Does China have highways?






Is there a highway in China?

NO. We don’t need highway. We can fly.

Trust me.






Cheng Rh

SFA at China (2019–present)Updated 3y

I'm a chinese so I understand the truth in China. I will tell you the confidence and you have to keep secret!

In fact, we do have highways in large city, some of the rich can drive cars on the hightways. (you can refeeence onther question such as “Does chinese have cars?”, you will know that the car in China is very rare, sometimes a city can buy a car with all resident’s help.)

But the more citys which are poor can not have cars, so we have to ride panda or horse to work or study. (I’m sorry that I can’t offer any photo because ride panda is illicit.)

When the moon rises, rideing panda or horse can be dangerous, we can control our sword to fly, peaple will stand on the flying sword, it’s fast but not complete safe, so we usually drive carefully. Hope my answer can help you :)

Remenber: All of then are absolutely confidential so you can’t found what I said on google.

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Ding Graciano

First of all, I have to say that it is a good question. As a Chinese, I am very glad to know that you are interested in this part of our country. The question reflects that you really have a very deep understanding of China and your impression about this country is 1000% correct. So, I am pretty sure that you know that China has always been one of the most uncivilised countries in the world, and what used to happen during the 19th century continues happening now. We have no advanced technologies like your magnificent Western world. We don't have cars, so of course we don't have highways.


So, how do we travel? It is really curious isn't it?? Well, there are a lot of means of transportation in China, but all of them are quite archaic, they are nothing compared to what you have in your fantastic west. For exemple, we walk, run, or ride animals such as penguins, pigeons, squirrels, or even bears. And also, we have another technique, which is flying.




Gavin Y. Simon

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Yes it does, no matter what “highways” here refers to. China’s road system is pretty much like the road system in the USA. They have a hierarchy like this:

China National Expressway System (equivalent to the Interstate Highway System in the USA)

Chinese National Highways (equivalent to the U.S. Routes)

Provincial-level Road Systems (equivalent to State Routes in the USA)

County-level Roads (equivalent to County Routes in the USA)

Township-level Roads (equivalent to city roads in the USA)

Village-level Roads

Special Roads (equivalent to Service Roads in the USA)









The 1st-tier roads in China are mostly expressways (or highways), while most roads in the 2nd tier and some in the 3rd tier are also expressways.

The China National Expressway System surpassed the Interstate system in the USA in the total length in 2011, which means it is currently the no.1 highway system in the world in terms of total length. As of 2015, the total length of China National Expressway System is somewhere around 123,000 km (whereas the Interstate system of USA is 77,000 km).

Here is a map showing China National Expressway System:





The Chinese National Highways (tier-2) system has a total length of about 265,000 km, which is very close to the total length of U.S. Route system (253,832 km).

Those roads covered every province and most prefecture-level cities of China. They are built in all sorts of landforms (some of them are gorgeous). For example (images from various public websites):




Airport expressway in Beiing.



A highway interchange in Chongqing.



Beiing-Kunming expressway, Sichuan section.



An expressway bridge in western Hubei province.



Qinghai-Tib route on the plateau.

青海-西 藏高原高速公路


The desert highway in Tarim Basin of injiang.

新 疆塔里木盆地的沙漠高速


Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in Shandong province.



Alex Chill

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Originally Answered: Does China have high ways?


Hell yeah.

In fact, the Chinese have the longest total freeway length in the entire world, with the total length of 111,950 km long!

How scary is that?







Liu Yang

A Chinese junior EHS5y

Originally Answered: Does China have high ways?

Your question almost makes me laugh uncontrollably. I don’t know whether it’s resulted from the influence of western media or your ignorance about China.

China has the second longest high way in the world, and the longest high way being built. China has the longest high speed railway which moves 200–350Km/h. What’s more, it even takes possession of more than 65% (date from Dec 2016)high speed railway of the whole world. Even though high ways and high speed railways are different, but it can prove that China is very strong in transportation.


中国拥有世界上第二长的高速公路,还有一条全球最长的高速公路正在建设中。中国有最长的高铁轨道总长度,高铁运行时速可达200 - 350公里。更重要的是,中国高铁轨道总长占到全球高铁轨道总长度的65%以上(2016年12月)。尽管高速公路和高铁是两回事,但足以证明中国在交通方面是非常强大的。

You ought to refresh your impression on China or change your information source to know China more and more correctly.

