India announces 3rd negative arms import list, Rajnath cites Huawei & warns against security breaches


NEW DELHI: India on Thursday announced its third negative arms import list of 101 more products in the ongoing drive to bolster domestic defence production, with defence minister Rajnath Singh warning that import of weapon systems with foreign software codes can lead to security breaches.


Releasing the third “positive indigenisation list”, Singh stressed the need to crank up indigenous development of weapon systems, platforms, technologies and ammunition to reduce strategic vulnerabilities and ensure “uninterrupted supplies during wars”.



The new list includes some big-ticket products like lightweight tanks, mounted artillery gun systems, naval utility helicopters, some kinds of drones, medium-range anti-ship and anti-radiation missiles, the imports of which will be progressively banned from December 2022 to December 2027.


Citing the example of stringent US action against Chinese telecom giant Huawei on national security grounds, Singh said: “Today, the scope of defence is not limited to borders only. Anyone can now break into a country’s security system with the help of different communication methods. No matter how strong the system is, if it is linked to another country, there is a possibility of a security breach.”




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Leon Fernandes

Very good news. India has to utilise the potential energy of the cadres of right wing parties who are raring to go to war with neighbouring countries. They have to commence production of indigenous swords, spears, daggers, armors etc.



Mithilesh Kumar

India needs to be militarily strong and economically sound. This landmark decision is going to help India to achieve its goal and become a self sufficient. It is then India will be take decision to be Neutral and will not care for US or Russia.



Vilas Ravat

Congress made this ministry as their golden egg hen,they even not cared about nation security



Mehul Choksi

India announces 3rd negative arms import list. A result of Make in India Movement, past rulers never did this and import it with huge commission.



1 0

Buy substandard weapons from Ambanis Adanis Damanis and use Sikh, Rajput, Jat, Gorkha, Maratha, Garhwali, Yadav, Dogra as cannon fodder.



Mohit Goyal

Current government is doing the right thing. Hopefully in next 10-15 years India will not only be self reliant but also be a big exporter of defense goods



4 0

indians are paying the highest amount for lpg cylinders in the world. kudos modiji!!

印度人正在为液化气支付全球最高的价格。向莫迪致敬 ! !


User Shee

Everyone should contribute to make India great again.


User Shee

yes, Atamnirbur should be national slogan not party specific



Revolutionist Nature

What is the use of these weapons ? are we really going to fight a war in near future with Pakistan and China..It’s waste of money ..




Banchharam Ganguli

Look at the history to get the answer to your question.,No, we are not going to attack anybody, but definitely we have to fight if Pakistan or China or both attacks us.



HardTrail Rider

For god's sake allow bicycles and parts to be imported with less duty... Indian cycles are worst quality.



3 0 3

One sincere advice to Modi govt, for god sake let private players put their hat into DRDO operations, the work culture there is pathetic and lathargic team culture prevail there, tax payers money is under utilised. Let it be privatised or let private players develop or build a proto type with 50-50 collaboration, these DRDO’s will and do remain as it is for next 100years if an action is not taken today.



Sanket Gala

And this is how Modi goovernment is increasing self reliance




Congress loved to buy from abroad / import. Had they been in power even the indigenous COVID vaccine effort would have been neatly sabotaged and we would have imported all the vaccines. They would not have given up this providential chance to make a killing and stash up till come apocalypse.



Sureshi Bai

They tried to sabotage. from " it is ineffective " to " it is sugar water" to " it's effectiveness unverified", " it would make impotent" ( to Muslim population) to " poor quality "...... all kind of things. "It is BJP vaccine", " I would not use it", "vaccine not required ", " there is no Covid", " it is created by Trump and Modi".... all kind of negative propaganda started. To discredit Modi they discredited India. To restore public confidence PM himself got vaccinated with Indian vaccine.



Sureshi Bai

if gov is so intelligent why they don't ban china phone. ?



0 0 R

Only self reliance will sustain us in the long term.



4 Reply

BJP should rule for at least another 50 years until the current breed of anti-national parties are finished. If you look at all other developed nations, though they have multi-party politics, but all parties have same views when it comes to national security, in spite of having different views on developmental agenda. Unfortunately, that is not the case for India.



7 1

This is how one make a strong and self dependent country. In case of congress import needle to aircraft in the country. Congress :. if no import how will we make the money. The country can go to hell who cares. We are here to earn not make country.




This should have been done way before. Anyways this is a significant landmark step by the Modi Government.



Prabha Ramkumar

A step towards make in India


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