Isro's heaviest rocket successfully places 36 OneWeb satellites into orbits


SRIHARIKOTA: The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) successfully placed 36 OneWeb satellites, meant to offer global internet service, using its heaviest rocket - Launch Vehicle Mark 3 (LVM3 or GSLV Mk-3) - for the first time past midnight on Sunday in a 1.5-hour long launch.

印度空间研究组织(ISRO)利用其最重的运载火箭“Mark 3”号(LVM3或GSLV Mk-3),首次在午夜过后进行了发射,成功发射了36颗OneWeb卫星,旨在提供全球互联网服务。

The launcher lifted off from the second launch pad at Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota at 12.07am. It is the first multi-satellite mission to the low earth orbit (LEO) with the heaviest payload of 5,796kg on LVM3 till date. With this launch, LVM3 made its entry into the global commercial launch service market.

发射装置于凌晨12点07分从萨蒂什·达万航天中心的第二个发射台发射升空。这是迄今为止第一次多卫星近地轨道任务,LVM3的最重载荷为5796公斤。凭借此次发射,LVM3 正式进入全球商业发射服务市场。

Around 20 minutes after lift off, the rocket successfully placed 36 OneWeb satellites into a circular low earth orbit of 601-km altitude.


After separation of the first four batches of 16 satellites from the rocket, which could be seen from Sriharikota, Isro chairman S Somanath said, "We have started Diwali celebrations already. Now the rocket is on its intended path.”

在第一批16颗卫星从火箭上分离后,ISRO主席S Somanath说:“我们已经开始庆祝排灯节了。现在火箭已经在预定的轨道上了。”

“Sixteen out of 36 satellites have been placed in the desired orbit as expected. This is a slow process, the satellite separation. It will take a long time. The rest of the 20 satellites will be separated and we won't be able to see it from here. But we will get data. This is a historic launch as it is the second operational mission of LVM3 and first commercial launch," the chairman said, adding that it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi who wanted LVM3 to enter the commercial launch service market. "We will place another 36 satellites in the next M3 mission."





we are proud of ISRO



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Congratulations Isro team.



Tushar Das

Congratulations ISRO. India is proud of you.



shaam B

Kejriwal could not stop this! Congratulations!




Sat pal sharma

The GSLV Mk3 is begng of India competing with global players like NASA and Space X.,Congratulations to ISRO and all scientists and support staff for this heavy lift space vehicle success. While GSLV Mk3 capacity has 8000 kg payliad capacity..the Space X Falcon 9 has apx 23000kg. But the ISRO is doing great.. we all stand by ISRO to fight further. Proud of you ISRO!!

GSLV Mk3是印度与NASA和Space X等全球竞争的开始。


GSLV Mk3运载能力为8000公斤有效载荷,而Space X“猎鹰9”运载能力为23000公斤。



Viraf Mehta

What a nice way to start the Diwali festivities.



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Congratulations to all ISRO Scientists, complete project-3 as fast as you can to keep away starlink Americans away from India.



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Great !,Congratulations to the Team members and the team leaders. Not only MONEY but you earned RESPECTS too.





User Citizen

Congratulations, Please use the revenue to re-instate allowances for Scientists Manmohan Singh regime authorized and Modi stopped.



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Congratulations to ISRO for achieving this feat. Indeed it marks off the Diwali celebration



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If Kejruddin wants proof, send him on next rocket to verify claims of ISRO!



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Hearty congratulations ISRO, hearty congratulations India. Very proud of our scientists. What a way to celebrate Deepawali!



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To.be congratulated all personnel involved in the project ISRO personnel.be given Deepavalj bonus for the successful of the project



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congratulations ISRO keep going




I am the big fan of Indian space research organisation...congratulations to all the scientists who involved in the success of this mission... And very big thanks to our honorable prime minister Mr Modi...



Balhans Jayaswal

CONGRATULATIONS INDIA.,Well done ISRO, you are our pride.



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Let us march ahead and don’t give any heed to these anty nationals who were not intrested india to devlop in all fields . It because , they were not having any idea nor any future planning fir indias devlopment. Country has seen hiw the things were before and now. Great job accomplished now and wish ISRO to march ahead successfully. Congrats to the team.






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Fantastic Achivement by ISRO.



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A proud moment for India and ISRO. Congratulations to the ISRO scientists. Scrolling through the messages, one sees down votes against so many congratulatory messages from some anti national elements. In the next launch, ISRO should tie all these anti-natiinals to the rocket and put them into Orbit. We can do without such rubbish people in India




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Hearty congratulations to the hard working, dedicated scientists


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