Go nment approves first Covid-19 vaccine for children above 12 years



NEW DELHI/MUMBAI: Zydus Cadila's India-developed anti-Covid jab ZyCoV-D secured regulatory approval on Friday for emergency use, becoming the world's first DNA-based vaccine for the novel coronavir s that will be administered to children above 12 years and adults.

新德里/孟买:周五,Zydus Cadila在印度研发的新冠疫苗ZyCoV-D获得了监管部门的紧急使用许可,成为全球首款基于DNA的新冠疫苗,可用于12岁以上儿童和成人。

The company has indicated a supply of around five crore doses by December, a senior offi al said. The delivery of vaccines is likely to begin by next month-end. The DNA-based vaccine is the sixth shot to receive approval in India.


While the go nment is yet to sign a final agreement with Cadila, supplies to the national programme are set to be augmented.


To start with, the company will supply around one crore doses in a month. Pankaj R Patel, chairman, Cadila Healthcare, told that the vaccine showed 66% efficacy ag inst moderate Covid infection and 100% ag inst severe Covid, preventing serious disease and hospitalisation. The clinical trials were conducted on over 28,000 subjects, including kids, and were done when the Delta variant was prevalent across the country. This has been the largest vaccine trial so far in India for Covid-19.

首先,该公司将在一个月内提供大约1000万剂疫苗。Cadila Healthcare董事长Pankaj R Patel表示,该疫苗对中度感染的有效性为66%,对重度感染的有效性为100%,预防重症和住院治疗。临床试验在超过28000名受试者中进行,其中包括儿童,而且是在德尔塔变种在全国流行的时候进行的。这是印度迄今为止规模最大的新冠疫苗试验。

According to the WHO, DNA technology is a radically new approach to vaccination that involves direct introduction of a plasmid containing the DNA sequence encoding the antigen (in this case the Covid vir s) ag inst which an immune response is sought. "This approach offers a number of pential advantages over traditional approaches, including stimulation of both B and T-cell responses, improved vaccine stability, absence of any infectious agent and the relative ease of large-scale manufacture," says the WHO.

据世界卫生组织介绍,DNA技术是一种全新的疫苗生产技术,包括直接引入含有编码免疫应答的抗原的DNA序列的质粒。世界卫生组织说:“与传统方法相比,这种方法提供了许多潜在的优势,包括刺激B细胞和T 细胞反应,改进疫苗的稳定性,没有任何传染因子,以及相对容易大规模生产。”

The three-dose Zydus vaccine, developed in partnership with the department of biechnology, has been approved with a dosage cycle where the second and third shots will be administered at an interval of 28 days and 56 days, respectively, from the first dose.



Dhirendra Shukla

Great job done Zydus. Since this is the only jab proven safe and effective for children, it should be reserved for children only. Children need to resume attending classes as early as possible to ensure they do not miss their all important studies at this age.



Absolutely suggestion. Govt must reserve this for 12 to 18 age children



Asok Datta

Our children must be prected immediately and this vaccine seems to fit well- great job by Zydes



Vj Lion

Great job by Indian scientists, Hail Modi ji.




hope for best..



Sanjay Sehgal

DNA vaccine makes it most scary.



Aneesh Rn

Bengaluru, Gujarat, Pune and Hyderabad are the cities in India that have the highest con tration of Bio-tech and Pharma companies. And this has been so for at least a couple of decades. Why this skewed con tration is a completely different question that needs to be addressed by states that have failed to attract pharma companies. No country has an equal distribution of industries all over their region.



Jasdeep Singh

Why pfizer is not available here?


Kapil Gupta

why u need ...domt u trust indian scientist


Anurag Bajpai

Facts- Very low efficacy ag inst delta variant, already needing booster in Israel, need for very low tempuratire to store.


Indrajit Banerjee

Why do you want Pfizer? $30/- per shot and the cold-storage chain requirements are you aware of them? Can you provide those?



Sanjoy Pandey

At least children above 12 years should be vaccinated with this jab first, to restore the education sy em.



Vidya Shenoy

This is the first covid 19 vaccine given without needle.in the world.No pain.Please reserve it for children only



Shrikant Satwe

Great News!! Modiji hai to Mumkin hai




Gujrat ahmedabad company got approval.



Hari Sud

Bravo, it is a great achievement.



Rv Sagar

three dose re gien with an availability of 5 cr doses till Dec is peanuts and would put the go nment under pressure.


Aneesh Rn

Better to see it as 5Cr doses that can be administered to at least 1.5Cr children above the age of 12.



Parthadeb Chakravorty

kudos to Indian scientists and the go nment for making this happen.



Dilip Rathod

stupendous achievement, Zydus Cadila! Atmanirbhar Bharat

伟大的成就,Zydus Cadila公司!印度自力更生!


Nandkishor Kothari

Better late than never



Akash Patel



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