No ‘grand alliance’ for 2024, only tie-up with 130 crore Indians: Arvind Kejriwal


NAGPUR: Delhi CM and national convenor of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Arvind Kejriwal ruled out any grand alliance for 2024. He said his alliance will only be “with 130 crore Indians”.



Speaking at an event in the city, Kejriwal said he could never understand multi-party alliance and is not interested in any tie-ups. “I don’t know how to do politics and I don’t understand their alliance of 10 or more parties and an alliance being formed to defeat someone. I don’t want to defeat anyone, I want the country to win,” he said.


In the backdrop of concerns that handing out “freebies” may put some states and even the country on the path to financial instability, Kejriwal said such fears were unfounded. “All these economists are writing that the freebie culture will destroy the country. Never have they written that corruption culture will destroy the country. I’m able to give things for free because we have ended corruption. So the money being saved is given back to peoples,” he said.

有人担心发放“免费赠品”可能会让一些邦甚至整个国家走上金融不稳定的道路,凯杰里瓦尔表示这种担心是没有根据的,“所有经济学家都在写道,免费文化会毁掉这个国家。他们从来没有写过腐败文化会摧毁这个国家。我能够免费提供东西,是因为我们终结了腐 败。这样节省下来的钱就返还给人民。”

Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann said the journey towards reviving the state has started in earnest.



Anand Kapoor

First of all look after the states given to you and forget about 130 crore Indians.It took 20 years for BJP to gain the confidence of Indians.For you it will take even more given your performance.Please don't act in a hurry which you seem to be doing now.You wanted to become the PM in 2014 only.Abhi bahaut Tapasya hai mere Dost!



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Most Educated CM



Nemar Naidoo

Kejriwal can fool a few Indians all the time but he cannot fool all the Indians all the time. Everyone is aware FREEBIES is used as a means to hide all the corruption in Delhi and the Punjabis will teach him a lesson to never fool them around.



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This fellow (Kejriwal) says he does not know how to do politics! Let Anna Hazare comment on his charitra...




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You did not win Punjab. BJP let you win it. So that you would fly sky high and aim big. Do not and i say it again DO NOT underestimate BJP ever.



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Delhi CM is improving living of masses!! Contrast with fake ‘freebie’ promise by a liar about 15 lakh rupees in everyone’s account!!




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The anarchist must have alliance with the media funded profusely for creating false narratives rather than exposing frauds.



Times Subscriber

SC should give order to include all MLA N MP should pay tax. So that they will think before giving freebies.



Ramakrishnan Subramanian

Can you please tell Why are u giving Free power when COAL Factories are facing shortages for Power Generation.



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Kejariwal is equallent to two Mamata four KCR eight Sarath Pawar 16 Uddav Thackeray and 32 Stalin. Once he becomes PM we can expect free train travel and once in a year flight travel for women alone. He will allot space at the outskirts of every city for encroachment purposes for the people even from Bangladesh and Pakistan. Wonderful days are awaiting for India.

凯杰里瓦尔相当于2个玛玛塔、 4个KCR、8个帕瓦尔、 16个萨克雷、32个Stalin。一旦他成为总理,我们就可以期待免费的火车旅行和女性一年一次的飞机旅行了。他会在每个城市的郊区为人们分配空间,甚至是来自孟加拉国和巴基斯坦的人。美好的日子正向印度招手。


Krishnamurthy P

After the Punjab victory, Kejriwal has already has already start seeing himself in the PM position




AAP is a great party and Kejariwal is great leader



Sasha Sasha

AAP if sincerely wants to do development of India should focus fully on Delhi and Punjab. Do good and people will give you chance in other states. Don't become a politician and stay away from blame game and appeasement politics.



James Morrison

Thank you immensely Arvind Kejriwal sir. You truly are the saviour of the middle class people of the country. Kindly do your bestest to dump 56 inches of pure Fekugas Private Limited at the earliest. I do not mind if you consider teaming up with Rahul Sir as well.



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Only tie up with wishers of free water and electricity.



Neil Kamath

What corruption has he ended? Is DMC free of corruption? Given chance , this foll will take India on the footsteps of Srilanka.



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Bhakts should support him so that he can rescue them from the clutches of 2G thugs.



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My god…. Cant stop my laugh




There is only one leader, who can tie-up with the 140 Crorss Indians, it is our PM Modi. All else are fake copies.



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only preaching




Once a liar, always a liar.



Suresh Kumar

He doesn't even know the present population of the country?




Time will tell which dustbin he belongs to.



Guest Login

And indians are crazy to vote for kejrudiin ??


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