Indian student stabbed 11 times in Australia race attack: Family


An Indian student, Shubham Garg, 28, who is pursuing PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, was brutally attacked with a knife and allegedly stabbed 11 times on October 6. He is at present hospitalised in a critical condition, his family said on Thursday. Terming it a "racial" attack, his Agra-based parents said for the past seven days, they've been trying to get a visa for Australia, but haven't been able to secure it. Shubham completed his Bachelor of Technology and Master of Science degree from IIT Madras and went to Australia on September 1.


According to family members, Shubham suffered multiple wounds on his face, chest and abdomen. A 27-year-old suspect has been arrested in connection with the crime and has been charged with "one count of attempted murder".


The victim's father Ramnivas Garg said Shubham's friends in Australia confirmed that neither they nor Shubham knew the assailant. "It appears to be a racial attack. We request the Indian government to help us." Agra district magistrate Navneet Chahal told TOI, "A visa application of the victim's brother is under process. We are coordinating with the MEA. I have also spoken to the embassy officials in Sydney. Visa will be made available soon."

受害者的父亲说,舒布哈姆在澳大利亚的朋友证实他们和舒布哈姆都不认识袭击者。“这似乎是一次种族攻击。我们请求印度政府帮助我们。”阿格拉地区法官Navneet Chahal告诉《印度时报》,“受害者弟弟的签证申请正在处理中。我们正在与外交部协调。我也和悉尼的大使馆官员谈过了。签证很快就会发放。”

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Bloggervat Vat

Though i wish him a speedy recovery, why is he even allowed to go to AU in the first place? Studying in tax payers money, not contributed one bit to indian innovation, but happily going to pursue his career in a different country? WHY? Why these IIT or IIM students cant find anything attractive in india? Lot of startup programmes, research programmes available but still they make their way out for a weird reason. Sorry to say our govt has failed miserably in controlling brain drain nor not holding IIT and IIM students accountable for the progress of india. Make them work like 3-4 years in india and then go wherever they want to. I want my tax money to serve me first.









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I agree with your views. These IIT and IIM grads should stay in India and contribute




This is a half baked news. In actual case, this student was returning from ATM after withdrawing cash and he was basically looted. When he didn't hand over the money, the assailant stabbed him. It is a case of theft and not a racial attack.




avhi sardar

This is nothing, 9000 indian muslims have died in qatar making world cup stadium, indian media only highlight australia and britain



P Chandra

Stop sending your children to coubtries like Australia and Canada. These countries earn foreign exchange from these students but care little for their lives as such attacks are lethal and frequent.



Prasannan Nambiar

Very unfortunate. It appears to be an isolated case as normally we dont hear of racial attacks on Indians in Australia.



Vikram Vicky

Karnataka and TN is the safest place in india


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Visit gujarat, your opinion will definitely change



Atmaprakash Khetan

Running after the money has its own hazards.



damn it

many white families are coming into india to settle and we have indians who are leaving india



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Reservation Policy in India Needs Rethinking to Retain Talents in India.


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Only a revolution by all affected citizens can help in abolishing this cursed reservation system in India.



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I am an indian and have lived in Australia for almost a decade. I can say from experience that the general Australian population is very welcoming to outsiders and considerate, at least a lot more than we indians are towards foreigners. Again individual behaviour also contribute towards provoking people to attack and thats the case in any country



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I hv been attacked 2 times in 14 years, not provoking from my side but not racial either.



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I am alived in Australia for almost a decade now and have never felt racist behaviour from Australians. They are one of the nicest people and general welcoming



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India is the most racist country where racism is everywhere in form of cast, region, religion,money. Even overhy of IIT is a form of racism. In developed countries racism is only for color. Also quality of education in developed countries are much suoerior to india. None of indian universities even in top 150 in world & no resarch, invention & noble prize for indians. In western countries all are treated with respect irrespetive of class, money & education.








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?? lots of racism in Australia NZ UK USA EU I've traveled and faced it




I am living in Sydney for last 11 years and never faced any racial issues so far. This kind of behaviour is in every country , even in our India.,It is shocking but discreet. Australia is absolutely safe for Indians.



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This!,On an inportant note, hope the young man gets well soon.



Evans Sumitra

This is shocking news.




Indians are not welcome in west. There was a report how illegal immigration from Indian mostly from Punjab has increased in Switzerland i last one year and people have written so racially disgusting comments about India and Indians. India should develop on its own and Indians should stop chasing west specially Illegal immigartion from Punjab and some of souther states is giving bad name to whole country.




This is an extreme example and not reflective of Australians. One can't use a fringe case to tar all Australians. 


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