Economy AC 3-tier fares fixed! Indian Railways may run new coaches from Sept; check details



Economy AC 3-tier fare: Indian Railways has fixed the tariff for its new class of air-conditioned travel at 8% less than AC 3-tier. "The new class of travel will usher an era of affordable air-conditioned travel with premium features. The fares for Economy AC3 are 8% less compared to the exsting AC 3 tier class," Rajesh Dutt Bajpai, Executive Director (IP) at Ministry of Railways told TOI. "As production picks up these new coaches will be attached in various Mail/Express and Superfast trains," he added.



The first Economy AC3 tier coach will be fitted in the special train 2403/04 Prayagraj-Jaipur Express under the North Central Railway and will start running from September, a source told TOI.

消息人士对《印度时报》说,首批经济型AC3车厢将安装在北中央铁路的2403/04 Prayagraj-Jaipur 特快专列上,将于9月开始运行。

Economy AC 3-tier fare details:

According to a Ministry of Railways circular accessed by TOI, passengers opting for berths in the the new Economy AC 3 tier coaches will have to pay 2.4 times the base fare of the sleeper travel in Mail/Express trains. The base fare for up to 300 kilometres of travel will be Rs 440 and will go up as distance increases. The base fare for the maxmum distance slab of 4951-5000 kms will be Rs 3065. While the base fare changes every few kilometres after the 300 km distance mark, below are some salient tariff details. Other charges such as reservation fee, superfast charge, GST as applicable for AC3 classes will be levied separately.


根据铁道部通告,选择新经济型AC 3级车厢卧铺的乘客将需要支付邮件、特快列车卧铺基本票价的2.4倍。300公里以内的基本票价是440卢比,随着距离的增加,价格还会上涨。4951-5000公里的最大里程基本票价是3065卢比。虽然基本票价在300公里里程后每隔几公里就会变化。其它如订位费、超快费、消费税等适用于AC3级的费用将另行收取。

Normal Child fare rules will apply as applicable for the exsting AC3 coaches in Mail/Express trains. The Concession/Free Complimentary passes shall be at par with the exsting 3rd AC coach of Mail/Express trains. Normal cancellation and refund rules for the AC 3-tier class will be applicable here as well. Additionally, all other terms and conditions such as downgrading of AC 3-tier to CC class, bulk booking etc will be similar to the AC3 travel rules for Mail/Express trains.


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Ponraj Abraham

For the last 7 years we have been reading, watching and hearing many things about railway just for forgetting, nothing is meterialising. Last week I was travelling by 02141 LTT-PPTA III AC the toilet was in awkward condition and was big gap between the door and the latch.

在过去的7年里,我们一直听到、看到很多关于铁路的消息,但没有什么实质性进展。上周我乘坐02141 LTT-PPTA III AC的时候,厕所的状况很糟糕,门和门闩之间的缝隙很大。



1.6 billion POPULATION (500 million ILLEGALS). India is gutter garbage country(totally failed) only good in POPULATION PRODUCING FACTORIES. TWO CHILD.



aaaa bbbb

Base fare is 300₹ including everything it roughly comes to 400 wah bhai. You should have instead told the full price. Paste the MRP rate yaar. Instead of telling public to do mathematics



Guest Login

However good the coaches may be but the pan chewing public and an inefficient staff can make it look years old within 6 months.



That is why governmemt encouraging private sector for partnership.



Fossil By Then

Cleanliness?? Hygiene?



kailashk Kr56

Substantial improvement




The single greatest thing that happened to our country is Modi, Gadkari and BJP. I will be eternally grateful to them for saving us from a wretched and miserable exstence under the Kongroaches for 65 years.



Sasank Patra

every govt is announcing for modernization of railway but it is more over making the public fools. One thing the govt is doing perfect is that increase of fares at regular time with out any additional services.



Optimistic Bhartiya

great initiative and innovation




Currently while booking tickets, I saw in few of long route trains, sleeper class is showing heavy waiting list, while AC Class is running either empty or seats are easliy available. Why this happening? I believe it is due to people are not able to afford AC Coach prices in present time so they are prefering to travel in sleeper only. And think about the time when sleeper class coaches will be reduced!




Ashis Biswal

very good initiative



Jagannathan Vathoolam

Hat's off to Mr. Modi team. Defenitely Rly is improving at a steady pace. Public should be more consience in maitaining hygene in the compartments.




it needs to be less than 35% of the base fare.indian railway only fool public.




Good to see some progress in the railways too.




P0tty less toilets less soiled has always been a dream on trains. Its very rare to find.



Biju J A





And look where Air ticket rates are going?? That initiative to connect small towns; does that even make any sense. Can a middle class family even dream of flying economy class one way say in less than 5K. Mr. Jhunjunwala's budget travel Airlines seems to be the only hope!! Hope he is not after money but to only see his fellow countrymen fly more with affordability.






Dutta Pawle

Make separate coaches for males and females as cases of harassment inside trains is on the rise.



shree Krishna Shukla

By increasing the train speed, travel time is reduced so there should be increase in number of seats for CC class;

Why should one pay for AC Sleeper just for 4-5 hours journey that will take you upto 700Km?



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