34 FIRs in Mumbai against 40 Chinese, 110 others for fraud in company registration


MUMBAI: The Economic Offences Wing of Mumbai police has registered 34 FIRs against 150 people, including five dozen foreigners, for allegedly violating laws of registration of 34 companies and for fraudulently becoming directors of Indian companies. Among the 60 foreign nationals, 40 are from China and the rest from Singapore, the UK, Taiwan, the US, Cyprus, the UAE, and South Korea.

孟买:孟买警方对34宗经济犯罪立案,涉及150人,其中包括60名外国人,罪名是涉嫌违法注册34家公司,并以欺诈手段成为印度公司的董事。在60名外国公民中,40人来自中国,其余来自新加坡、英国、中国台 湾地区、美国、塞浦路斯、阿联酋和韩国。

The accused have been booked for cheating, criminal conspiracy and criminal breach of trust under IPC as well as Section 447 (fraud) of the Companies Act, 2013 based on complaints lodged by the Registrar of Companies (ROC), Mumbai, at Marine Drive police station. The first FIR was registered in February and the rest this month. The EOW has now taken over the probe.

根据孟买公司注册处(ROC)提出的投诉,Marine Drive警察局已根据IPC以及2013年《公司法》第447条(欺诈)的规定,以欺诈、刑事共谋和刑事失信罪对嫌犯立案。第一次立案调查是在2月份,其余的是在这个月。EOW现在已经接管调查。

“The accused gave false statements to the ROC, Mumbai. Moreover, the balance sheets, including transactions and statements shown in the annual reports, were false. In some cases, the addresses of the companies were also later found changed,” said a police officer.




Shivshankar Ramachandran

Nothing can happen without out the blessings of the system.




Chinese community are danger for world of business.  ISOLATE THEM FROM CIVILIZED WORLD".



jaiendra gurtu

Some Indian bad elements are engaged in hel other bad elements in cheating, dishonest or trick somebody, bad elements have lost trust as a citizen of india. They have cheated India.



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We allow our students to leave the country even after they have finished government funded education and these students do not have to give anything back. Chin does not allow that, Chin requires their students to share the knowledge



User Patel

The culprits including Indian Nationals who have given help for conducting crime should simply be hanged.



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Chinese are expert duplicators. The largest number of students, research scholars studying in various USA universities are Chinese,This is how they became prosperous within a short span of time.



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What happened here, Police? Who woke you up?,Now make sure that once these foreigners are produced in Court, they are released on their own recognition without bail and are asked to come back for trial within a five year period.




Sandeep Agrawal

Economic frauds should be dealt with harshly



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Instead of blaming the foreigners lets first blame our own system for allowing them to do such crimes?



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How does these companies get registered? The officials got kickbacks by them? No verification done and it goes smoothly. Mr Modi this is your India




Crimes must have involvement of local people else these CHINKIS could not have done such a big fraud Kick out all chinkis and put locals behind the bars immediately else they would continue to commit frauds of even high velocity



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wow. lets buy more Made In China maal to support this noble cause



Santosh Patnaik

Chinese loan app frauds is the biggest scam in India right now...a 20000 crore scam trap innocent Indians in a deep debt



Himwant Prasad

Why no action against Registrar of Companies.



Babloo Ramisetty

This is what most Indians do in Dubai. Wake up call!!!!!!




Attetion! Your data have been leaked:



Ponraj Abraham

Why should India need foreign investments for its survival? Do Indians have no money to invest in India? More foreigners move around in India means more fraudsters are around us.





Aam Aadmi

Just like Chinese goods



Vijay Desikan

Most of the businessmen in Mumbai are Gujjus.



Kiran Chauhan

Ambani the wealthiest Gujju is in Mumbai. Very soon he will be shifting base to London.



Partha Mohanty

Such crimes are not possible without support from Indians. Hence, the Indian Kingpins are to be arrested 1st.



Mr India

Never knew Chinese are better than Indians in this department too.....


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