Over 150 Indians 'detained' in Afghanistan by Taliban, released later



NEW DELHI: Over 150 Indian nationals, awaiting evacuation from Afghanistan, were briefly detained by the Taliban to check documents on way to the Kabul airport on Saturday afternoon. After they proceeded onwards, they were said to be still trying to enter the airport on Saturday evening due to the chaotic conditions there.


Swirling and sometimes violent crowds, as well as sporadic firing, have made it difficult for people to enter the airport, especially the technical area. US forces are in control of the airport and managing the global evacuation process currently under way.


One IAF aircraft which landed in Kabul picked up 85 Indians who had managed to get inside the airport between Friday and Saturday. They were airlifted to Dushanbe in Tajikistan from where they will be brought back by civilian flights. Meanwhile, a C-17 aircraft is also parked in Dushanbe waiting for enough passengers to be picked up from Kabul.


Earlier on Saturday, reports emerged that the Taliban may have abducted Indians which created some apprehensions in New Delhi. It turned out that they were taken to a nearby police station and documents were verified. A spokesperson for the Taliban denied reports that they had abducted Indians after several news outlets began tweeting.


However, sources said Afghan nationals - even Hindus and Sikhs - were finding it more difficult to board evacuation flights to India. Some 200 Sikhs and Hindus are sheltering at a gurudwara in Kabul, and are said to be safe.


The Indian government is trying to help with the evacuation process by first registering Indians who are in Afghanistan and willing to return to India, then hel them to get to the airport. The difficulties are outside the airport. Crowds are surging and making it difficult to enter the airport, particularly from where flights are taking off.



Jatinder Sodhi

Hindus It's time they united. You have only one country that's India. Once it's gone where will you go? Which country will give you shelter? Indian Govt must implement population control and one nation one rule law immediately. it's about time West Bengal and Kerala Hindus took control otherwise they will soon get marginalised.





go to Nepal



John P

Indians should not forget Hijacking of Aircraft to Kandhar by this talibanis who later took millions of dollars to release; all they want is ill gotten wealth and power and restrict freedom of people




Basabjit Chowdhury

This time Taliban is pretending to be soft to gain acceptance.



Sanjoy Pandey

The reality is that the Taliban have not changed their fundamentalist philosophy, as they pretend to now.



D K Dubey

TB is just faking its image with a view of international acceptance factually its still same jungali and inhuman



Ramachandran Krishnan

Medias Should Call/ Report Them As Barbarian Instead Taliban



Mohan K

The civilians confidence is lost and they want to return home and the mad rush at Kabul airport



Kinattukara Ramakrishnan

You cannot predict the actions of a this bunch of people who thinks the customs of 7th century Arab trials are gospel and not open to reforms according to time.



Guest Login

Talibunnies want ransom money. US cut the gravy train to afghanistan …..Thats it. … and MODI can afford it. And thank god for Modis presence of mind that no soldiers were deployed foolishly in this mafia state …..like Americans did



ty ghny

we wasted more than 3 B $ in afganistan and we have 2 nd largest army in world with good weapons. Taliban's just 70k people. what if usa n Russia could not win a war against Taliban. we my might..



Agnelo Dsa

why so much coverage on Afghanistan?

government paid agencies are diverting the attention from day to day issues.

LPG price raised by 25 again this month. why? is the international price increased?






avages,demons roaming the streets of devastated country, called Afghanistan.  Humanity doesn't need these parasites in this sacred planet.




Taliban will soon meet its end, just like the islamic state. It's fate is sealed....



MKMumbai Thane

US military and military contractors always wanted war




They were detained by Taliban, but it seems there is another group of Taliban which listens to India and they helped in freeing and putting the 150 on the plane.



A Singh

Good efforts by Indian Govt.



Deviprasad Nayak

Why not Indian secular forces enter Afghanistan to serve their masters Taliban



Saifullah Khan

Modi should send a thank you note to Taliban for releasing 150 Indians. Unlike Modi who refuses to recognize Taliban, at least Taliban released Indians and did not make them prisoners and convert them to Islam in prison like they should have done ideally.




The media should restrain from issuing irresponsible, irrelevant and offensive statements on the Afghanistan issue till all our people are evacuated safely to India. We don't know what is in their mind. The Indian government and media should go cautiously right now as our citizens are still in uncertain and unsafe conditions in Afghanistan.



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