India searches for its own space and pace amid global great power turbulence



WASHINGTON: India's effort to consolidate its equities in global power po itics amid a medley of new international alliances and partnerships saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting his counterparts from Australia and Japan for bilateral meets on Thursday ahead of the first ever in-person Quad summit to be hosted by United States Presi nt Joe Biden.


Book-ending his first ever in-person exchanges with US Vice Presi nt Kla Harris, Modi's engagement with Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Japan's Yoshihide Suga is evidently aimed at advancing bilateral matters outside of the Quad agenda


India's ties with Australia in particular have advanced rapidly in recent months even as Canberra  to align itself more firmly with the US and UK. Not being part of the newly formed AUKUS, primarily an Anglo-centric security alliance, India is engaging Australia bilaterally in a trade and commerce driven partnership, suggesting that it will not be constrained by Quad.


One measure of the new India-Australia dynamic: The last time the prime ministers of the two countries were in Washington DC the same day (Manmohan Singh and John Howard in 2006), they met then US Presi nt George Bush separately without running into each other.


This time, the two prime ministers virtually sought each other outside the ambit of Quad, which despite being talked up in the strategic community, has not precluded bilateral exchanges among all four partners. Indian offi als said the two leaders discussed regional & global developments as well as ongoing bilateral cooperation in areas related to Covid-19, trade, defence, and clean energy.


"Advancing friendship with Australia. PM Scott Morrison held talks with PM Narendra Modi. They discussed a wide range of subjects aimed at deepening economic and people-to-people linkages between India and Australia," Modi's office tweeted.



Sensible Man

Excellent work by the current Go nment. Keep up the great work and don't bother about the haters.



Pn Facts

Can we imagine someone like Rahul or Mamta here? Only Modi is fit for India



Modi is complete mismatch in his position to project india worldwide, world is making mockery of india now. Rahul or Mamta will do much much better than this snpadh gawar sanghee.



Jayant Avinash

feel proud to see our man Modi shining like a b star on the world stage.



Sanjoy Pandey

We hope that the statesmanship of Modiji will help to improve the bilateral relationships.




India didn't sort out paki problem early. with every passing year the cost of cure of this cancer will keep on rising. stupido leadership Indian had



Riah Valluru

need of the hour is very cautious steps. two distrustful neighbors. unpredictable third one. within our own home unpredictable po itical situations. please do take care for well being of the country. Jai hind.



Ajit Leo

The best in Modi is that he always thinks about our nation, not his benefits. His ambition to make India on top of the world deserves appreciation.




QUAD does not provide India any support . It is just an ornamental gossi alliance.



Angshuman Moitra

Indeed this is a critical and turbulent times for superpowers and wannabes.

India has the pential to be in top of the league




Great work indeed ,leadership at its best for INDIA.



V For Vendetta

Until such time we have a Leader and Go nment which divides its citizens on the basis of re gion, fa th, caste, creed and colour , much like our current PM Modi and BJP/RSS, I dia will NEVER progress as per pential. A nation that cannot stand together cannot march on.




we have lost everywhere..can Modi expn his failure in the game of geo po itics



Snehashish Bhattacharjee

The MEA and Defense ministry have been doing an excellent job to ensure that the country's pride and prestige is held high in international fora. The Prime minister has left no stone unturned to ensure that India becomes a global leader and power



Ashutosh Kulkarni

Why media is making issue of not being included in AUKUS? Japan is also not there. Anyway, India has faught her wars on her own till now. Who knows, Chinese may even find Evergrande tougher to deal with than QUAD or AUKUS.



Divesh Mishra

These are the nations that matter. We have to have even deeper links with these and such nations like A, NZ, US, UK, France, UAE, Saudi Arab, ASEAN, Japan S Korea, Israel, Central Asia and Brazil.



A K Srivastava

Democracies must meet frequently and share their expertise in Social, Technology, Healthcare, Defence.



Mohan K

In fact it's global powers approach India for great ties as our country has fullest pential to grow ls and bounds




Britain is the main reason for this confusion...they will pay a huge price for this dirty po itics!



Paramjit Singh

With such participations, India’s image definitely growing World wide. India is surrounded by Rogue nations, better to engage with positive and aggressive approach with like minded big nations.


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