India’s COVID-19 Crisis: Slavery, Suicide And A Rising Extreme Poor


COVID-19 has sent India's once red hot economy into a tails and left tens of millions of people jobless. Growth has plunged into the negative territory. But it's the poor who've been hit the hardest by the pandemic and the economic disruption. Some had committed suicide due to their inability to get out of their economic predicament. Although the country had pulled millions out of poverty only recently, it's now facing the dire prospect of witnessing millions being pushed back to the margins once again as a result of the pandemic.


Can India deal with the dual onslaught of the pandemic and economic disaster at the same time? What more can it do to save millions from the brink of starvation and death?





This documentary pained me so much that I tried to watch it twice but could not finish. I am forever thankful for what I have.




The problem with India is not Covid. Covid just amplified its problem not caused it.



Prashanth BK

Cor ion is the main problem not pandemic.



Michi Braun

In 1947 India's population was 361 million, now it became 1.38 billion. I think over population and  co ption are the big problems for India.

1947年,印度人口为3.61亿,现在已经达到13.8亿。我认为人口过多和腐 败是印度的主要问题。



The rich in India don’t feel it’s necessary to give back to the country. They see immense poverty and ignore it. It all goes back to backward ideas of karma and casteism.




More than 2 decades ago, I am told that India and China are rising super powers.   Some ten years ago, I have seen massive development in China when i visited my friend in Su.  Then now, they have elevated many people from poverty level, although there are still poor people in China.  I didn't see that much significant change to India.  I mean there are development there for sure, but it still feels largely the same and the progress doesnt seem as significant as China's.  



Buddha world

But with so much this also INDIA rank 13th in the world's millionaires list(more than 700k) and 8th in billionaires list.This shows that how the rich and the poor gap is increasing exponentially.




There are more poor people in India than in any country in the world



AZ Films

Cor ion in India is only growing. It's sad

印度的腐 败只会愈演愈烈,悲哀


Rory Teal

Having more than 2 children is a surefire way to stay poor or end up poor.



Lau Kok Hun

India, stopped buying arms and put it to saved humans.



Melvyn Carrot

70 years ago ,the British retreat and India is independent. 70 years later ,every aspect of their development are lacking behind China who took only 30 years and see how much progress China has made.



Michelle Quintia VLOGS

This is so hearbreaking.. I hope the entire world learned from this catastrophe and these poor victims of the pandemic get up on their feet again.



sounak mallik

Cor ion is the main problem of this, not the money...



jimmy choi

How can de acy thrive in a society with Caste sy em?



Rishi Kishore

Problem with India has always been about poor management of wealth, human resources and natural resources. Whether it comes to garbage everywhere, extrema poverty, malnutrition, disease, unemployment, lawlessness all are direct result of corrupt red tape crippling bureaucracy. In majority Indian population has very positive progressive mindset. Wonders could be done with proper management.



Christopher Chong

this is so so so so so so sad. watching this reminds me that we have to be grateful with what we have. be prudent and work hard. so many people chase for things they dont need. cars, bags, watch, iphones etc etc but when economic hit, covid hit they lost everything and couldnt pay for anything.



AB Flix

"Life is 90% suffering and 10% joy"



Sheila Miller

My heart breaks for India during this horrific time of Covid 19. Praying for them all.



thomas b

how many rich people in India. i guess they are above hel the poor



Pahat pahat

The other issue is the upper middle class has a grip on practically all issues



Toby Ihli

It’s as though extreme poverty has become the only effective form of population control.



Pahat pahat

The upper Indian class seem to prefer publicity rather than hel the poor 50% of the population to improve their standard of living. Just listen to the TV broadcasts from India, they are oblivious to the reality of the nation and prefer sloganeering to reality. The so-called middle class seem to prefer to compare their illusion with the advancing economies around the world while ignoring the poverty that afflict over 50% of the population as if its economic can advance by mere announcements through the TV stations!



EAC Alim Khan

@7:25 as usual BJP leader barking and barking the lies. Because the lie is in their blood stream.



Da Wae

And they spend about 60 billions on military alone, well you can reduce and spend half of that budget for infrastructure or something that increase public health and reduce poverty



Adam Solomon

The UN should help this failed state called "India" to take care of its own people. I hope this will happen soon.



Ayan Prasad

Poverty dropped because poor people were taken away to different countries to work as sl ves.



Belinda Scammell

And yet the Ambanis family think its more important to build a 280-acre zoo with all their wealth? Disgraceful.




India spends over $4 billion on its space program. Priorities hey


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