Remove 50 per cent cap on quotas: Nitish Kumar


PATNA: Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday sought the removal of 50 per cent cap on reservations and made a fresh pitch for a country-wide caste census.

The JD(U) leader was sharing his views, with journalists, on the Supreme Court upholding 10 per cent quota for economically weaker sections.

"What the Supreme Court ruled was fair enough. We were always in support of the quota. But it is high time that the limit of 50 per cent be raised. The cap is depriving OBCs and EBCs of opportunities in proportion to their population," said Kumar, an OBC leader himself who owes his rise in politics to the churning brought about by Mandal Commission.


这位民 主党领袖与记者们分享了他对最高法院支持经济实力较弱地区维持10%配额的看法。


He also reiterated the need for a fresh estimate of the respective population of various social groups and recalled having taken it up with Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year.

"We were told that states could hold such headcounts. We have undertaken that exercise. But this needs to be done on the national level as well. There must be a rethink on the issue of caste census," said Kumar.

The BJP, a former ally of the JD(U), lashed out at the chief minister.




"The honorable chief minister is obviously unhappy over poor upper castes getting their due. He is speaking the language of its current ally RJD," alleged BJP spokesperson Arvind Kumar Singh.

"If you want the 50 per cent cap to be raised, do the needful in Bihar as per constitutional norms. We will welcome it," he said.

Notably, among the current crop of political leaders of Bihar, the demand for removal of the cap was first made by RJD president Lalu Prasad, with whom Kumar aligned, dum the BJP, three months ago.






Anand Kumar•5 days ago

Very sad indeed that NAYA INDIA is still talks about the much cursed RESERVATION- thanks to misplaced politicians who depend on RESERVATION ONLY for their SURVIVAL.. Pip Pip




Natarajan D•5 days ago

all reservations based on caste, religion should be scrapped. only poor people should be given benefits. why kids of IAS, IPS level officers of SC/ST/OBC should get caste based reservation benefits.




User Bezboruah•5 days ago

Why the hell is this Scorpion getting so many men as his Security Detail? Does not our India better things to do?




User Bezboruah•5 days ago

When is this Cockroach type Idiot, but Cunning, leaving us? These types have been the greatest curse for our India.




•5 days ago

Politicians instead of trying to improve the standards of those people and uplift them so that the reservation system is slowly phased out, keep them as it is by lowering the education system so that they continue to remain poor and look for reservation and freebies from govt as if it is paid by them.,It is tax payers who provide the money. India is the only country where people fight to remain backward to be eligible for reservation. This affects the country's progress.





Shankara Rao T S•Canada•5 days ago

Reservations on caste basis based on population will result in more brain drain. As it is merit getting a back seat because of reservations which are accessable only by those in power who do represent large pipulation of the country. This will be suicidal as India approaches its' centinary year of becoming independent.




mmmm•5 days ago

Gujarat people should not allow this senile backstabber to enter their state.




mmmm•5 days ago

This senile has made Bihar unhabitable state for patriotic citizens.




My Gow•5 days ago

Cheap politician, my simple question to Nitish: does he go to a doctor with reservation or without ?




User Yang•5 days ago

Why not reserve 100% seats for so called downtrodden & exle all so called upper caste candidates out of the country? What a shame that the current generation is made to pay for a social inequity that was perpetrated by the british during their 200 year rule & perpetuated by these shameless politicians since independence! In the name of removing caste based discrimination, all political parties have joined hands to keep the caste based reservations alive for their vote banks!




User Singh Lealadhar•5 days ago

Giving a quota of 10% to the financially weak upper case is a good thing. But eradicating the quota for the lower classes would be a disaster for them as the cancer of the caste system will only give them few meaningful places of value in society. They have been side-lined socially for centuries and this is never going to change substantially any time soon let us not forget.




Prakki Satyamurty•Nidadavolu•5 days ago

Make it zero and water becomes (best quality) wine in India. Why quotas even after 75 years of total failure in intellectual sector? Mediocrity reigning, India will remain a third world country for ever.




Anil Kumar Khanna•5 days ago

It is high time that children are selected purely on the basis of their merit and not caste-based reservation which has been the norm just to promote vote-bank politics. Only merit-based admission and employment policy can bring out the best talent which can serve better in the fields of medicine, education and infrastructure-building. However, economic support should continue to be provided to weaker sections of the society to help them.




•5 days ago

Remove cap? Create ext policy for reservations.




•5 days ago

If 50% cap cur not achieve the pitpose what will 60 or 70 do…instead of removing caste based reservation these leaders are pushing us more and more into caste.. and then they speak of our constitution which says all caste and religion is equal…how do voters of such parties expect india to develop




•5 days ago

WTF after some years general people will be in minority




•5 days ago

Reservations are dragging the country back.




•5 days ago

Remove all kind of quota. Its enough now. Reservation is making people inefficient and lazy. There should not be any compromise on talent.




Blake Carrington•Atlanta•5 days ago

Can someone Ask Amit Shah to remove Jains from OBC / Minority category. I know several jains joining Colleges under backward quotas. Which tribe does Shah belong to?

谁能让阿密特沙阿把耆那教徒从落后阶层 / 少数族裔类别中删除?我知道有几个耆那教徒通过落后阶层的名额挤进大学。这位沙阿是哪个部落的?



• Blake Carrington•5 days ago

U r the type of people this country needs to get rid of…stop this caste politics your masters have put india into




Blake Carrington•Atlanta•5 days ago

General Category Hindus are now minority in India. Wow... We Pay Tax, We Vote, We Provide Support and all of sudden Muslims, SC, ST, OBC, Blah Blah Blah come and take up benefits.... Just remove reservations from education and government jobs for five year and see how Indian Talent Sky Rockets in India itself. A General Category Hindu in India is like a White American in US. No Rights.




User Vashishtha•5 days ago

Please make it 100% in Bihar but leave rest of the country alone. General caste has already been suffering a lot because of this quota system.




Rahul Tewari•5 days ago

Well Mr. CM of Bihar why don't you suggest to give some percentage of reservation to General category.




Ramesh B•5 days ago

These politicians have found reservation claim, loan waivers, freebies, hate speech, appeasement, luxurious life for themselves a big asset for them to fight for it and to retain them for ever and ever.. indiscipline in all spheres hovers all around..




Guest 18497

Each and every politician is thief. All general Category people should boycott these vultures




Chanakya 11709

Please reserve all Govt jobs for so called deprived castes but ensure that all politicians are served by them only.




Jai Maharashtra 40156

make separate country first for non-reserved class people and then all reseved category remain in country and then do politics in reserved category country




Amit Sawant 24179

I am a Maratha and I never supported the reservation movement in Maharashtra but these idiots will leave nothing for General Category they want Indians to be SC/ST/OBC rather than removing casteism and the evil associated with it they are promoting it.


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