India’s goal is to take back PoK turf: Rajnath Singh



SRINAGAR: India’s goal is to reclaim areas such as Gilgit and Baltistan in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) in accordance with a resolution passed unanimously in Parliament in 1994, defence minister Rajnath Singh said Thursday, reasserting a long-held pitch that these places are “under illegal occupation of Pakistan”. He also called out Islamabad for atrocities committed in the occupied territories.

“We have just begun our journey of development in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. We will achieve our goal when we reach Gilgit and Baltistan,” Singh said while speaking at the Shaurya Diwas or Infantry Day celebrations to commemorate the air-landing of Indian soldiers at Budgam airstrip in Srinagar on October 27, 1947.

It was the first military operation of independent India, a move that changed the course of the India-Pakistan war in 1947-48 in which Indian troops repelled invading armed tribesmen and military conscripts from taking over Kashmir Valley.




Accusing Pakistan of torturing and harassing the people of PoK, he said Islamabad “is sowing the seeds of hatred…and time is not far when people will resort to mass rebellion there”.

He said India is committed to implement the resolution passed in Parliament on February 22, 1994, about recovering Gilgit, Baltistan and other parts of Kashmir taken illegally by Pakistan. “People of PoK are being deprived of all basic rights and we are fully aware of it,” he said.

He asked Pakistan to stop shedding crocodile’s tears in the name of human ri hts, saying its double-talk is well-known because it talks about crushing terrorism and also backs terrorists in J&K.



他要求巴基斯坦不要再打着人 权的幌子,说一套做一套,巴基斯坦一面声称要打击恐怖主义,一面支持查谟克什米尔的恐 怖分子。

He said the Centre’s decision to abrogate Article 370 on August 5, 2019, ended the discrimination against the people in J&K and the region has since marched towards success, peace and prosperity.

Saying “this was just a begng”, the defence minister said the dreams of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Acharya Shankar will be fulfilled when all refugees of 1947 get their land and homes back. “And I assure you that day will come,” Singh said.



Singh said Indian infantry has been associated with utmost courage and professionalism and the nation salutes their bravery, sacrifice and service. In 1947, the Army gave a befitting reply to enemies trying to occupy Kashmir illegally, he said. “I pray tribute to the Infantry regiments who offered supreme sacrifices by pushing the invaders back.”

This year’s Shaurya Diwas marked the 75th anniversary of the arrival of 1 Sikh Regiment at the old airfield of Srinagar in 1947 to protect Kashmir from Pakistani invaders.

After the event, defence minister Singh reviewed the security situation along the LoC and will leave for Leh on a two-day visit to Ladakh.






aaaa bbbb•1•6 hours ago

Though may be a political statement looking after upcoming elections, but now is the time to talk and then act about it! Thisbis the first step initiated vocally by any government of india, so the next may follow! Fingers crossed!




Capt Yoji Khargoz•147• aaaa bbbb•2 hours ago

Many of you so called bhakts want Russia or France to help. That's why I say you guys can only talk, act like Israeli.




Capt Yoji Khargoz•147• aaaa bbbb•2 hours ago

As an Israeli expert I can say you Indians only talk. No military action will be done.




Jignesh Gaur•2057• aaaa bbbb•3 hours ago





Bryanna M•2432• Scott J•14 mins ago

You're not well. Get treated so that you stop hallucinating and getting delusions of grandeur. Do you think any other free country will want to give up their sovereignity and become a slave to another country? And when was Indonesia and all the other countries in between ever part of India?? Seriously stop the lunatic thinking




Aaa Zzz•27382• Aaa Zzz•6 hours ago

We will get POK back, come what may.. Why don't the govt do something about it on the ground? Why armed force is not being used? For which day have we made this army? Just to get back Kargil or Galwan? Why do we not take the initiative? Why are we always reacting to other's moves? Even a weakling neighbour like Pak has taken initiative against us, time and time again..!




User•457• Aaa Zzz•3 hours ago

What will you do, if you take back POK?? You cannot control the IOK . You need a huge army to control them at this point.




Rohit Pande•23355• Aaa Zzz•6 hours ago

Why we want PoK? Don't we have enough problems with part that is in India?




User•457• Rohit Pande•2 hours ago

You are right Pande. Make these liars understand not to make statements to cheat Indian people and win elections.




