Traffic police to check bluetooth use among drivers in Bengaluru



BENGALURU: Traffic police have decided to intensify their crackdown on use of bluetooth for communication while driving/riding a car/two-wheeler.


The Union ministry of road transport and highways had allowed drivers to use hand-held devices (mobile phones) only for navigation while driving vehicles. In fact, use of mobiles while driving has been brought under the ‘dangerous driving’ category in the amended Motor Vehicles Act and attracts a fine of up to Rs 5,000 or up to one year jail or both.


Traffic police said a hands-free device is no excuse for cellphone use while driving. Joint commissioner of police (traffic) BR Ravikanthe Gowda said they are clear on the issue and will fine those using any audio device to speak from the mobile phone.


Asked if motorists waiting at traffic signals could use these devices, Gowda said: “Waiting at traffic signals means the driver or rider is technically moving on the road. We are clear on it — no use of devices while technically moving on the road.”


Kuldeep Kumar Jain, DCP (traffic west), said: “Using mobile phone or headphones can lead to distractions, which is hazardous to both the rider and others on the road. Make the journey safe by being responsible and spreading the same awareness among others. The fine for using mobile or any device while riding/driving is Rs 500 for the first offence and Rs 1,000 for second and above.”



rithick ghose

Whats next ? Talking to the person sitting besides us in the car or pillion on the bike will also be a crime shortly if bluetooth is a distraction then surely any other means of verbal conversation should also be fined what do you expect us to do put a tape on our mouth




Sundar Reader

Traffic cops working hard to find ways to boot the post-COVID economy of the state.




Ironically we all have encountered a very violent arguments between couples while driving 4 wheelers. This could be devastating that sometimes its hit out or get out.




Seems primary intention is to collect money from people and we know how police collects money.,ROAD CONDITIONS are the PRIMARY problem, which no one will fix permanently because it is a money making business.,RULES r not ment for POLITICIANS and ETC ETC



Nawaz Sb

First government must provide good roads for drivers then should think about fines



Nikhil Jain

Mr kuldeep,,You should also ban people sitting in the car to talk. As equally that also distracts the driver...right??,Sirji, there are many other things to ban



Abhishek Pai

The idea is simple they want Bengaluru to be less populated. all these rules will start bothering the population and day by day people will start moving to other places



Sundar Reader

Mr.Kuldeep, Plaese ban vehicles on Bangalore roads that will sole your problem once for all. Oh sorry, it will then stop all means to extract money from the public.



Sundar Reader

Bangalore traffic police will soon receive award for inventing means to extract money from the public




In fact seeing navigation is more distracting than speaking over bluetooth. But navigation is allowed! Another distraction is video advertisement boards and even the Govt has put them up.





What is the benefit of technology then? Speaking over bluetooth is no distraction. It is good use of time in the huge traffic jams and travel time.,Why do police use walkie talkies then?




Cherian Johny

talking to someone over a bluetooth device is as good as talking to someone sitting next to you while driving... Crazy rules...



ashwin atresh

Tax and penalize common people till death.



Sreekar Pai

Milking money  technique no. 1001



Naveen Patel

Its simple put fine on riding bike or driving a car.. Then people will be more safe than ever....




Next would be listening to music while driving is a Non-bailable offense - as it can cause serious distraction of driver's attention.



Lokesh K

Prioritise on improving on worst roads, parking woes, street lights, flyovers, road congestion Make Bangalore a better place to live in. Make Bangalore roads easily accessible, smooth n peaceful driven.

Instead creating silly rules on Bluetooth device.



Chethan Nagaraja

Driving in pothole ridden rods should also be considered as "driving dangerously" and engineers responsible for upkeep of roads should be fined/jailed appropriately



S Rajkumar

Traffic Police hiding and standing in unexpected spot should also be punished.



User B

Can Patrol Police on a Bike or Car use Walkie Talkies ? Doesn't it amount to unsafe driving ? How is law different for them ?



My Team

New Era of robbers in a day light are Traffic Police who is totally hidden and waiting for the Prey.


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