Navy wants to become 170-warship force in 10 years


The Navy aims to achieve its target of becoming a 170-warship force in another decade


“We live in a time when global and regional balances of power are shifting rapidly and the region of most rapid change is undoubtedly the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). Continuous efforts are, therefore, on to ensure our force levels grow progressively to enhance capabilities to meet emerging challenges,” Navy vice-chief Vice Admiral S N Ghormade on Tuesday.


印度海军副司令S N Ghormade周二表示,我们正在不断努力,以确保我们的力量逐步增长,以增强应对新出现挑战的能力。

This becomes all the more worrisome because China, which already has the world’s largest Navy with around 350 warships and submarines, has now also begun to supply Pakistan with four multi-role stealth frigates and eight Yuan-class conventional submarines




Corrupt congress

Navy could not even dream this kind of ambitions during corrupt antinationals era.



Need More Land

Need 6 aircraft carrier groups. One on all three sides, two projecting power globally near rus, uk and US. One on stanby



Suraj Singh

We need to project our power asap. The world is not believing how powerful and rich we have become



User ramdeo

India has Andamans & Nicobar in the north-east and Lakshadweep in the south-west for use as 'combined forces' bases, which can cover areas between it and the mainland. This allows her to concentrate more of her naval forces in the north-west Indian Ocean-Arabian Sea areas, while also freeing-up forces for blue-ocean service in other theatres of operations.


V For Vendetta

it's a one day affair to take over that island



Raghunandan Padhi

Without a Robust economy Evrything is a distant dream



Amit Thorat

Indians don't pay income tax. Indirect taxes are the only source of revenue but cannot totally fund India's economy



Proud Kafir

India needs at least 6 aircraft carriers. 3 in the Indian Ocean, 2 in the Pacific and one in the Atlantic Ocean.


Suraj Singh

Two in Mississippi river and one each in Thames and Rhine rivers.



Sathya M

Surely Need Aircraft Carriers as we have to protect 3 sides and better to have 1 more for standby..



Narendra Mertia

It is the policy of Modi government to make all defence forces strongest in the world. Is it really needed?



Ming Muyiyang

Why should India Focus on China in everything it does? India has gradually lost itself.



Chanda Chor

when you won't have strong economy you won't have strong military.



Ponraj Abraham

If there is rice in the pot, then only you will be able to draw rice with the help of a spoon. First make india 5 trillion dollar economic country. Then talk about 170, 270 warships.



Bala Srinivasan

INDIA seems to be well awakened to the ground realities



V For Vendetta

by the time India expertises Aircraft Carrier, it will be obsolete Tech this is a cerebral limitation of Indian Defence Scientists.



Anish Kumar

With China prowling around in the neighborhood, we need to arm ourselves to the teeth to be able to defend ourselves if the need arises. If it was the Congress in power, we would be running around with bows and arrows to defend ourselves. as the defence budget would have been swallowed up corrupt officials with nothing to show for it. .




V For Vendetta

I think this is not only an absurd statement but also naive. First the Navy shld aim to indignize Nuclear Powered AC and Sub technology and then give these motherhood statements




V For Vendetta

I Want to be the King of the World


Amit Thorat

you're the sadistic duffer of the world



peter chau

Indian Navy must use 4th industrial revolution with AR,AI , Metaverse technology with Auto pilot run with control from the land and satellites.



Mohan Kulkarni

India does not need to be No. 1 Superpower. We need to be like a porcupine. If you attack a porcupine, all its thorns stand up and you get hurt irrespective of the direction and scope of the attack. It does not attack others but if it is attacked, it vigorously defends itself from all directions. India needs to be like that.


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