Ramesh Chatterjee•3200• Aaa Zzz•5 hours ago

Don't worry, Indian Army's actions will be at Right, time, Proper situations & Perfect Conditions.




Capt Yoji Khargoz•147• Aaa Zzz•3 hours ago

As an Israeli expert who has seen a lot of India Pak activities, I can say this is just a bluff. You guys talk too much and have no actions. One surgical strike?




Pkm•51201• Capt Yoji Khargoz•Kurung Kumey•1 hour ago

You've seen Putin stuck in Ukraine as he thought it would be over in a few days




gp Dutt•24197• Aaa Zzz•USA•2 hours ago

Elections are coming and all these BS started. IOK is not stabilized and he’s talking about POK. Every other day Kashmiri pandit and Hindus are killed in IOK. What are they doing? BJP contribution is nil in freedom of India and they didn’t win won single territory since they took the office. All talks no action




Russ• Aaa Zzz•Mum•5 hours ago

Good Question use armed forces then will be a war for decade as China will interfere securing Pak corridors and cite eg as Russia is to Ukraine, India is to Pak. Russia will be neutral with new friend and West will any ways be diplomatic stating base there and will offer full protection and forces to Pak. Its very tricky and hence we are still with no solution.




Devanshu Shakya•15316• Aaa Zzz•5 hours ago

Indian armed forces are being made at par interns of weapons and technology with other super powers. Military Drone, UAV and satellite induction is at record high. When India will strike, Pak will never know what happened. Just have faith in the government.




Ken• Ken•Delhi•2 hours ago

India is sending correct vibes for reclaiming POK. We haven’t forgotten our illegally occupied land by Pakistan and same applies for Aksai Chin by China. Day will come when these territories will be liberated. Jai Hind.




Pkm•51201• Ken•Kurung Kumey•1 hour ago

For election purpose and nothing else




Avik Dasgupta•41565•59 mins ago

Irresponsible statements when for last eight years not a single inch has been reclaimed. Work quietly towards your goal instead of announcing with loud speaker to your enemies.




DINESH MUTHA•35558• Avik Dasgupta•31 mins ago

Necessarily preparing warm up stage, they need our support




Ashok Kumar• Ashok Kumar•Pune•1 hour ago

8 and Half Years of Modi Regime are passed without any action on Issue of POK LOC NRC CAA UCC etc Voters Of India have realised that this is INACTIVE TALKATIVE Govt only. Voters are not IN MOOD to re-elect Modi on these Filmy Promises.




Himanshu Agarwal Dost•18749• Himanshu Agarwal Dost•1 hour ago

There is no harm in talking Big and selling Big Dreams on Election Eve. Everyone knows thats not possible.




Mohan•9060• Mohan•California, USA•3 hours ago

As usual big talk and no action. The 56" talk like brave solders but chicken out when it comes to China. China has occupied hundreds of acres of Indian land, but feku and its followers keep talking about getting POK back. Between 2011 and 2015, 90 million people were lifted out of poverty. This useless government sent 36 million back into poverty. As long as people are too stupid and believe that religion is more important to the economy, they will be like this for ever.




Nisheeth Sinha•22796• Mohan•3 hours ago

i feel pitty for people like you sitting in US. Don't know where you belong.




Amitosh Kumar•71571• Amitosh Kumar•Patna•3 hours ago

Another minister in cabinet who is good for nothing. He has survived only due to closeness to RSS



Guest Login•4 hours ago

That’s the reason BJP is supporting Russia . They want to set a precedent to invade POK and recapture.




Pkm•51201• Guest Login•Kurung Kumey•1 hour ago

You've seen how Russian soldiers are dead in thousands and the economy in tatters




User P.V•13108• User P.V•6 hours ago

People are struggling daily with inflation, joblessness, high fuel cost and everything.. don't utter a word for these




J•13475•4 hours ago

What a crazy and irresponsible statement from a defense minister.Do we wish to destroy the whole world in a nuclear war ?




Ravindran M•30106• Ravindran M•INDIA•1 hour ago

many think that we could have done it after attack on Parliament -World would have supported our action-




chandra•296•1 hour ago

First & foremost, such things are never spoken openly in media by any sensible person, but quietly actions are taken directly.

Secondly, even if we take, ensure all muslims living in these areas are also thrown back in pakistan, because they are no less than terrorists.



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