Key tender designed to bar Indian firms: Niti member



NEW DELHI: Top scientist and Niti Aayog member V K Saraswat raised questions and sought to put on hold the tender for the go nment’s strategic Rs 1,072 crore Kochi-Lakshadweep Islands (KLI) optic fibre project, saying that the tender document has been “deliberately designed to bar Indian companies from participating” which could compromise the security, cost-effectiveness, and reliability of the project.

新德里:顶尖科学家兼Niti Aayog成员提出质疑,并寻求印度政府暂停107.2亿卢比的科奇(Kochi拉克代夫群岛(Lakshadweep的光纤战略项目的招标,称招标文件“刻意阻止印度公司参与”,这可能危及项目的安全性、成本效益和可靠性。

Saraswat, former DRDO chief, expressed reservations over the tender — which has also been challenged in Delhi high court by lobby group Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association (TEMA) — through a communication sent to the telecom ministry in April, top sources told TOI.


‘BSNL should put tender on hold till changes are made’


At a time when India is trying to build its capabilities in the telecommunications sector, there are no provisions in the Detailed Ne for Inviting Tenders (DNIT) to facilitate/ support the development of indigenous capabilities. It appears that the e gibility criteria mentioned in the DNIT are deliberately designed to bar Indian companies from participating in the said project,” Saraswat said in a letter, which has been reviewed by TOI.


“Since connectivity between the mainland and the Lakshwadeep Islands is a matter of strategic and national importance, we need to ensure that the network being developed… is robust, reliable, secure, indigenous, and cost-effective… I am of the oion that BSNL should put this tender on hold till the necessary changes are made to prome participation by Indian companies,” Saraswat said.


The 1,772km project aims to lay submarine cable between Kochi and 11 islands of Lakshadweep. The plan – announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 15, 2020 -- is to provide a bandwidth of 100 GBPS in the areas, improving mobile services, and boosting e-governance and e-commerce initiatives.

这一全长1772公里的项目旨在在科钦和拉克代夫群岛的11个岛屿之间铺设海底电缆。印度总理纳伦德拉·莫迪于2020年8月15日宣布了这一计划,该计划将提供100 GBPS的带宽,改善移动服务,促进电子商务的发展。

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Uday Panchpor

This is serious. Our bureaucrats should not do anything which goes ag inst our country's interest. This should focus on self-reliance



Prasad Koranne

Find out who's responsible and question him thoroughly



Inderjit Kakkar

This is one of the prime reasons that BSNL can not compete with other companies in Telecommunication sector. It is not understood if the person who has drafted this tender if he/she belongs to BSNL only. I feel the tender document must have been prepared by some foreign company & BSNL offi als just put the stamps.



Arun Kumar Gupta

It is ag inst the sprit of " Made in India" programme. May be to help someone who is very close to Indian Go nment.



Siddhartha Kataki

Wonder if we have undersea submarine cable manufacturing and laying capabilities in India.



Siddarth Koul

DRDO itself is a highly unproductive go nment company . It cpulf not produce a battle tank for indian army for decades and india had to import T72 tamks on an urgent basis from Russia . DRDO produced low quality INSAS Rifles and could mot even decide on specifications of the rifle .



Krishna Tiwary

No harm getting high tech equipment from abroad.. Bring the competition to prome quality.



S Das

We have to strike a bnce between capability building,giving users the latest technologies and cost effectiveness.



RS Vatsan

This must be job of an insider working for foreign interested parties. The ministry should immediately take strict action. This goes ag inst our PM's stated goal of self reliance.



Pankaj Garg

Will the guilty babu be punished ?




Indian Govt only works for Adani and Ambani rest Indians can go to hell.



User S

Real face of "MAKE IN INDA" slogan



MK India

No Indian Company has capability to do this at this time.



Tapan Kumar Das

We all know that BSNL is totally dependent on Go nment grant. But it's top bosses are still trying to exploit the situation at the cost of the Country.

The matter should be investigated by the Go nment.



Presstitutes R Curse

So, some corrupt snakes r sitting in BSNL top management, who r working to give benfits to our enemies. Hope Go nment will identify such traitors and will show them the door and will keep an eye on them.




It is a serious matter. Let an enquiry be conducted



Balhans Jayaswal

I am glad that we have Modi as our guardian angel. Had it been an Italian woman, she would have sold us hands down to foreign companies and power blocks.



Shrey Suman

dear all, indian manufactures are offering substandard products which we personally would too never want to install in our homes.



Sajid Isa

It's obvious that those who did not get the contract are now trying to sabotage the project. And Mr. Saraswat is being used as a tool to defame Govt of India.




Ultimately Ambani or aDani will benefit from this.


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