India set to take part in SCO anti-terror exercise in Pakistan



NEW DELHI: India is likely to send a 3-member team to participate in a Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) in Pakistan next week, ToI has learnt. The Pabbi Anti-terror Exercise 2021 is being held at Pabbi in Pakistan’s Nowshera district from October 3 under the aegis of SCO Regional Anti-Te rort Structure (RATS) which seeks to prome counter-te rorm cooperation between SCO member-states.


The go nment believes its participation in the exercise, an SCO event, will not in any way dilute its position that Pakistan continues to prome cross-border te rorm. India's presence though will be seen as a sign of the importance it attaches to the role of the Central Asia-focused regional bloc in security-related issues, especially in Afghanistan


With Iran too joining the group, comprising Russia, India, China, Pakistan and 4 Central Asian countries as full members, SCO is likely to play a key role in the efforts for a po itical and diplomatic solution to the situation in Afghanistan.


India was apparently the last country to confirm its participation in the exercise which was announced in March this year following a meeting of the Council of RATS in Tashkent. In line with the SCO protocol, Pakistan had invited all member-states, including India, for the exercise which doesn’t involve troops and is meant to identify and suppress channels that finance te rort activities. India is likely to be represented by offi als of National Security Council Secretariat in the exercise.


The SCO Dushanbe Declaration earlier this month reaffirmed the ``special role’’ of the SCO RATS in the joint fight ag inst te rorm, separatism and extremism in order to ensure regional security. It had also said that member-states will continue to conduct joint anti-te rorm exercises, including the upcoming Pabbi Anti-Terror 2021 exercise.



Kapil Ambwani

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PK Bhardwaj

What’s the fun in attending this Anti Terror Exercises . What Modi go nment wants to show this world?????????




makes no sense for pakistan to be in it.



kumar B

Haha.. soo funny, you can't find non te rort in Pakistan! it's like a tobacco company arranging a de addiction camp

哈哈. .搞笑,巴基斯坦就没有一个不是恐 怖分子



Dev Babu

Good diplomacy iin participating in this exercise. India knows its cards too very well




what dr is this???




what's this anti terror meet in world capital of terror.




56 inch reduced to 6 inch


Sando Sandoz

Reduced to 6mm



Asok Datta

Very amusing- Pakistan hoisting anti terror conference; killers' conclave; more funny is India's participation in it




Sanjoy Pandey

How can Pakistan, a nursery of te rorts, be e gible to participate in any anti-te rorm drive ?

巴基斯坦,恐 怖分子的温床,怎么会有资格参加演?



India need not send anyone to Pakistan for any reason. Pakistani extremists will cause harm to the Indian delegates. S

No favorable action for India is expected from such useless meeting




Abhijit Sharma

Hahaha... Anti te rort exercise in the most te rort country. What an irony. Wahi Modiji wah.



Pratik Behera

It's a good idea to get some Hands On by practicing with Real Te rorts .. Haha



Sr Re

What a joke on the world.



Gurunathan Rajni

SCO IS AN ORGANISATION OF COUNTRIES WITH CONFLICTING INTEREST AND MUTUAL DISTRUST. The cruel joke is Pakistan which is a hot bed of terror and sponsoring te rorm as a state policy is conducting the Anti-terror exercise which is akin to De l Quoting the Scriptures.

上海合作组织是一个存在利益冲突、互不信任的国家组织。残酷的是,巴基斯坦是恐 怖主义的温床,支持主义是其国策,我们却在那进行演。


Mohan K

This is really funny when world branded Pakistan as the terror country why this exercise be held there and why we should participate



Subu Subrnian

It makes no sense. India should avoid this anti terror exercise in world te rorts capital.

这毫无意义。印度不该参加在世界恐 怖分子的首都举行的演。


Bangalore Satish

A very good example of “ Oxymoron “ - training ag inst anti te rorm at the birth place of te rorm.

“矛盾修辞法”的一个好例子——在恐 怖主义的发源地进行演。


ab cd

what a tragedy !!. A te rort country holding anti terror exercise !! 

Shameful for the country and the armed forces. How did feku agree to it ? India must pull out of SCO, it's ag inst India's interests.

真是悲剧!在恐 怖主义国家举行演!




This is perfect! Only the thief knows the best anti-theft strategies!!!


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