Why India is Better than China


China really could take a page out of India's book...


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This is why Australia is forming Alliances with India, Japan and South Korea. How your trading partners treat you is more important than how much money you make..



Arjun Shah

I don't know about living in China but being an Indian. India's problems are an open secret, so I feel like people's perceptions of India compared to China are bound to be worse.

 India still has much work to do, but I am very optimistic that the geopolitics will soon grow to favor it over auth rian governments, that is, if the West is fully behind supporting it.





Richard Reeves

Indians seemed so open, trusting and happy but people in China seemed grumpy, and suspicious - my experience traveling.




You can even notice this difference in Indians and Chinese abroad. Going to university in the UK I have never been approached by a Chinese student, any time I spoke to one it was either an assignment or I decided to first. Meanwhile Indian students would often start the conversation, whether it was small talk waiting for the bus or waiting for a lecture to start. Despite similar numbers(it was a compsci course so popular with both groups), the Chinese students would often form their own bubbles where they didn't speak to British students at all while Indians mixed in with everyone else. And this wasn't entirely a language issue since the Chinese students did speak decent English when they had to.

Overall I have never met an Indian person I didn't get along with. Great country, wish them the best.








Mark Baptista

Imagine if the mainland was as vibrant and open and accountable as that little island of hope.




India also is underappreciated and under reported on its infrastructure development...How many people here know that India has the highest number of skyscrapers and mega projects under construction in the world...Highest number of metro lines under construction, Fastest road expressway construction...Tallest railway bridge under construction...Bullet train lines under construction...and none of these are made up by me you can check up yourselves...India does not boast about these in propaganda films...its just silent hardwork...



Unconventional Ideas

Interestingly, in recent years, India's economy has been growing faster than China's, even by China's own numbers.  This means that India is actually growing faster in spite of Democratic Checks and Balances.




The two countries have the same problems : The situation of unequal distributed educational resources in the country due to the urban-rural gap and the huge population is unreal.  But at least Indian people have access to open web and stuff



Andrew Ch

I lived in India and only visited China.  Despite its dirty politics and dirty... everything lol!  it is an incredibly transparent society.  SELF CRITICISM and humor are taught in schools and instilled in their value system from vedic times.  It sounds like a cliche but goodness, love, honesty are actually taught in schools.  IT is sometimes mistaken for weakness in the western world.  But they know how to defend themselves, wisdom and NON-aggression has been the key to retaining energy in conflicts and that's what made a country that speaks 20 languages so powerful and great.






Kerbo play tv

I was actually filming something for myself in the center of Bratislava (a city in Europe that I live in). An Indian guy waved at me, and everyone else ignored me.



Where I’ve Been Wandering

I went to India for a month. Absolutely loved it. The people, the food, the history the architecture. I particularly like how Indians respect nature and animals unlike the people in China


Science Faction

I went to India for a few weeks. I visited New Delhi, Amritsar, Agra, and Mumbai. It was an amazing time, and eye opening. I am from USA, and had only visited Europe and Egypt before that. I would like to travel to China and visit, but I have some obvious concerns, which is sad, because I would love to see the sights and the people of China.




I've lived in India and China. India has a tonne of problems, but as you say, they're not hiding those problems from the world. at the same time so many of the people are open and kind. It's a strange dichotomy. Although China is doing better economically, I would have to say that on balance, India is a greater country.



christopher petrov

I have been to India and yes,its true !! The one thing I liked was the unfiltered image India potrays and the spiritual nature of Indian people. It is where I realized Religion and Spirituality are the soul of a Nation !

After returning home I presented my findings for my College report where I presented my report - Religion  and Culture are the Soul of a Nation. I compared India and China there





i love indian culture, my best friends from childhood are hindus and their lifestyle was transferred onto me slightly, i have very good memories of indian songs, sweets, doing yoga and relaxng in incense filled air

love from russia!





Dated an Indian girl once. Was not really my type but did anyways because she was incredibly nice and kindhearted. By far the best girl I ever dated. But due to academic circumstances we went our separate ways.  




An incredible country that is rich in religious and historical diversity. A proud country that welcomes foreigners with open arms. Spent three months travelling the country as a back packer and left the place changed for the better by my experiences. Thanks India for being so great ! From Australia




India is a de ocracy, an entire subcontinent of several nations, religions and cultures. Every Indian person I've ever met has enough open mindedness to self criticize and criticize fairly and question religious or political figures. They are pluralistic in nature.

印度是一个皿 煮国家,是一个由多个民族、宗教和文化组成的整个次大陆。我遇到的每一个印度人都有足够开放的心态,公平地批评自己,质疑宗教或政治人物。他们本质上是多元化的。



India is a wonderful country!! I visited years ago and fell in love with it.



oceej Ekwam

I'm an African and I have been watching how India behaves towards other "smaller" nations.

India has been rendering CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) to Sri Lanka (during it's economic crisis) - they have extended a line of credit that has lower rates of interest when compared to Chinese loans.

India donated a large amount of grain to Afghanistan.

India will help (if it can) even if there's no immediate payback from the recipient. China from what I can see is more "business like" ie less compassionate. China did great things in Africa in the past like the TANZAM railway, but this feeling of "brotherhood" seems to have faded from the chinese.








prasad m

Really Appreciate you covering this and being truthful...India is and will always be open and welcoming for the world because of teachings of Hindu Philosophy that is " " Atithi devo bhava " meaning 'Guests are equivalent to God '

真的很感谢你的诚实报道…印度现在和将来都将对世界开放,欢迎各地人民,因为印度哲学的教义是“Atithi devo bhava”,意思是“客人等同于上帝”。


Sidrix S

India is a land of diversity with group of multiple nations(linguistic ethnic) living peacefully..



Indo Pacific & World Affairs

I have been going to India every couple of years and I see hopelessness and extreme poverty disappearing progressively.




While living in Asia, I met people from many Asian countries, and usually everyone was friendly. But the Indians seemed the most authentic, they were the only ones who sincerely wanted to chat with me and be friends with me. I also had the most civilized and interesting conversations with them.

Good job India!



Noam Gonen

Hence the stark difference - Culture : freedom, chaos, initiative for India



Robert Grant

Having travelled in both around 20 years ago I pretty much have to agree. There's something not mentioned though, the difference in natural resources. China seems way ahead compared to India. What made both countries more interesting is my wife is Chinese.  Whilst the in your face poverty in India was a challenge for her that was countered by the greater openness and warmth of the people.

 India over the same period learned from China's manufacturing sector and embraced quality. India still has a way to go to catch up to China's manufacturing sector and it needs to promote itself more although it's pretty flat out meeting local demand.



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