US has decided that India is a strategic ally, says Pakistan PM Imran Khan



ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan told foreign journalists late Wednesday night that he believed the US had picked India to partner with in the subcontinent.


"I think the Americans have decided that India is a strategic partner. Maybe that’s why Pakistan is being treated differently. Pakistan is just considered to be useful only in the context of settling this mess (Afghanistan)," Khan was qued by Dawn (online) as saying at an interaction with foreign media at his home here.

他说:“我认为美国已经决定将印度视为战略伙伴。也许这就是巴基斯坦被区别对待的原因。巴基斯坦被认为只有在解决(阿富汗)混乱的背景下才有用,” 黎明报(在线)援引伊姆兰在其家里与外国媒体互动时说的话。

"The hasty way in which the Americans left, if they wanted a po itical settlement then common sense dictates that (you negotiate) from a position of strength," he was qued as saying, adding that the US was now blaming Pakistan when they no longer had any leverage. He said that another reason for the US’s shifting position was his country’s close relationship with China.


"A nightmare scenario for Pakistan would be a protracted civil war in case the Taliban tried to form an exclusive Afghan go nment through a military takeover," he told the journalists, according to Dawn, expning that the Taliban were a Pashtun-majority group and hence there would be spillover effects in Pakistan’s Pashtun-majority areas. "So there is a likelihood that we will again have problems in our Pakhtun areas," the PM said, adding that close to three million people had been internally displaced from Pakistan’s tribal areas due to war in Afghanistan.




"We have a larger Pakhtun population here in Pakistan than in Afghanistan, and they’re probably the most xenophobic people on Earth. They fight each other normally, but when it’s an outside force, they all get together," he said.


Any civil war in Afghanistan, Khan said, would also derail Pakistan’s plans for connectivity with Central Asia and its g eo-economic agenda."Hence it’s in Pakistan’s interest that there is a po itical settlement in Afghanistan and all factions come together to form a go nment that represents everyone," he added.




Reality check…

Didnt you ditch US by hiding OBL in your place?

It is your own handwork.



DF Dave

US over the years has given over US$ 60 Billion to Pakistan in money and Billions more worth of arms and ammunition, and see what they got in return.

US got 911 and then 4,000 casualties in Afghanistan at the hands of Taliban te rorts that are creates by Pakistani ISI and Army. TIME TO DECLARE PAKISTAN A TERRORIST STATE.

多年来,美国向巴基斯坦提供了600多亿美元的资金和价值数十亿美元的武器弹药,看看他们得到了什么回报。巴基斯坦三军情报局和塔利班分子在阿富汗造成了4000人伤亡,在美国搞了911事件。是时候宣布巴基斯坦为恐 怖主义国家了。



You are loosing your mind and not telling the truth your country was hiding a killer of 3000 in garrison town of military for so many years and supported Taliban to mainly harm America. It was your country who was blackmailing America for resupply its soldiers in Afghanistan and torching containers.




Pakistan is the reason why both US & RUSSIA failed in Afghanistan...it was never a honest mediator...was always like a COMMISSION AGENT...




To a certain extent Mr Imran Khan is . USA has shifted it's strategic ally from Pakistan to India. And the reason for this shift from Pakistan to India are Pakistan themselves. India didn't begged or fell on the feet of America to make us there strategic ally. India grew peacefully and exponentially in all sectors without waging a single war ag inst it's neighbouring countries.



Vj Bharti

So Imran is reading writing on wall.....by October Taliban will takeover Afghanistan who will head them......??By December they will fight with each other...........by june 2022 Pakistan will be engulf with civil war .



Help Your Society

now pakistan is paying for its karma. Taliban is the de l created by Is mic coutnries.

现在巴基斯坦正在遭报应。塔利班是伊 斯兰国家制造的恶魔。



A friend of my enemy cannot be my friend. This is US policy in one sentence.

When USSR was Indias friend, relations between US and India were not good.


当苏 联是印度的朋友时,美国和印度的关系并不好。


Ganesh Agarw

I sometime wonder, who made him prime minister. He is a joke



Gino Smith


Imran approached IOC and asked to include Stone throwing, Bomb making , Suicide bombing in next Olympics!

This way his country men can win Gold , Silver and Bronze medals.




Rational Corp

The US eventually disposes all strategic allies like used diapers. India must proceed with caution.



Arun Shah

Now Pakistan is not failed but frustrated country also .They are the createrors of TALIBAN monster BHASMASUR wich finishing its createrors. They wanted Kashmir by bleeding India what they have achieved is a failed insolvent and worldwide hated country. They planted a poison tree wich has bloomed and giving them poisonous fruits. Come on enjoy them



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And Pakistan committing Suicide by Supporting Taliban.



Andy G

By saying he was ordering Pizza, Biden revealed that he Infact did call Imran for delivery... LOL



Aum Shanti

Pakis r te rorts



Ashok Kumar

India may be or may not be a US strategic ally. But Pakistan rulers have left no stone unturned to prove that Pak is a fool.




your country has created mess intentionally by aiding and abetting the militant organisation. you backstabbed Uncle Sam at Abbottabad. you still expect Uncle Sam to make your nation as strategic ally after all the hullabaloo




Imran khan is a liar. The Taliban were given shelter in Afghanistan for over 20 years after the fall of Kabul. No only did they survive but they also were given training, arms and ammunition by Pakistani military establishment.



Bhavani Bhavani

Americans act acording to there interests.Nobody are friends and enemies,if they see any opportunity they will sieze it to gain and play accordingly.


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