Expned: 75 Vande Bharat trains could mean a new era for Indian Railways & passengers - in 5 charts



Come August 2023, as many as 75 Vande Bharat Express trains of Indian Railways will connect various parts of the country. PM Narendra Modi made this announcement during his Independence Day Speech. There is good reason to believe that these new trains could lead the great Indian Railways makeover - which is looking at competing with budget airlines, becoming more profitable in some passenger segments, modernising travel experience and shifting the rail network towards higher speeds up to bullet trains.


The important question to answer though is the routes these should run on, the pricing of the tickets, the contribution to the railways bottomline and whether the experience of the two operational routes so far presents an optimistic case for more investment.


These high-speed train look-alikes created a buzz when they were first revealed with their radically different appearance and features not normally seen in Indian Railways trains. Vande Bharat Express is an all air-conditioned chair car service with premium aircraft-style comforts. Interestingly, AC Chair car is among the only two operationally profitable classes of passenger travel for railways - the other being AC 3 tier.


Railways is upgrading its major routes to 160 kmph. Since travel in non-AC sleeper coaches would be uncomfortable at higher speeds, there are plans to run faster AC trains on key routes. The demand for AC train travel has also seen a steady growth in the last few years.


Vande Bharat Express trains can meet both passenger and railways needs - AC travel, higher speed pential and importantly the pential to become a profit yielding project for railways. We analyse the Vande Bharat project, occupancy and earnings trends of the two trains in service. Experts are of the view that if its routes and fares are , the new trains will be win-win for passengers and railways.


Vande Bharat is a first-of-its-kind "engine-less" train set that runs on distributed traction. It has a speed pential of 160 kmph and design speed of 180 kmph. The train set has faster acceleration and deceleration, thus bringing down the travel time.




Please also install cameras inside and outside the train so any muslipigshits who will throw stones at the train or dge the train from inside can be caught red handed and lynched




Railways cleanliness and overall experience has improved significantly under the Modi govt. Now more connectivity is required and with this project that will be done as well. Great work indian railways and central govt



Unemployed Liberandu

If installed Congressi Stooges will send people to steal all those utilities available in this train and will compn about the mismanagement of trains . Congress is a curse for India.Congress



Ramesh Sargam

All these great development won't be noticed by any Opposition members and never be praised. But who bothers for their praise.



Truth Seeker

All train projects are Delhi-centric or Mumbai-Gujarat centric serving po itical masters and their babus.



Priya Saxena

Way to go India !! Kudos to the upgradation of Railways under Modi.




Help Your Society

keep security cameras and fix punishment to 1 year imprisionment for theirves.



Kiran User

only for



Madhu M

First let's see after you have started. How long you can maintain the quality of service and facilities. Don't boast before.



S Batnavis

All talks. Service will not be upto mark and prices will be high.



Virupaksha Goud

Many Anti Nationals were involved in negatively talking ag inst A B Vajpayee when he has launched Highway Development program, same set of people are negatively talking Railway development program



Venkatesan Venkat

Great job. Keep it up.



Rakesh Nath

High prices n services not up to the mark




Please do away with AC 2 services. Rather convert them into AC 3. Better utilization of capacity! The goal should be to run trains at 150 kmph average speed not 100 kmph for the latter is achieved even by roads.




Manoj K M

All this is a pipedream



Kumar Srinivas

In what way is Domestic Air travel comfortable with the type of seats . It's as good as a State transport bus.




Proud Indian

good work by modi and pain in back for upa



Rahul K Barnwal

Wondering when did the term semi high speed turn into high speed for these proposed trains expected to clock speeds of 120-130 kmph



Satish Huria

It's good progress, but should also work on prompt maintenance also. All the esting train sets are terrible shape.



Keshav Lal Goswami

PM Modi announced 75 Vande Bharat trains will run all over Country but Railway Ministry has not announced on which routes it will run , It may takes years for introduction




Semi high speed Vande Bharat trains are better suited than bullet train. Bullet train infrastructure is 3 times more expensive than that of semi highspeed train.


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