Govt appoints Lt Gen Anil Chauhan (Retd) as new Chief of Defence Staff


NEW DELHI: The go nment on Wednesday appointed Lt-General Anil Chauhan, a known China expert who retired as the Eastern Army Command chief in May last year, as the country’s next chief of defence staff (CDS).


Lt-Gen Chauhan (61), currently the military advisor to national security advisor Ajit Doval and the National Security Council Secretariat, will now have to spearhead the entire process to build an integrated war-fighting machinery within budgetary constraints through the creation of theatre commands and other structures.


The critically-needed reforms have largely stalled since India’s first CDS Gen Bi Rawat died in a helicopter crash in Tamil Nadu on December 8last year. This inexplicable almost 10-month delay in appointing the next tri-Service chief had put a big question mark on the most far-reaching restructuring of the 15-lakh strong armed forces set in motion since Independence.


Several officers who have served with Lt-Gen Chauhan as well as his course-mates say he is “the most suitable candidate” for the CDS post from the “sion pool currently available” to the country’s po itical leadership.


“Lt-Gen Chauhan’s key quality is that he thinks through a problem before offering a solution after great in-depth evaluation of all options. He does not behave in a know-it-all manner, nor does he act in a knee-jerk fashion,” a top military officer said.


This is the first time a retired three-star officer (Lt-Gen, Air Marshal, Vice Admiral) will return to active service as a four-star officer like the Army, Navy and IAF chiefs. Lt-Gen Chauhan will, of course, be the clear “first among the equals” as the permanent chairman of the chiefs of staff committee.




Shanti Swarup Anand

BJP has now completed polticalisation of armed forces with appointment of Lt Gen Chauhan a retired three star general as CDS a four star post after retirement. This is unprecedented in the history of armed forces where retired officers have been promed considering his past service and credentials. This is in line with what govt has done for compromising administration by executives in the country by way of controlling promotion, posting and post retirement appointment of bureocrats and brough ... Read More



Dhiraj Sharma

Appointment of Gen Rawat as COAS and later as CDS was enough to show the concern of Govt about Armd forces. Appointment of new CDS is no surprise. But why they took so long to decide. Such things are likely to po iticize the armed forces. God bless Armed forces.



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How can a Army officer rank of Lt General can work under National security advisor. infact it should have been other way around that National Security Advisor works under Lt General.


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The current national security advisor holds the rank of a central cabinet minister and by so is superior to all defence officers including CDS.



Sudhir Kakkar

It's like asking Som Parkash MoS to preside over all Cabinet meetings even wherein PM Modi was present.



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The BJP go nment has done an excellent job in sing Lt Gen Chauhan. He will make an excellent leader and play a dynamic role in kee Pakistan and Chinese nefarious activities at bay. India is safe under Modi rue. I'm just kidding, just wanted to get likes from dumb bhakts who read half comments, actually Modi sed Chauhan because he's a good puppet bhakt otherwise there is no logic in sing a retired officer that too who retired at a rank lower than current serving officers who ... Read More



Uday Gokhy

A mere Lt. Gen. (Rtd..) to be the CDS is expected to Co-Ordinate with Heads of the three Military Arms who have Superior Ranks and are in Active Service - seems to go ag inst the grain



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Most likely he's an avid bhakt hence the appointment




Need of the hour, and decision by GOI.



User Joshi




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BJP wants a puppet bhakt at this position



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a big liar Arvind Kejriwal carries IIT degree but talks behaves like an illiterate.



Jagdish Madan

Right decision by the go nment to fill up the CDS vacancy with a competent and efficient Army officer.



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Do proper helicopter maintenance now.



krishna reddy

Modi go nment thinks best of the best for India.



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All the Best, Gen. Chauhan



Shubhang Pandya

Better late than never! Defense Minister owes an explanation for the delay.



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they don't owe any explanation. Especially not to people like you.



Munish Anand

Son of the soil will work for the betterment of the country.



K Mohan Twincities

Modiji go nment has been doing excellent work on national security


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