The Real Journey To The West - Historical Xuanzang' Journey to India (Complete Series)


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Apostle of Darkness

Ah yes, the songs, the most remembered part of the story



Rafael Mena

It'd be great if yall did the interactions of medieval and ancient Africa with China and the Far East. We are well aware of trade connections stretching as far back as, at least, the Tang Dynasty. It'd be a neat, unexplored area of history to touch.




That was before the rich and prosper India and Africa being colonized by the British that rob the country of everything and leaving them poor.

The guys also talk about Amazon crossover by introducing Wukong.

It would be interesting because I did some research on it.

After reading a lot about Monkey King abilities since Black Myth was introduced, I have notice that a lot of Marvel heroes have similar abilities as Monkey King, from flying on a cloud with a red cape to shape-shifting.



The thing is that when monkey king use his fiery eyes, he get slightly burn. It look more realistic, but when Cyclop from X-men use his fire beams, it could cut through building and vehicle without burning out his eye balls. Now I know that sounds so bs and unrealistic lol.

Speaking of mutants. It's basically other word for demons. Wukong and his companions was demonic that helped human to fight other demons.

Then we have the Wukong ride, the flying cicada, a cloud that pretty much function as his personal jet vs Green Goblin in Spiderman, Silver Surfer from the Fantastic Four and the hovering board from Back to the future





Nihilistic Gacha

I’m also curious on how did Xuanzang communicate with people spanning such a wide region (as in, what language he used)




In Indonesia, Journey to the west is very popular classic that we always called "Sun go kong", it was big hit back then, also the opening was straight up Rap



The Count of Kent

Oh my gosh, I can't believe you mentioned "Monkey Magic," that Japanese version of Journey to The West! I only discovered it a few months ago on YouTube can't believe the Monk in there is played by a female and the whole production was Japanese. The dub in English is also hilarious!





Eh, I only recognize the TVB one from 1995.

Actually in Water Margin, alot of the Buddhist monk were viewed negatively, like they are being corrupt with being lewd, drinking booze and greedy. Still Flower Priest who was a "Faux" Monk end up being a real Buddhist monk after his death as he lived up to the ideals.



Dennis Eggert

Great relics like the Buddha´s, guarding the land for centuries only to be dest yed in my lifetime. What a shame. But thank you for the story of the real journey to the west! It´s a interesting piece of history in itself and the root of great fantasy.



Archit Sharma

Good wishes from India



Fox does youtube

I was actually going to just read the book



Aaron Rainge

I like Xuanzang's portrayal in the anime Saiyuki. Even though he used a gun he was still awesome




I remember how rich and prosper India was before they got colonized by the British that rob the country of everything and leaving them poor.



Cheng Hoo Sew

When I think about the song from Journey to the west I only remember Tang SanZang sing Only You



aida bach

I still can't figure out how he walked over by himself




As an American-born Yuet-speaking (Taishanese, to be exact) 90s kid, I familiar with the 1986 CCTV series theme and the 1996 & 1998 TVB series themes.



Archit Sharma

Hanumana is the original monkey God




The Indians and Chinese share so much spiritually. It’s such a tragedy that Indians and Chinese are led to distrust each other and show hostility. As an Indian, let’s come together, and be one. Peace and blessings to all watching this.
Namo Buddhaya




Henry Ezra

All thanks to British occupation, divide et empera , divide and rules po itics. The Brits even use the caste sy em, the social sy em of the old India, change it to segregation sy em to divide India, and using other re gion too (to divide India).



hashtag kingdomofjas

how they communicate? no language barrier?


Cool History Bros

Xuanzang's journey took 17 years because he stopped at different schools to learn the language. There is a network of Buddhist learning centres where he could study Buddhism and the language. He also travelled with an entourage. So he probably picked up a few translators on his journey too.



mike mike

No more Buddhists are left in India.


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