India needs to jab 1 crore/day to inoculate all by year end



Starting Thursday, India needs to average almost one crore doses per day till the end of the year to reach the target of fully vaccinating the entire adult population. To do this, it will have to nearly double the daily average it achieved in the best week so far — just under 59 lakh per day from June 19 to 25.


The burden will be heavier on states such as West Bengal, Bihar, UP, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, where the average needed for the rest of the year is about double what was achieved in the best week or even more. Worryingly, that’s a list that includes the four most populous states in the country


As of 8pm on Wednesday, a little over 60 crore doses had been administered since the begng of the vaccination drive in January. That leaves about 127.6 crore doses to be administered over the 128 days remaining in the year to provide everybody in an estimated adult population of 93.9 crore with two doses each.


States like Himachal Pradesh, Ker and Uttarakhand would be able to meet the target even by doing significantly less than their best daily average. These states could finish adult vaccination well before December 31 if they can keep up the highest pace they’ve achieved. With a third wave predicted towards the end of October, states are racing to administer as many doses as possible before that.


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Bji Krishna

No country can achieve 100pc vaccination. It needs to vaccinate just enough to bring down the R value and death rate close to zero. Population also has developed natural immunity due to infection itself.

It is better media takes guidance from ICMR or some medical body before reporting. Blind reporting exposes the hollowness of media itself and after a period people won't take it seriously.





On Jan 16 HM Harsheadhan had said india will vaccinate 30 cr doses by 31st Aug. And today the count is 60cr, double the commitment. Common Sagarika, write a sunday column appreciating govt work



jagdish patel

Highest is 60% in UK and USA is around 54% though they have vaccine in stock. So in India also vaccination % will be around 60 only.



Pete Zipk

India should be coming close to herd immunity with 50 % vaccinated and 20 % who have already had the vir s (symptomatic and asymptomatic cases). Yes, there will continue to be new corona cases, but they won't peak like they did in the last few waves.




While we may not achieve the target of 100% vaccination among adults by the year-end, the number is sure to be in the 85-95% range - a significant achievement given the history of go nment programs.



D K Dubey

Seeing the current uptrend on vaccination in the last few months suggest we may not be far behind the target



Amitabh Singh Raikwar

just wait and see, by November union go nment will say by year end, we meant end of financial year and not calendar year



neo bob

Forgot year end it will take 5 years

Also go nment should make it door to door or ward and on streets if it wants really fast results




garbage modi not complying with his own promises. next, he is going to jail the author of this article for correctly pointing out his failed promises



Schnell Rai

Everyone knows what to do and how much doses needs to be administered to cover entire population but govt isn't doing enough. It's been almost 8 months since vaccination drve has started but still govt is unable to administer 1crore doses a day. Our neighbouring country China is closed to 2 bn doses and we are not even closed to 1bn doses.

With the current pace, entire population won't be covered even in another year.





When will the Go nment teach Inoculators to wear gloves ? With a large number of Indians yet to be tested for Coronavir s, Inoculators may be touching an infected person skin-to-skin and passing on the infection to others whom they touch skin-to-skin thereafter. What is Police doing there?





I'm just waiting for garbage Modi's excuse



Jhn Knws

how much percentage of adult e gible population is not willing to take the jab, even when offered? If it takes that into to account, the target number will fall down significantly





With such a huge population, it is very difficult .....




Fully Vaccinated 75-80% population is more than enough for society immunization...



Harry Plotter

Year end target was always going to be difficult with such large population. What surprises me is why we have not approved more vaccines thus ensuring larger supply.




BJP spends more money on cow sheds thhan vaccines




maybe next time, vers won't ve for an illiterate PM



Ackland Aks

100% means what? toddlers and kids included?



no just >18y



Prakash Velu

Even after so many months, vaccination pace did not reach to expectation. Neighbouring country already completed vaccination of more than 1.94 billion population as on yesterday. We are doing OK not good.

Even after so many months, we couldn't ramp up vaccine manufacturing capacity.


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