India among 12 to abstain from UNHRC Ukraine ve

12个国家在联合国人 权理事会就乌克兰决议投弃权票,印度是其中之一

NEW DELHI: India and Pakistan were among the 12 countries which abstained from voting on a UN Human Rights Council resolution seeking to address the deteriorating situation in Ukraine "stemming from Russian aggression" while China and Eritrea were the only two countries to ve ag inst it in the 47-member body.

新德里:在联合国人 权理事会的一项决议中,印度和巴基斯坦等12个国家投了弃权票,该决议旨在解决“俄罗斯入侵”引起的不断恶化的乌克兰局势,而中国和厄立特里亚是47个成员国中唯一投了反对票的两个国家。


In another bncing act, while participating in discussions that preceded the voting, India called for respect and prection of h an ri hts of people in Ukraine and reiterated its "abiding commitment to global promotion and prection of h an ri hts".

印度在参加表决前的讨论时呼吁尊重和保护乌克兰人民的人 权,并重申其“对全球促进和保护人 权的持久承诺”。

The resolution sought an additional mandate for the Commission of Inquiry established earlier to specifically probe violations in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Sumy in Ukraine. Adopted with 33 ves in favour, it also urged Moscow to provide international agencies unhindered access to people who have been "transferred'' from conflict-affected areas of Ukraine and are allegedly being held in Russian territory. Moscow cms these people entered Russia on their own free will.


India had also abstained in March from voting in the Council on the resolution that established the Commission of Inquiry. India, however, has condemned the civilian killings in Bucha and also supported calls for an independent probe. Significantly, while China too had abstained on that occasion, this time it ved ag inst the resolution saying it was neither bnced nor objective and that it was only going to escte tensions.


With Russia expelled from the Council, it was also China that sought a ve on the resolution. India has so far abstained from voting on all resolutions and procedural ves, totalling 12, on Ukraine in various UN bodies.


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User S

Wish UN showed such pro activeness while USA led forces attacked and dest yed Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan.Apparently there are two rule books for the world. Hope GOI can do the critical bncing act in this war from Western countries pressure to sing their song.




Good decision is to stay neutral...




Russia had helped India on Kashmir issue by using its Veto power in UN for 5-6 times and now its time to show we support him



Saikumar C Krishna

Not one western country voiced in any form about misbehaviour of China or Pakistan ag inst India. How many condemned 26/11?. What India is doing is absolutely correct.




Sanjoy Pandey

Whatever steps Modi go nment is taking is in the interest of the country, not any dynasty family.



Murali Raghavan

UN is fast losing its relevance. It will go the way the League of Nations went, soon. The Veto powers given to the permanent members of the Security Council has weakened the organization over the years . The Organization is steered in a way that favors the mighty and a vast majority of the poor and develo Nations are not getting the support in most issues. Sad state of affairs.






India consistently neutral and China consistently voting ag inst on Ukraine.



Pronto Delhi

Russia has to finish this quickly. The more they delay more issues will come on table for countries who have so far remained neutral or supported it.



Prince Elbow

No one is Saint here. Ukraine has been using its civilians as sheild and Russia is gunning them down. Both sides are equally responsible for what's going on. Best approach is to stay neutral in here




While I understand that Russia has legitimate concerns regarding NATO's push towards their borders and Ukraine falling prey to those designs, I don't understand why Russia had to resort to bloodshed. They could have easily engineered a coup in Ukraine and installed a pro-Russian puppet go nment and pretty much achieved their objectives. Heck, when even India is able to influence the po itics of Sri Lanka and Nepal to a certain extent, for Russia influencing Ukrainian po itics would have been a cake walk. Can't imagine why Putin made such a stupid move.



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I think Russia will have no choice but to nuke Ukraine, Finland and Sweden tomorrow. Otherwise it will be perceived as a loss of war and face.



The Nationalist

USA will provide 6 billion USD to Ukrain , and Ukrain will purchase arms from it . Jelesky never care for its people , only he is buy with its ego .




Staying neutral is the best option but looking at history and time ...supporting Russia should be India's stance but due to situation staying neutral is the best option



Ponraj Abraham

Western countries respect Indian de acy and the people therein but never saffron govt.

西方国家尊重印度的皿 煮和人民,但从不是人民党政府。


Rakesh Dutt Sharma

Right decision.




India is hesitant to call a spade a spade. This is diplomacy necessitated by the nation' s need for cher crude and Russian armaments.




In my oion India's stand of Non Aligned is perfectly correct , who are back seat driving the war ?. India should try to get cher necessity from the world to feed 150 crores humans. I request all the parties in the world to please provide us cher necessity if you care for Indians and humanity. Indians from heart are non violent , peace loving, non po itical and humane. Outside power in the world is trying to create mischief in India, which we Indians will not allow anyone to disturb ..







Jagdish Madan

Once India made its stand on Russia - Ukraine war in UN and UNSC, it has resolutely shown a consistent resolve to stand by its commitment. Good to see a strong India rebuffing western pressure with elan!




Infosys and TATA Steel have quit Russia and I really admire Boris Johnson and Joe Biden for calling spade a spade without mincing words and condemning Putin.



User Hariharan

UNHRC voting on Ukraine is nothing less than " The De l Quoting the Scriptures ". BRAVO India. Stay away from the White West in our National Interests.

联合国人 权理事会对乌克兰的投票无异于“魔鬼引用圣经”。印度真棒,为了我们的国家利益,远离西方白人。


Manas Sarkar

There is no meaning to such a body. It should be called USSC in place of UNSC. I personally feel the days of US hegemony are close to ending. The US always dig graves for others in the name of de acy and h an ri hts, but they are the primary abuser of h an ri hts in the world. Indeed, they get their punishment someday and I believe we can see it in our lifetime.


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