Ukraine says India buying Russian oil with 'Ukrainian blood'


Ukraine's foreign minister says India is buying Russian crude oil tainted by Ukrainian blood. Foreign minister S Jaishankar defended the move as part of easing India's cost-of-living crisis. Why has the world struggled to accept India's strategic autonomy?




Mary Fadipe

Nobody should blamed India




There is no need to apoligize or justify anything, most Asian countries share India's position of neutrality, meaning we don't support the invasion, but we also don't support the sanctions and at the same time we are aware that the whole conflict has deeper roots and it is not as simple and one-sided as the Ukrainian FM is trying to make it seem and instead of lecturing everyone he should do his job and finally start honest and serious peace negotiations. Until he does that he has no moral right to say anything to anyone.

没有必要道歉或辩解,大多数亚洲国家和印度一样保持中立,这意味着我们不支持入侵,但我们也不支持制 裁,同时我们也意识到整个冲突有更深的原因。



namur 1990

Japan resumed its purchases of Russian oil in July, according to information released on Wednesday by the country's Finance Ministry. The value of Russian fuel exports to Japan increased by 45.1% compared to last year due to rising global commodity prices. Due to its proxmity Russia is a valuable supplier of energy for the country. The sanctions EU has imposed on Moscow have failed to destabilize Russia. To make matters worse, the punitive measures have spectacularly backfired on Europe.







Bhavik Shah

I sympathize with the people of Ukraine as to what trauma they are going through and totally against the destroying of a nation and its people; But this comment by Ukraine's Foreign Minister is IRRESPONSIBLE against my nation... Being a Diplomat he should understand the position of India, if he cant then probably he is not fit for the job...





JoJo Babok

Simply put: When push comes to shove, people care about their own blood more than yours. If you can't face this basic fact of life, you don't deserve to be a sovereign.

So don't take risks you cannot afford & expect others to foot the bill.



Dovah kiin

Yeah? When Ukraine was supporting Pakistan all the time and selling them weapons who then use proxes/terrorists to wage a war on Indian military as well as civilians in India I wonder which blood that is.

是吗?乌克兰一直支持巴基斯坦,向巴基斯坦出售武器,巴基斯坦利用代理人和恐 怖分子对印度军队和平民发动战争,我想知道那是谁的血。


Anubhav Singh

Ukraine is very desperate right now to get Indian one sided support. They have tried everything from suspending its diplomat, supporting Pakistan and now this. Instead of focusing on getting India’s support, they should focus on ceasefire and stop this war completely.

One more thing(which is very important here), India never betray its partner.




Muralidharan K G

India did not ask Ukrainians to shed their blood. Ukrainians had ample opportunity to find a peace solution by just agreeing with Russia on NATO but were adamant. In fact NATO  and USA wanted Ukraine to go for a war. So don't blame India.




His moral duty to do the best he can for his people.  Indian's aren't dumb. Buy all the oil you can. Do the best for your country.  



walseng sangma

India should issue a strong statement to Ukraine stating it's hypocrisy while ignoring other European countries buying gas



Mora T

India has the right to buy oil or anything from anywhere as long as it it beneficial to it’s citizens. India is not provoking or fighting with any country in the world so whatever happens anywhere is none of India’s concern. Keep develo India & ignore the west & the US.



MerZenary Don

So...what about European countries? I don't blame India,  Europeans were buying oil while condemning Russia.




My understanding about Ukrainian people‘s current situation is that Ukrainian president was not politically intelligent enough to see through the situation, so he got played in the hands of Western countries and put his own people in the risk. I don’t know when Ukrainian people will see this but if you had a strong and intelligent enough president this war would not have happened actually.



Xeres Forteen

There's a lot of double standards going on here India is doing what's best for its people, but the EU buying energy from Russia




Economies in our neighborhood are crumbling because of the war impact. As a citizen of India we don't want our country to head that

way. Our relation with RUS and our security concerns does not allow a simplistic approach to the problem; UKR's lack of quality

leadership is compounding the problem. Blaming India for their troubles is simply not going to help their position.




André F

India has a responsibility to get the best for it's interest considering it's demographics and it's budget



Sachin Sawant

What a childish argument. In that sense all the commodities in the world has got someone's blood on it one way or the other. Blaming other countries for your diplomatic failure is not just irresponsible but also immature.



Mahmudul Hasan Mahi Khan

We haven’t yet witnessed such strong words from Ukraine against Europe!



Abhi Gadve

Every ounce of Russian oil that comes to Indian shore is hel the poor, below poverty line class of India, the middle class of India and the high class of India win over inflation.



Saptarshi Saha

What a hilarious statement ...... Russian oil contain Ukrainian blood but Russian gas to Europe gives flavours of Ukrainian's Love




since 1st 4 months of war, europe bought more than $110bn worth of enery products from russia. In the same period, india purchases from russia is less than <$7bn. I am not justifying the invasion but really ukraine's foreign minister must get his facts right



Kamwai Chan

India as a sovereign country, has its own right to conduct his own business. Therefore India can buy oil from the best market, it has nothing to do with Ukraine



SonicHedge Hog

India always take the "Middle path" in International diplomacy! It's a dangerous and risky act, but if it knows how to play it, it's always helpful for India to face any kind of situations!



Corey Windom

One thing India is going to have to learn as they continue their rise to becoming a Super Power is that other countries are going to start blaming them for things and criticizing them for doing things while ignoring the fact that a whole bunch of other countries do it as well. The more capable of protecting your interests the more other countries will hate you. Why do you think so many people constantly talk shit about the US for doing shit every other country would do.





jetson jose

They blame India for the consequences of choices made by them..



David Johnson

By the way countries buy Russian oil and gas because they don't want to economically collaspe, it is that simple. Stop buying American weapons and bring in the peace keepers if you truly care about your people and the world.



David Ramadeen

Where were EU countries, when India need them? They robbed India for centuries, and they still refused to give India its needs (energy and technology) still. But Russia always help India consistently.





I agree with India but sympathize with Ukraine. I'm sure PM Modi won't take their words to heart. He understands their situation. This is a war in Europe and let them deal with Putin.



james rosella

Correction India is rightly, as well smartly purchasing Russian petrol at discount rates with its own money. Not allowing itself to be insulted, and brow beaten by a criminal regime in Kiev. EU, and US could learn a lesson from India.



Jedi Maibam

I had some support for Ukraine before such remarks. But now, even the little sympathy I had for Ukraine is gone. This is true for most of us Indians.


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