India's $3 billion Predator drone deal with US at advanced stages, certain issues being sorted out: Report


NEW DELHI: India's negotiations with US for the procurement of 30 MQ-9B Predator armed drones are in the advanced stages and negotiations are on to sort out certain issues, people familiar with the development told PTI on Sunday.


The planned acquisition of 30 drones, at a proposed cost of $3 billion (around Rs 22,000 crore), is expected to crank up India's overall surveillance apparatus along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China and in the Indian Ocean.


Notably, the MQ-9B drone is a variant of MQ-9 "Reaper" that was reportedly used to fire a modified version of the Hellfire missile which eliminated al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in the heart of Kabul last month.


Sources told PTI that talks between India and US are under way for the government-to-government procurement of the drones manufactured by US defence major General Atomics. They rejected reports that the deal is off the table.


TOI reported earlier that the deal was on hold because of the high costs involved and the thrust on indigenization in defence production.


Dr Vivek Lall, the Chief Executive for the General Atomics Global Corporation, told PTI that the acquisition programme is at an advanced stage of discussions between the two governments.

通用原子全球公司首席执行官Vivek Lall博士告诉印度报业托拉斯,两国政府之间的采购计划正处于讨论的最后阶段。



NatureTruth Truth

$100mils US drone VS $1mil Turkey TB2 drone and $100k per China's HQ9 missile deployed by Pakistan. India needs to pay 100~1000x more than Pak in war.



NatureTruth Truth

Once India refused to obey, US will sanction India by shutdown all these white elephant weapons, denied its GPS access and spare parts like Iran encountered. Imagine during war with Pak, US suddenly jammed India weapons or pass the ID beacon code to Pak, like France did to Argentina in Falkland war with UK.




NatureTruth Truth

Will these drones crash like MiG21 and choppers that kill Rawat and thousands of jawans? There is a Indian joke: "IAF never run out spare parts, as after each servicing there are extra parts belong to nowhere. After few days, more spare parts will arrive from wreckage."


印度有一个笑话:“ 印度空军从来不缺备件,每次维修后都有多余的零件。几天后,更多的零件从残骸中拆下来。”


NatureTruth Truth

It can only operate 400nmiles from control station, with cameras tracking targets 6km away. Once it goes near to border, it can be easily tracked 24hrs and shot down by SAM like Russia S300 and China's HQ9 with 300km range. They are only useful on weak countries without air defense like Yemen and Afgh. Iran had proven how easy to shoot it.





Anand Mirle

I’m pretty sure Scumgress and other opposition are wringing their hands for having missed opportunity to procure such drones through defence agents and lost out on such huge profits..



NatureTruth Truth

$3Billions of slow moving easy targets for China and Pak to practise their SAM.



NatureTruth Truth

US will only supply castrated version, as it can never trust India.



NatureTruth Truth

Predator drones can't survive even Iran missiles and was shot down few years ago with USAF P8 flying nearby to act as human shield. How can they survive China's more advanced HQ9P deployed by Pak? So Pak and China can destroy all 30 drones worth $100mils each with $100k missiles when they come within 300km range.





NatureTruth Truth

It will be interesting when China and Pakistan start capturing these expensive toys using electronics jammers like Iran. Iran will be glad to share its successfully re-engineer story.



Jagdish Madan

Good to see Indian defence finally getting the attention and focus it deserves. Since the armed drones are so expensive, the targets chosen must at least match the price of each missile fired from these drones.



User Shee

But, GOI have no plan to reduce the trade deficit with China.



Rational Corp

What is the Aatmanirbhar component in this deal?



User Prof

Self-reliance in defence production is a good concept. But until India can produce top quality, reliable war equipment that can compete against top-notch equipment from advanced countries, don't make the mistake of relying on indigenous equipment to win a real war. For example, I wonder if the Indian Air Force is confident about the ability of the Tejas to stand up against even China's indigenous topline J-20. fighter.



Devendra Sood

Why not ONE HUNDRED. Thirty will NOT be sufficient. Predator?reapers are are the BEST in the world and would be very effective in case of war with China. India can afford ONE HUNDRED AND NEEDS ONE HUNDRED. BUY ONE HUNDRED.




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Hellfire needed to blow up dawood hiding in caves



Rational Corp

India already had DRDO, HAL etc. Sadly Indians do not have the capability to develop weapons tech. Even the much touted INSAS rifle, failed.




We are fed up of atmanirbhar bharat jumlebaazi. We talk too much nonsense about vishwaguru and technology hub. Even turkey can produce world class drones. We import everything because of poor education and produce garbage in the name ofprofessionals.



Its Mee

Predator is a very expensive deal looking at the kind of technology that is there, it is one great deal thou expensive. There are many aspects that need to be discussed before buying the Predator. Technical assistance, technology assistance etc need to be discussed before they can be bought.



Ramalingam Ambalraj

INDIA must invest time , money & mind power to produce better defence system in the world in the near future .



NatureTruth Truth

India has abundant of time to able use 40yrs to dev like obsolete failed Arjun and Tejas. But no money at $2.3k GDP per cap worst than Bangladesh, and no brain power at aveIQ=75.

印度有的是时间,可以用40年的时间来研发无人机,就像研发过时失败的阿琼和光辉战机那样。但是,印度没钱,人均GDP 2300美元,比孟加拉国还差


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US always sells old technologies, and during conflicts like they did during kargil war they refuse to sell spares for their arms



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US doing what it is good at - selling arms... India doing what it is good at - buying arms and saying improve Make in india


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