Please forgive my offence, for I really can’t believe your misunderstanding about China and I’m not a native speaker, which makes it difficult for me to express my self clearly in English.

Anyway, I’m glade more and more people began to want to know more about China, which is a spirited country growing rapidly.






Bunny Wang

Brand & Marketing Consultant

You must be kidding me!

By the end of 2016, there are total 131K km of highway in China, which is the world’s largest national highway system by length.

China highway system has connected 98% of the cities which populated larger than 200K (more than 300 cities).

China is also the world’s biggest and fast-growing auto market as well. According to the data from JATO Dynamics, in 2016, China kept leading in world auto market with a 25.53 million of sales volume and an incredible 14% annual growth rate, followed by US and Europe with a sales volume of 17.75 million and 17.08 million.

The world’s biggest auto market happened to have the world’s largest highway system, does that make sense to you?




中国也是世界上规模最大、增长速度也最快的汽车市场。根据JATO Dynamics的数据,2016年,中国的汽车销量达2553万辆,年增长率达到惊人的14%,继续领跑全球汽车市场,其次是美国和欧洲,销量分别为1775万辆和1708万辆。




Liu Jiajun

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Originally Answered: Does China have high ways?

I don’t know why China still leaves the impression of 1900 to (some parts of ) the world, having held the exceptional Beiing Olympic Games and Shanghai EXPO. True, there is still enormous space for China to improve, especially in rural areas, but asking a question like this is almost insulting considering China has the second largest highway system in the world(some documents says China has the longest one but it seems that they just include interstate highways so I will still put USA in the first place.) I donno if this is out of curiosity or something, I will still show you some pictures of highways around different parts of China which represents totally different landscape to correct the stereotype thinking you may have.





Yan Zou

Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Rochester (Graduated 2018)5y

No I don’t think so.

In a country where trains travels at the speed of 200 miles per hour, you don’t have to drive twelve hours for a distance from New York City to Chicago.

All you need is to bring a book and enjoy it during a 5-hour trip. So why bother driving yourself?

Well, of course China has highways. but taking a train is usually considered the main mid-distance transportation method.






Yanzhan Yang

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Originally Answered: Does China have high ways?

Could people in China afford to eat tea eggs on a daily basis?

Could people in China afford to drink Coca Cola? Or even worse, do they have Coca Cola sold in supermarket in the first place?

Could people in China watch television or surf the internet?

Well, I’m speechless to all these kinds of questions. After all, we are in the 21st century. All these things are pretty common in nearly every country on earth.

Of course China have high ways.








Leo Moran

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Yes, China most certainly do have highways… some of the best in the world, also some of the widest (think 24 lanes each way)

They also have some epic traffic jams. Forget being stuck in traffic for a couple of hours… imagine being stuck in traffic for almost 2 weeks





Michael Yasuko

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Originally Answered: Does China have high ways?

Does China have high ways? I don’t quite understand your question. Any country can have “highways”. Iraq has highways even though its been ravaged by warfare. I think the question you’re trying to ask is if China has an interconnected high way system similar to the United States. In that regard, then China does indeed have an extensive highway system. It’s not as big as the United States’ because many Chinese tend to travel via rail




G. Kay

Originally Answered: Does China have high ways?

No I am pretty sure they do not. People would have to crawl in the mud to travel, and rich people hire the poor to carry them on the shoulder. This is how the world’s second largest economy’s people live, with the fastest high-speed train system in the world, no high way.

It is blind and arrogant people like you, that makes U.S. not great and falling behind others gradually.





Spencer Johnston

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Is there a highway in China?

I’m pretty sure China has more highway than any other country. And I’m fairly certain they’ve built more highway in the last couple of decades than any other country as well.




Anton Cvet

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Yup. Big ones everywhere. I fly all over this country and when I can see the ground, its one big city after another and at night theres lines of lights everywhere. You should see the flashes of fireworks from 30,000 feet all across the country at night on Chinese New Years. An amazing thing. Anyway, ya lots of highways.


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