Indian mother and son decapitate daughter, 19, then pose together for a SELFIE with her head after the girl eloped and got pregnant


A teenager has been arrested for allegedly decapitating his pregnant older sister and posing for a selfie with her severed head in a so-called 'honour killing' after she eloped and married her college sweetheart in India.



Sanjay Mote, 17, allegedly beheaded his sister Kirti Thore, 19, in the kitchen of her home in the western state of Maharashtra while she was making tea for him and their mother Shobha Mote.

据称,17岁的Sanjay Mote在其19岁的姐姐Kirti Thore位于马哈拉施特拉邦西部家中的厨房里将她斩首,当时她正在为他和母亲Shobha Mote沏茶。

Sanjay and Shobha then allegedly posed for selfies with Kirti's severed head and showed it to their neighbours, police said.  


Kirti, who was two months pregnant, had eloped in June and married her boyfriend Avinash Thore, who she had met in college, secretly after her family disapproved because her lover was poorer than their family, reports BBC Marathi.

怀孕两个月的Kirti 于今年6月私奔,并与她在大学结识的男友Avinash Thore秘密结婚。她的家人不同意,介意男友家比他们家穷。

Her mother and brother asked to visit her and the pair arrived at Kirti's home on Sunday when the teenager attacked his sister from behind.


Shobha, 39, held her daughter's legs while Sanjay beheaded his sister using a sickle - a curved blade used in agriculture for harvesting crops - before they posed for selfies with her head and showed neighbours.


The teenager and mother surrendered at the Virgoan police station and are now under arrest.


Superintendent of police Nimit Goyal told Times of India: 'The boy seems to have taken inspiration from a Marathi movie. He beheaded his sister in the kitchen while she was preparing tea for him and his mother.

警司Nimit Goyal告诉《印度时报》:“这个男孩似乎是从一部马拉地语电影中得到启发。他在厨房将其姐姐斩首,当时她正在为弟弟和母亲备茶。”


Iivelaughlove, Lancashire, United Kingdom

How utterly horrific. That poor girl.



Shooting the breeze, Shoreline Highway CA, United States

These people should be hanged for this. Honor killings handled by immediate hanging is the only way to stomp out this practice.



simon567, Norfolk , United Kingdom

Very sad. Rip.



Gamelan1, London, United Kingdom

The price of ignorance.



British defender, sandhurst, United Kingdom

Utter barbarians, execution is the only fit punishment for these two.



ladywaterson, Norwich, United Kingdom

Poor sweet girl and her baby, rest in peace



NoSmileNoShine, Brisbane, Australia


野蛮人 !


medaj, Sydney, Australia

this is absolutely INSANE. sometimes you can forget how evil people are out there..



Iggy, chattanooga

That mother is e v i l.



klyonskalmenson, da boibs of nyc, United States

no words that are printable for this atrocity



chubby8, fl

unbelievable that is ever happened, what world do these people live in.?



African_Rebel30, Everywhere, United Kingdom

Words fail me. I find it extremely hard to understand what can drive someone to behead their own family member for reasons as trivial as this. Its like we live on different planets



Tracey E, Perth, Australia

Abnormal I totally agree. Why does this still happen



Just for fun, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Oh dear God, what did I just read?



Now run along, Great Southern Land, Australia

Wow. There are some genuinely messed up people in the world that could even think of doing this - let along carry it out. The poor girl.



becca72, Brighton, United Kingdom

In what world do they think it's more shameful to marry into lower class than it is to murder you're child???



Silverfern, Regina, Canada

There is NO 'honour' in killing. This was murder, and because it was done by a sibling, and a parent (a mother did this to her own daughter - that is just sick), it is among the very worst sorts of murder. I hope they are tried for 2 murders, because they also killed an unborn baby...



Lana 26, Edinburgh , United Kingdom

Poor girl & poor baby. Thank heavens her husband managed to escape or he would have no doubt been murdered along with his wife & their unborn child. RIP x



Alex_English, Swindon

He might have faced as much as a suspended sentence had he done that in the UK.



Bearins , N Wales, United Kingdom

Lovely country. Disgusting behaviour



FairScunnered, Pieinthesky, United Kingdom

Just unbelievable that anyone can think it ok to treat others in this way!



The woke hater, London, United Kingdom

I suppose this will be called an "honour killing" that gets round everything.



replys go to spam, Belfast, United Kingdom

In what civilised world can this be justified as rational behaviour



Lineking37, Brisbane, Australia

Most dangerous place on earth for women



TheSeekerofJustice, London, United Kingdom

Which is why arranged marriages must be banned in the UK.


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