Govt seeks to use Dubai Expo to position India as go-to destination for business



DUBAI: For Dubai, Expo 2020 is what the Olympics were to Japan, just that the Covid situation is not a concern in the UAE. The event which has been delayed by a year due to the pandemic, is seeing locals complain about the long wait for cabs but is also seen to be a major boost for tourism and a boost for the economy.


On Friday, India unveiled its pavilion, with a campaign to position the country as a go-to destination for business.


“Today's India is one of the most open countries in the world. Open to learning, open to perspectives, open to innovation, open to investment. That is why I invite you to come and invest in our nation. Today, India is a land of opportunities. Be it in the field of arts or commerce, industry or academia, there is opportunity to discover, opportunity to partner, opportunity to progress. Come to India and explore these opportunities. India also offers you maxmum growth. Growth in scale, growth in ambition, growth in results. Come to India and be a part of our growth story,” PM Narendra Modi saidin a video message at the inauguration event for the Indian show.


The government is seeking investments to push domestic manufacturing and infrastructure creation in the country. The PM also used the event to mention the growing ties with the UAE.


Commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal said India and the UAE share a strategic and multi-faceted relationship resulting in the launch of negotiations for a proposed free trade agreement.


“Today India is the destination with the confluence of bright minds for a better future. You can bet on India and you can certainly win,” Goyal said. He highlighted how the government was seeking to position India as a manufacturing base for textiles to pharma.


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Jagdesh Pandey Dr.

India is OPEN country - Nakd open kumbh men, open defecation facing women, opened up economy, open farmers, OPEN DHOTI, open cow rakashaks.... everything OPEN


Anand Mirle

We know you are a Paki with a stolen Indian name....



Wasim Raza

UAE government making future bright and sustained for there generation to come and Modi selling everything what we build in 70 years..


Anand Mirle

Nonsense...Modi is just presenting our country in a good light in order to bring better trade and exports for our country...Selling...My foot...


Wasim Raza

Stupid, Railway sold, Air India being sold, petroleum sold, Air port sold , and many more in list..


Waheed Abbasi

There is only one more thing left to sell - Waseem Raza and his Indian passport. We will sell it to a grateful Baloch or Sindhi. Inshallah it will happen soon.



Rational Corp

We should never be ashamed of our culture. It makes us who we are.




In entire middle east there is boycott Indian goods is going on due to facist Modi bjp rss govt.


Shivam Narain

I also stay in middle East.... But i never heard any thing nonsense like this.... Another paid content writer spotted....


Madan Mohan

Not only paid arselicking idiot he must be !



Madan Mohan

what respect did India get in world .Fact many Indians are working against India and if you are wise you will know who they are ! Do not spread nonsense



Partha Sarathi Roy

India is doing great under present leadership and developed excellent diplomatic relation with UAE like never before, Jay Hind



Shyam Sunder

Good initiative.



aaaa bbbb

UAE is well organized country and their leaders having good vision.

We can see here good infrastructure and services by government.

I am not seeing any growth in terms of services to people by all corrupted governments in India

阿联酋是一个井然有序的国家,他们的领导人有远见。我们可以看到他们的政府提供了良好的基础设施和服务。腐 败的印度政府没有为人民提供服务


Rohit Thanage

Open defecation and pan spitters welcomes u all to india land of temples filled with chor rapists



Madan Mohan

Fact Work Attitude and corruption are biggest drawbacks in India



Vasudevan Nair

Often these India haters are from the minority communities and left liberals who enjoy maxmum facilities from the government and ridicule the country. They post anti national messages in fake names.

这些仇视印度的人通常来自少数族裔社群,左翼自 由主义者享受最大限度的设施,嘲笑这个国家。他们用假名字发布反国家信息。


Anand Mirle

India is looking to expand its role in the supply chain and Expo 2021 gives a good opportunity. I was listening to one of the US experts on ship – She was saying that even though supply chains are desperate to move out of China or Vietnam, India is not on the radar of supply chain yet ...




For 70 years, no Indian PM ever got the highest civilian honour in Saudi Arabia until PM Modi.




Ram temple - my a**. what is the relevance to expo.


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