Delhi: Violence at Hanuman Jayanti rally in Jahangirpuri, cops injured

新德里: 哈奴曼诞辰集会发生暴力事件,多名警察受伤


NEW DELHI: Violence broke out during the Hanuman Jayanti procession in Delhi's Jahangirpuri area on Saturday.


Several police personnel are injured and some vehicles were torched, offi als said.


"A clash broke out between two communities. But we have deployed adequate forces and senior officers are also at the spot. The situation is being brought under control now," said a senior police officer.


Union home minister Amit Shah spoke to top Delhi Police officers and directed them to take necessary action in wake of the violence.


Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said it is the Centre's responsibility to ensure peace is maintained in the national capital.


''I also appeal to the people to maintain peace and order," he told reporters.



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1 dy

NaMo re gie, Nightmare for communal harmony!




Sad in dent on holyday



User swq2

LG must resign on moral grounds, just enjoying on tax payers money and doing nothing. Law and order must be now under CM.


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Please first handover delhi police to AAP and then you are welcome to blame them...without teeth you cannot blame someone to have eaten all your almonds...



Peekay Shriwa

Encouraged byKejriwal and AAP



User Shee

Why Hindus rally are attacked every time? Say it Ramnavami or Hanuman jayanti.



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 bulldoze them or forget about next time




 How they invaded India the same way this people are also trying. Social boycotting these vermins will teach them a lesson.



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Stone pelter desert clan are showing their true faces of medieval teaching in the country theses days in very brute ways,the development are highly regretable



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Kejriwal is responsable.




Blame it on Delhi police for soft pedaling with the hooligans. Delhi police comes under Amit Shah. He is happy Hindus being punished for voting Gajiriwal.... If this continues, BJP will be shown door without doubt.... Delhi police, please act, give shoot at sight orders instead of risking your service men....

要怪就怪德里警方对流 氓不够强硬。德里警方由阿米特·沙阿领导。






Prasad Kumar Saha

Never break rules in foreign land. They don't understand English. You will be in trouble.



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The only solution left out is that Hindus must retaliate the thugs of Hindustan. It is an identity crisis for Hindus.


User Pushkar

Retaliate by what means plz elaborate....



Rop Hod

Bulldoze all unauthorized construction in this ted area and send these illegals to Vatican or Myanmar.



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Arvind Kejriwal don't do anti national activities for few ves .... Stop this nonsense .... You are such a greedy looser ... Shame on u liar


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He asked for peace. Is it wrong that law and order in Delhi is under center.


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His activities clearly exposed, he along with Sycophants, Morons like you are secretly supporting Te rorts, Anti Socials. And supporters of Criminal elements, Anti Socials are automatically come in the CATEGORY OF ANTI SOCIALS.

他的行为明显暴露了,他和谄媚者,像你这样的白痴一起秘密支持恐 怖分子,反社会分子。而“犯罪分子,反社会分子”的支持者自然被归为“反社会分子”。

User Pushkar

@Ramesh Chatterjee...your comment doesn't give any example that kejriwal activities are anti Hindu. Plz specify.



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Govt should ban all loudspeakers for re gious and po itical purposes. There is enough pollution in the country already and above this these festivals cause more noise pollution. Sab ghar main re gion practice karo bahar dikhane mat niklo. Dange hi honge. Re gion is worst than cancer.



hutiya cm

Intolerance is rising ag inst Hindus and Hinduism



Jerry Thomas

I have never seen any worst po itician than Kejri. He is such a b@ #d. Can anyone guess, why riots are happening in Delhi and not in UP.?

No, it's not the fear of bulldozer, it's kejri's dream to capture control of Delhi police, so that he can rule Delhi like Mamta. To fulfill his wish he is appeasing one community to do such things that show Delhi police in bad light and as incompetent. Worst person ,who is playing with lives of both sides to get his e l plans fulfill. If they don't come t ...




他是最坏的人,玩弄双方的生命以实现他邪 恶的计划。


Manohar Sharma

Throw all Bangladeshi and Rohingyas out of the country.




If Hindus are not safe in BJP rule @ Center, imagine the plight of Hindus in Congress, Sjwadi and other Govt's.. Having lost Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc, days are not far from Hindus losing Bharath as well. Kejriwal is a nincompoop, but what are Hindus??


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