hong Yan

In 2015, the Maldives introduced a policy that allows foreigners to buy land in the Maldives, which can increase foreign investment in the Maldives, increase the income of the Maldives, and benefit many parties, but India is extremely dissatisfied with this policy. they believe that this policy will continue to expand the influence of the United States and China in the Maldives and affect their own interests.



Hong Yan

The embarrassing thing happened in New Delhi. the bridge that India invested heavily to build has been suspended for a long time, and it is difficult to say whether it is because of the impact of the epidemic that India is unable to continue to build the bridge. or because India has encountered "technical difficulties", resulting in the bridge project can not be advanced.



Hong Yan

India has always regarded the whole of South Asia and the whole Indian Ocean as its own "sphere of influence", so from the day India became independent, they began to seek their own expansion in South Asia: the ancient Sikkim Kingdom was annexed by India.

Although Bhutan still retains its own sovereignty, it has to accept the "guidance" of India. India has also interfered brutally in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries.




Hong Yan

India supported the LTTE in the Sri Lankan civil war, once took deep control of Nepal, almost became a "dependent state" of India, and supported the independent establishment of Bangladesh by East Pakistan in order to weaken Pakistan.

Every South Asian country doubts whether India is going to annex their country.





China builds bridges. India builds obstacles.



Spadey Say

These Chinese projects must be absolutely great for Maldives. With it out come the old predator who has treated Maldives with both neglect and condescension but now wants to "love" the Maldives with offers of marriage and some dowries!! What a joke.



Edgar Johnston

India should learn to be magnanimous, make friends not enemies.



willie macbeth

I wish the Chinese would come to Scotland bring their expertise and take us into the 21st century



Agus M

That is the difference between action ( China) and talk only ( India)



Donkey Kong

Infrastructure is priceless, the gift that continues to give…and crooked politicians can’t take infrastructure out of the country



Hanry Setiawan

Jealousy country always get mad for others successfully infrastructure being done



Jenny Ohara

Maldives can decide for themselves  who they want to build their stuff



Huang ZB

India should learn how to build and use  toilets properly before thinking of exporting its skill and technology.



silent watcher

India always the bringer of misfortune to Maldives.



North Atlantic terrorist organization.

India can’t even made a bridge, made in India bridge just like paper



Wukong FromSky

India can't build so big bridge.



Future is red, comrades

India needs to improve their human ri hts.

印度应当改善他们的人 权状况。


Roth Takeo

The Indian studied, the Chinese built.



North Atlantic terrorist organization.

Look at molbi bridge made in India, just for photo not for pedestrian to walk. Anything made in India the quality we all know




A total failure of Modi Foriegn policy



feng dfd

Indian most famous bridge is called Molbi,,,,



Christopher Powell. Vote #Reform.

India picks fights with all its neighboured and then some.



Theodore Perez

India have the mentality of UK look at the difference India people are mostly very poor why?



FreeLunch ForChildren

India is always angry




Who does India think they are.



Jayden Dean

China builds, America destroys


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