If Meco decides to join China and Russia coalition, do you think there would have been a war between the USA and Meco like the one happening now between Russia and Ukraine?




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Having read this question and then considered the plethora of answers it has received, it became clear that a resounding number of people responding have either purposely ignored the context of the question, or more probably, have little if any understanding of the dynamics of the “war" between Russia and Ukraine.

Unlike the Ukraine, Meco is not now, nor has it ever been part of the USA. Moreover, Meco is not nor is it likely to enact po itical gen ide ag inst Mecan citizens who are pro-American.

This question, if addressed in the comparative context should raise the same question but focused on Texas. If Texas were to terminate it's statehood, become an independent nation (threats Texas has and continues to proffer), and then openly solicit a coalition with Russia or China (or other unnamed “enemies" of the USA), one would expect nothing less than the military response Russia has employed ag inst Ukraine.






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Agustin Velazquez

I am a MecanMay 7

As a Mecan, I can give you an idea.

While very veryvery unlikely, let’s imagine that there a formal China and Russia coalition that is expanded to include Meco, which leads to a military facility in Meco being open. Meco actually does not allow any foreign military operate in Meco and neither establish a base, but again, we are just using an imaginary scenario in order to reply to this question.




The US instead of fleng its military muscle on Meco, they will simply use their economic leverage over Meco. Using national security as an excuse, similar to what Donald Trump did in the past, they will start either imposing severe tariffs, sanctions over key products or out economic embargo.



Meco’s economy will go immediately into havoc, since around 80% of our exports goes to the US market. In comparison, only close to 16% of US exports goes to Meco. While would also be a blow to US internal national commerce, the US can find markets elsewhere to supplement that loss.

No Mecan go nment would be able to sustain that catastrophic blow to the economy. Lets not forget that Meco is a presi ntial de acy , and this scenario would be the perfect storm for opposition parties to take over the go nment and change course.


没有哪个墨西哥政府能够承受住经济的灾难性打击。我们别忘了,墨西哥是一个总统民 主国家,这种情况将是反对党接管政府、改朝换代大刀阔斧的绝佳机会。



Matt B

Apr 29

No, and that highlights the patently ridiculous nature of Putin’s cms that NATO is somehow threatening Russia by considering allowing Ukraine to join.

Now, if large numbers of Russian/Chinese troops and other offensive forces were deployed to Meco then that might be a different matter, and I would expect a lot of tension. But:

NATO has bordered Russia for years, and no major offensive forces have ever been forward deployed to Eastern Europe precisely to avoid antagonising Russia

NATO (and probably Ukraine) would likely have been very open to limitations of forces agreements in the event of Ukraine’s joining, in order to keep peace (so long as such arrangements were/are reciprocal).

But what Putin wants is to have the ability to bully his neighbours, and that is something that NATO would stop him from doing.








Geoffrey Widdison

Chemical Engineer (2006–present)Apr 29

Well, first of all, there is no “China and Russia coalition”. The two nations appear to have increasingly close diplomatic and economic ties, but they’re not militarily allied in the sense that NATO countries (for example) are.

If they did form such a coalition, the United States would consider that coalition to be a pential rival to our power base. It wouldn’t likely be as intense as during the Cold War, but we’d pay attention, especially if that coalition seemed to be gathering allies and making more aggressive moves.

So, if Meco were to join such a coalition, we would consider that to be a threat, in the same way that we considered co unist go nments near us to be threats during the Cold War. Without a doubt, we’d make use of diplomatic and economic pressure to try to separate Meco from the coalition. If we felt sufficiently threatened, we’d likely to what we did during the Cold War: seek to interfere in local po itics to change the go nment, encourage insurrections, to the point of providing military aid and training rebels (and allegedly assassinating po iticians).

So, yeah, we’d definitely take measures to try to keep that coalition from having a member on our border. But just rolling across the border in an overt invasion? I’d like to think our leaders aren’t that dumb.

首先, “中俄联盟”是子虚乌有的事。这两个国家的外交和经济关系似乎越来越密切,但它们并没有像北约国家(举个例子)那样结成军事同盟。






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David Loeb

Apr 24

The U.S. and Meco aren’t going to war again. It’s not in either of their interests.

Meco would not ally with China since China is a competitor for attracting outsourced U.S. manufacturing. China’s advantage in this battle has been cher labor. Meco’s has been a friendlier relationship, lower transportation costs, and NAFTA. You don’t give up your good symbiotic relationship to ally with an economic competitor.

Meco, like Russia, is also a Non OPEC oil producer, Russia doesn’t have anything Meco wants. Meco has a small army with light equipment so doesn’t want Russian Arms, and doesn’t want or need Russian energy or metals either. Total Meco/US trade is 250 times what Russia/Meco trade is. Half of what Meco buys from Russia is raw iron.

