Only 1 in 11 gets Covan as Bharat Biech falls short of production targets

由于巴拉特生物技术公司的产量未能达到目标,只有1 / 11的人接种了Covan疫苗


MUMBAI: Homegrown Covan was to play a major role in vaccination ag inst Covid-19. But eight months after the vaccination drive began, only one in 11 Indians has managed to get the first indigenous vaccine. Bharat Biech, which manufactures it, has failed to ramp up production at the pace it had envisaged.

孟买:印度国产Covan将在新冠疫苗接种中发挥重要作用。但在疫苗接种运动开始8个月后,只有1 / 11的印度人接种的第一针疫苗是这款本土疫苗。该疫苗的制造商巴拉特生物技术公司(Bharat Biech)未能按照计划提高产量。

Stymied by shortages of drug substance and filling capacity, the Hyderabad-based company has repeatedly fallen short of the target it had set for itself. In between, it also saw a batch of its vaccine face quality issues.


Its CMD Krishna Ella recently said the company would supply 5.5 crore doses from October, from the esting 3.5 crore doses-- substantially lower than the initially-expected 10 crore.

该公司的CMD Krishna Ella最近表示,该公司将从10月份开始供应5500万剂疫苗,而现有的供应剂量为3500万剂,大大低于最初预期的1亿剂。

In May, in an affidavit before the Supreme Court, the Centre had projected that 55 crore doses of Covan -- or an average of 10 crore monthly doses, would be available during August-December. A month later, this was slashed by 20% to eight crore. However, the monthly capacity for August and September is far lower.


This puts a question mark on the company's ability to boost production and supply the numbers as per its commitment. Interestingly, there has been a huge mismatch in the capacity projected both by the company and go nment, and what has been supplied so far.


Queries sent by TOI to the company on September 24 seeking details of its capacity remained unanswered.


Concerns around the supply of Covan have persisted over the last few months, with Serum Institute-manufactured Covishield accounting for over 90% of all vaccines administered. About one crore daily doses are required to vaccinate the entire 94 crore e gible population by December 31.



Vikas B

85 crore people already vaccinated. Great effort by go nment best in world.



Ravindra Bhave

Rather than blaming BJP, find out out who is stop them from geting raw materials and fire the manager



Pranav Pathrikar

Estimated Vaccine numbers were exaggerated by Bjpee to cover up for their mistake of sending abroad many vaccines.



Scl Premi

Impose heavy penalties on the highly inefficient Bharat Biech for inordinate delay in a project of national and global importance to beat the pandemic.



Tanmoy Kar

Thanks to the increase in production of Serum Institute we somehow survived the possible third wave.

多亏了血清研究所增加产量, 我们才能挺过可能爆发的第三波疫情。



First focus should be to get it approved by WHO.... Once done, only then this should be administered... We dont even know why it is not getting approved.... if quality is not up to the mark then lets focus on improving it.... if it is due to pharma po itics by US, diplometic channels should be used.




It was propped up by BJP.



Saikumar C Krishna

What happened to the world health bodies approval of Covan? it was supposed to get approved by September



Venbas2 Venbas2

I had my CoVan shots in April and can say with high confidence that CoVan is far superior than international vaccines including the UK AstraZeneca based Covishield.




what is the use in bum up the production of a vaccince that is yet to get WHO approval?



Amitabh Singh

poor showing by Bharat biech



Asok Datta

Failure of BJP to assess the correct capability of BBT to meet the target production- their efficiency was unduly bloated



Puneet Mehra

I am hearing that Covan is a dud vaccine. I have seen how it was being administered. It was kept in 45 degrees temperature for 30 mins before injecting in people.




All figures from BJP is wrong!!




but feku is eager to export them




Everything about this company is unethical.



Agnelo Dsa

crooked company. was helped by the goverment of India in develo the vaccine.

cms were made that this vaccine would cost less than a bottle of water. what is the price of this vaccine today?

why is there a shortage?





Poor management by Biech.




Covan was promed by Modi under favours to BJP. That company was never going to be able to produce sufficient doses. Even the efficacy is fake. The health of crores of Indians was compromised by this megalomaniac.



Gary S

When will it get WHO recognised?


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