Earth could be ALIEN to humans by 2500: Shocking images reveal how the Amazon will be barren, the American Midwest tropical and India too hot to live in if CO2 emissions continue to rise



In one song by English pop band Busted, 'not much has changed' by the year 3000, 'but they live underwater'. New climate predictions, however, paint a less rosy future.


If carbon diode emissions continue to rise, the Amazon will be barren, the American Midwest tropical and India too hot to live in come the year 2500.


This is the gloomy warning of a research team led from Leeds University who modelled future climates under three greenhouse gas mitigation scenarios.


They then illustrated their worst case scenarios — alongside sketches of life in the year 1500 AD and the present — to highlight how alien the future Earth could be.


The findings, they said, highlight the importance of not stop climate predictions at the 2100 benchmark, as is common, but also considering the ongoing impacts.


The study was undertaken by environmental social scientist Christopher Lyon, formerly of Leeds but now based at McGill University in Montreal, and his colleagues.


'We need to envision the Earth our children and grandchildren may face, and what we can do now to make it just and liveable for them,' Dr Lyon said.


'If we fail to meet the Paris Agreement goals and emissions keep rising many places in the world will drtically change.'



Eliteboy, Swindon, United Kingdom

Meanwhile, Antarctica has just had the coldest winter EVER recorded with an average of -78 degrees and as low as -150 degrees.



jeffBridges, holiday, United States

The climate crisis is propaganda, look no further than the geological history of the world. I am a Geologist that went through the panic of climate warming, climate cooling in the late 90's early 2000.



Freddie, Sacramento, United States, 1 day ago

I'm old enough to have heard this nonsense before. Stop scaring children and stupid people.



SmithenWesson, Tallulah, United States

When Al Gore made his famous movie in 2006 he said that the current coastlines would be under water in ten years and then he bought the beach house he still lives in today.



Unrepentant American, Richmond

BE AFRAID! VERY VERY AFRAID!!!!! This public service announcement brought to you by people who want you to give them all your money so they can fight the weather.



LarryLogic, Ice Station Zebra, United States

I do not care about 2500.



Hereticus Perfectus, Somewhere out there, United States

One of the first Earth Day predictions on April 22, 1970 (Lenin's 100th birthday) was that Britain would no longer est by 2000.



trjwhrtjgee, USA, United States

Another unprovable junk study. These idiots can't predict the regional weather a day in advance half the time and half the simpletons actually believing they can predict the climate of the entire planter 500 years from now.



Scipio18, Northport, United States

I remember when these same geniuses said that the northern hemisphere would be under a mile thick layer of ice by 1990. I don't believe anything they predict. All their predictions have been 100% wrong.



Texasbill, BRAZORIA

just look back at all the lefts predictions and see that none of them came true.



Tim Rod, midwest, United States

The earth was supposed to be engulfed in an "ice age" by 2020....still waiting for that one.



salfordveteran, Salford, United Kingdom

The country of England is now 'alien' to the English.



StanFromNewYork, New York, United States

Forget 2500. I'm more scared of the next three years under Biden. Hope we can survive that.



Barry, Sydney Australia, Australia

Absolute rubbish. They've been predicting the end of the world since the 70's, and not one prediction has ever happened.



ParkHmart, Artesia, United States

95% of Climate Scientist agree with the people who write their checks.



LastOutTurnOffLights, London

'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'



AvroLanc, London, United Kingdom

Yeah sure it will. The sky will fall in, the seas will boil, the sun will explode and EastEnders will have adverts. It's end of days unless you stop enjoying life, live in a cave and eat bugs. Jog on DM.



VinegarJoe, Missouri, United States

Back in 1990, CNN reported that everybody is going to die from Global Warming by the year 2000. I've gone through acid rain and hole in the Ozone and other contrived B S, I'm still alive and don't anticipate checking out too soon!



Sass the Lass, Earth, United States

You all do realize that PLANTS absorb CO2 and release oxygen, don't you?



tommie12311, tacoma, United States

i liked it better when ack in the 70s the expert were all in on the upcoming Ice Age ...... by wait for it ..... the year 2000 come ON man !!!! experts !!!! really !!!!



ricsta, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

These are the same guys that can't even tell you accurately what the weather will be like tomorrow.



bodcb, Caper, Canada

No one knows what will happen in 2500......

没人知道2500年将会发生什么 .......

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