Meco is highly anti-imperialist, far more than just about anyone else. They are now in a similar place to where the U.S. was in the 19th century. They don’t want foreign wars, they want to trade and develop their country for the people who live there and to do so peacefully. You want to build a factory there great! You want to build a military base there; no way in hell!







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Wes Frank

Masters in American History from Northwestern UniversityUpdated Apr 19

Meco has never allied itself with a troublesome European or Asian power in its entire history and has no motivation to do so today. It would do Meco no good to ally with a nation on the far side of the planet and, at the same time, interfere with relations with its primary trading partner, the United States.

Presumably some Mecan go nment could be conjured up radical enough to consider this, but it would still be too distant from this foreign ally to be any serious threat to a nuclear power just across the Rio Grande. The United States would probably apply limited economic sanctions and wait patiently for the buzz in the new relationship to wear off.





Steven James

Jul 16

Meco’s economy is pretty dependent on US trade and knows it. It is unlikely to poke the bear for no benefit or reason. It would have to be a very changed world for Meco to do so, considering the USA has few compunctions about throwing around military might when it can find a reason. And it is there. Neither Russia or China can do a thing to prect Meco from the USA. Neither can project power to that area. Thus it would be a very poor geopo itical decision as well as an economic one. It would be most likely to result in pretty immediate re gie change in Meco, and it probably wouldn't need much American help, since the benefits of doing this would be obvious and Meco is not the least corrupt nation around.

墨西哥的经济非常依赖美国贸易,他们对此非常清楚。没有好处,没有理由,它不可能无缘无故地激怒美国。考虑到美国只要找着一丝理由,就会理直气壮地出兵,那么墨西哥如果决定这么做,那么那时的世界绝对已经大不同了。俄罗斯和中国都无法保护墨西哥,让其免受美国的伤害。他们都无法在这里采取军事行动。因此,这会是一个非常糟糕的地缘政治决定,也是一个非常糟糕的经济决定。这极有可能立即导致墨西哥的*更迭,而且美国都可能不太需要出手,因为这么做的好处是显而易见的,毕竟墨西哥也算不上不腐 败。

Of course, if the USA had, for instance, unilaterally seized Baja Meco and then spent several years occupying Northern Mecan states with “volunteers” and then at last invaded the country from all directions because those volunteers were getting shot at and announced an intention to just annex the country because it was conquered by them in 1849, well, then there might be some equivalence.

And Meco would do well to seek assistance wherever it could get it, although that would have to come from the South to avoid the blockade of the Mecan coast.





Susan Maneck

Retired Associate Professor of History at Jackson State University (2001–present)May 25

What do you mean by a coalition? Do you mean a mutual defense pact like NATO? If they did it would not be in our s to do anything about it. However, if Russia tried to put nuclear wons on Mecan soil like they did in Cuba, that might well change things. So far when it comes to Latin America the US instead supported coups rather than directly invade countries. That’s what happened in Chile when they had a de ratically ed co unist leader.

你说的联盟是什么意思?像北约那样的共同防御协定吗?即便他们真这么做了,我们也无能为力啊。不过,如果俄罗斯想在墨西哥的土地上部署核武器,就像他们在古巴做的那样,那就不一样了。到目前为止,当事关南美洲时,美国会选择支持政变,而非直接入侵国家。智利就是个现成的例子,那时他们通过民 主选举选出了一个领导人。



Kien Choong

Lives in Ku Lumpur, Mysia (2018–present)Apr 29

The question reflects binary thinking of the “either you are with us or ag inst us” type. The rest of the world (including China!) doesn’t want to take sides, and in fact wants to maintain good relations with everyone, including the US and Europe.

It’s this binary thinking that is taking the world down the path to a future world war. It’s not too late to get off this path, but we must not “buy into” binary thinking. We must expose the illegitimacy of binary thinking and ask why countries like Meco has to choose a side.

这个问题说明了“不是朋友就是敌人”的二元思维。世界上其他国家(包括中国在内) 都不想选边站队,事实上,大家都想彼此保持良好关系,包括美国和欧洲。




Ryan Curtin

Associate in Criminal Justice, Southern New Hampshire University (Graduated 2022)May 17

As an American with no Mecan heritage, my view may be different than some. The US and Meco have a very tight relationship. Much like Canada and the US just featuring a different set of issues. Meco could never sustain embargo and other non militarized intervention that the US could implement. However, at the very least, it would be another “front” that the US would have to deal with in a greater conflict ag inst world powers.




John Biles

Historian (2005–present)May 4

Meco hasn’t been run by an idiot since they finally chased off Santa Anna for good.

Meco would not be dumb enough to ally with China and Russia, who can do nothing for it and only offer it trouble.




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