INDIAN GOVERNMENT'S Master Plan to Beat CHINA By Taking Control Of The Semiconductor Crisis REACTION




Dwayne Johnson

I support my government but my only objection rather than border they should more focus on Navy , definitely border is really important because of two mtf neighbours but navy is India's actual future and strength



s rathwa

The Indian tech firms work with over 75% of the fortune 500 companies and most of them are US-headquartered.The Indian IT sector made a remarkable contribution to the tune of $198 billion to the US economy in 2021. The sector generated revenue of a whop $103 billion last year.



Ravi Ahuja

I am glad to see there is interest in fresh thinking on the lines of Semiconductors, EVs, High Speed rails unlike previous govts  who could not see beyond petroleum as a national demand.



xavier vinod

The infrastructure and ecosystem needed for semiconductor manufacturing is not easy to establish , but a small step in the right direction.



team trader

Tawain supplys almost 70%of semiconductors in the world. Is alarming. So anything can happen if china acquires taiwan



Its Naughty

What makes me nervous too is india is also working on how can we cut our dependencies from swift platform and is working with countries like russia iraq uae to start using rupee as an exchange currency instead of dollar which should effect our relationship with america. So how will america react to this quad summit thing when we on the other hand are also trying to remove them as dependencies.




14:06 Japan was crazy about US. During WW2 ,US supplied tons and tons of Weapons, tech and food grains like wheat to Allies making the whole Europe indebted to USA.



Fitness Updates

 yes automation has its own pros and cons . usually middle class ppl will suffer from it.



Yatharth Vashishta

iphone 13 is already being assembled in india and some units are already in market and its being assembled in factory in hyderabad

IPhone 13已经在印度组装,一些已经进入市场,就在海德拉巴的工厂组装


Captain Sourav

China is not part of QUAD, QUAD consists of only India, Japan, USA & Australia



Shreeshanth Kadam

Whenever I see modiji's photo with the word "master plan", it makes me feel like it's a movie poster of a political satire



Davis brooke

So happy to announce that I have gained financial freedom by investing in digital currency.



Arnab Majumder

Now our India needs to improve it's infrastructure and salary structure for large number of engineers and workers to work in a large level capacity.



pavan varma

Russia is not threat to India...

But China can be...



Mridul sharma

But what about if if china is being retalliated by remaining 3 countries, they have a lot loose in comparison to quad countries combined.

Surely ultimately global semiconductor supply chain will be distrupted, but china will loose more in that scenario





Every country will move towards Automation. in 100 years, so will India :) this is natural cycle of development.



Shaurya pratap Singh

I don't why they give biden such difficult tasks like climbing up stairs, riding a bicycle, walking, talking, reading from teleprompter....



Vishal Goyal

China has edge over India,

due to eco system/infra/logistics infra

Thankfully india is catching up swiftly to the basic requirements




Mahesh Sharma

India will play a crucial role in semiconductor market because of skilled ppl we have in our country like every 3rd guy is an engineer but due to not having enough opportunities they were not utilised appropriately




I love My Government policyes



fen dai

Although there are changes for political reasons, the end result is all about being profitable. Western capital, the chinese and the rich in China work together to offset the inflation of Western countries by frantically exploiting the labor value of the poor Chinese low-level workers and peasants, producing cheap commodities for the world, plus Chinese market and raw materials, this is China The truth of development.

Some of Taiwan's semiconductor factories in China are known as sweatshops for workers. Local and Western capitalists will only invest if they have money to make, ho that India will develop with less exploitation of workers.




Rumit dhamecha

Taiwan said, "If china attacks, the first thing they will do is to destroy the Semi-conductor Manufacturing unit, but won't let china snatch it ".




Japan is a colony of USA now, because Japanese constitution was written by US and it haven't changed A bit, US had permanent military bases in Japan,  and USA deepstate ,Army generals are involved in Interfering In Japan military and foreign policy.  Japan has the technology to build a nuclear weapon with 3 day or 4 day.  But US won't allow a rise of Japan as a military power.



Ashish Naik

The labour cost in china and taxes are way too cheaper in China so it will take time ... Sadly it's gonna be tough for India cuz we can't reduce Labour cost .. but I'm sure taxes can be reduced



Akshat Shetty

QUAD was formed for not only for trade purpose but also securing the trade routes that includes maintaining and asserting military presence over this routes.




Just like everything else, they will squander this opportunity too and most of the "scheme" money will end up in a few pockets.



Harishree Shukla

Each iPhone will be $100 up in the 14 series while the Mini will be dropped and replaced by a Max model



Shaurya pratap Singh

Foxconn has shifted its production for i phones in india ..



Ishan Kanwar

India is working on compound semiconductors, we are able to build and manufacture it.  We have to work on nano semiconductors. It is hard work though.



Roy malya

India is very efficient in several industries especially under BJP.


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