At UN, India offers support to Afghanistan but doesn’t pledge money



NEW DELHI: Asserting India would stand with the people of Afghanistan, foreign minister, S Jaishankar said it was “essential that humanitarian assistance providers are accorded unimpeded, unrestricted and direct access to Afghanistan.”


Addressing the UN High-Level Meeting on the Humanitarian Situation in Afghanistan on Monday evening, the minister said the recent UNSC resolution 2593 should “guide” the international community with regard to Afghanistan.


“As an immediate neighbour, India is mon oring developments in Afghanistan with "understandable concerns" he said. Jaishankar called for “normalisation of regular commercial operations of Kabul airport” which could help the flow of relief material to Afghans. The issues of travel, safe passage that can emerge as obstacle to humanitarian aid should be immediately sorted out, he said.


According to a recent UNDP report, anything from 72 to 97 percent of Afghan population could slip into poverty. Jaishankar said, “There is sea change in Afghanistan's po itical, economic, social and security situation, and consequently its humanitarian needs,” without explicitly referring to the Taliban.


India did not pledge any money to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan today, probably the first time in 20 years that India has not done so. Jaishankar detailed India’s assistance and development aid to Afghanistan from fortified prein biscuits to infrastructure and capacity building. Until the Taliban takeover in mid August, India had a developmental presence in all 34 provinces of the country.



Bharat Barai

No direct aid to Taliban. Humanitarian addistance directly to Afghan people, especially women & children. The $7 B that US has frozen, was all US Taxpayer money to fund ingoing aid, it was not earned by Afghan Govt. US should not release that US Taxpayer money to Barbarians who are executing civilians, killing pregnant women in front of their family & denying them equal s. No financial aid to 21st century Barbarians !



User duram

Taliban want money from Western countries



Waste Your Time Blogging

As if 3 billion dollars was not enough to spend, why does the Govt want to offer support to a te rort organisation? All countries across the world ag inst te rorm should withdraw any kind of aid and support to Afghanistan.




Rohit K

As per Pakistan FM Qureshi release Afghanistan foreign funds so that the money can be used by Pakistan to fund te rorm and anti India activities on Afghan soil.

根据巴基斯坦外交部的说法,库雷希释放了阿富汗的外国资金,这样巴基斯坦就可以用这些资金资助阿富汗境内的恐 怖主义和反印度活动。



Pakistan is a te rort state and fomenting similar situation in Afghanistan. it cannot give any developmental support to Afghanistan. Afghanistan must come out of the shadow of Pakistan. india is a sincere friend of Afghanistan; afganistan should realise this fact sooner, the better.





Another masterstroke by Modi govt.



Amit Thorat

Money pledged would land in the hand's of Talib, ISI and Pak military. None of it would reach the deserving Afghan on the ground.



kumar satpriya

Let Taliban mange funds. Good that india has decided not to waste money from its coffer.



Desh Premi

Pakistan wants international money released to Taliban so that they can siphon it off. They are the masters will make the Taliban puppet dance.



B Srinivasan

INDIA is brilliant in its support of afganis while expressing its non-recognition of taliban rule.



peter chau

Any financial assistance to Afghanistan is robbary by Pakistan. In short any Dollar to afghanistan is to enrich Pakistan and not afghanistan- unless a seperate mechanism is created bypassing Pakistan, china ,taliban and haquani.



Dean Mishra

get ready to be bombed or shot. that is how Taliban got po itical recognition and that is what they are going to preach and teach.



Swarit Sharma

no tax payer money for Taliban nd Mus m nation pls. let them be doomed. we can't have responsibility of entire world.



Bji Krishna

No money should be allowed to be given to Afghanistan from any country, including China, until Taliban demonstrates an inclusive go nment and sy em there. They first need to keep up their side of the bargain. Only humanitarian supplies, vaccines, medicines and basic food grains should be allowed.

This money what ever millions of $ will land up with Pak ISI.



Kushal Shetty

Pakistan is waiting for $$$$$ please dont give any money.



Sanjay Kumar

Wise decision to not offer financial help, most of which could have gone to their masters in Pakistan to be used ag inst India.



Mahendra Patel

Why a te rort re gie needs money ?to bite the hands of giver .?

为什么一个恐 怖主义*需要钱?



Hemant Desai

everyone is talking about humanitarian aids and h an ri hts, why no one is talking about any measure to stop flow of armaments to Taliban? They don't manufacture it, someone is making and someone is selling, why is it a rocket science to find this channel and plug it? But, no that means money, so why would they stop it.



gopi krishna

India, Iran, US, Russian should all attack at once on Taliban.. kill them all in one go



Shankar Pradhan

The reason India did not pledge any money because it not want money to go into Pakistani te rort and its PTI govt hand through taliban te rorts which will be used ag inst india to carry out te rort activity. I support BJP decisions to not to give money directly. Afghan people should revolt ag inst taliban if they want to secure their and their children's life. World cannot help you everytime. It is the afghans who has to fight ag inst taliban and to le this te rort group.

印度不承诺提供任何资金的原因是,它不想让这些钱通过塔利班恐 怖分子进入巴基斯坦恐 怖分子手中,这些恐 怖分子将用这些钱来从事针对印度的活动。我支持人民党不直接捐钱的决定。如果阿富汗人民想要自己和孩子的生命安全,他们就应该反抗塔利班。世界不可能每次都帮助你们。阿富汗人必须与塔利班作战,*这个恐 怖组织。

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