Navi Mumbai: 15-year-old girl ‘kills’ mother over NEET studies row



NAVI MUMBAI: Rabale police have registered a murder case against a 15-year-old MBBS aspirant for allegedly strangulating her 42-year-old mother with her karate dress belt following a quarrel between them over the minor’s preparations for the NEET medical entrance exam at their Airoli residence.


According to the FIR, the victim’s brother told the police on the afternoon of July 30, his sister’s husband, who was travelling, called and asked him to rush to their residence, saying his wife was not opening their bedroom door. The brother quickly reached their home and managed to break it open to find his sister “lying unconscious” on the bed with a cloth belt used for practising karate around her neck, which he took off. He immediately called the cops, around 3.10pm, who in turn took the victim to Vashi NMMC Hospital where doctors declared her brought dead. Her brother showed the cops a message he had received fromthe victim’s mobile phone at 2.39pm, stating, “I tried everything, I quit.” Hence, Rabale police initially registered an accidental death case.

据警方称,受害者的哥哥告诉警方,7月30日下午,他妹夫在旅行时打电话叫他赶紧去他家,说他的妻子不开卧室的门。哥哥很快赶到了家里,打开门,发现妹妹“昏迷不醒”地躺在床上,脖子上挂着一条用来练习空手道的布腰带,哥哥把腰带取了下来。他立即报了警,大约在下午3点10分,警察把受害者带到Vashi NMMC医院,在那里医生宣布她已经死亡。她的哥哥给警察看了一条他在下午2点39分从受害者的手机上收到的信息,上面写道:“我什么都试过了,我放弃了。”因此,拉巴尔警方最初登记了一起意外死亡案件。

After the post-mortem, though, NMMC’s provisional cause of death certificate stated “asphyxal death due to strangulation with head injury”.


When police enquired with the family, the minor stated her mother constantly pressurized her to study, which led to quarrels.


On July 27, her father had scolded her for using her phone. She then went to her maternal uncle’s residence nearby. Later, her mother reached there and the two fought. The matter reached Rabale police station, but the cops resolved it.


On July 30, the girl’s father had gone to Thane to meet his sister. Around 2.10pm, her mother called the minor to the bedroom and scolded her for not studying and beat her up. The girl told cops her mother even brandished a knife. Fearing for her life, she pushed her mother who fell and hit her head against the bed. Thereafter, her mother picked up the cloth belt lying on the bed but the girl snatched it and allegedly strangled her. Then, on her mother’s phone, she sent the WhatsApp message to her father, uncle and aunt. She locked the bedroom door and called her father, saying her mother was not opening its door.


Senior inspector Yogesh Gawade said, “As the girl is a minor, she has been sent to the juvenile remand home.”

高级督察Yogesh Gawade说:“由于女孩是未成年人,她已经被送到少年拘留所。”



Lol. Classic Indian parents. They want to force their ambitions and aspirations on their children and force them to perform at a wildly high level, while they work in mediocre jobs ad low standard of living. Just allow your children to have a life for god's sake !!




Something doesn't add up. Anyway very tragic. The girl must be a real psychopath to cooly send message from mothers phone after the act. A normal girl might have done the deed under pressure but would have lost her cool afterwards and just called her father or uncle and broken down immediately. Thank God she won't become a doctor now



Roushan S

I do not blame the child.




Whole story is not convincing. To be investigated



Ketan Kumar Lal

Wrong exposure to everything including OTT on mobile is the biggest culprit ..young ppl r brcoming impatient, aggresive




Education system is so dumb and growing population add to misery (not to forget corruption and reservation), many students preparing for these exams loose life meaning as a whole.




parents want their children to achieve what they themselves could never do. "to be the cream of society" the root causes is undue "important status" for professional qualification and huge pay disparity. people have to understand that a farmer job is as important as a doctors. a workers work is equally important as an architect engineer. a doctor can treat sick but a farmer has to work for them to eat!



arkay rian

Hope she gets convicted and rots in jail..




Before becoming doctor, she became a killer !




No mother can digest a minor girl (less than 18) not studying and chatting with boyfriends continously.



AK Sharma

This is a case of self-defense. The mental and physical torture by parents cannot be condoned. The girl should be pardoned by the judiciary and allowed to go on with her life because the murder was not her fault. She is merely a victim of parental abuse.




It sure feels there are lot of loop holes, unless proper investigation is done truth would not come out



Jay Boro

the problem in infia is that parents take over the career of their choice than the choice of the student



Jigyasu Subscriber

Any killing of blood relatives should have a minimum of 10 years sentence for the first offence.



manoj moharana

medical field is not that lucrative. the young generation and their guardians should realise that. it's much easier to start a business/film line/lawyer/chartered accountant/or even a petty politician earn better than a doctor.




Our laws are so much protective to minors and women, that this killer girl will be never punished for murder. On top of this her father will be forced for upbringing this rogue girl.




Looks matter is something else.... or the teenage girl needs some counselling or psychological treatment.. ... But murders on such petty issue needs to be investigated

事情看来另有蹊跷....十几岁的女孩需要一些咨询或心理治疗.. ...但这种因琐事引发的谋杀案需要好好调查


sanjiv r

at 15 it should be class X... parents did nothing during their time and expect children to make it to iit or aiims...what a shame



Ch Navakanta Mishra

The parents trained her in Karate, and i'm sure this psycho girl used the same martial arts skills in overpowering her mother and killing her. I have seen quite some mothers coming down on their daughters too heavily whereas they are not nearly that stern with sons. Violence begets violence..

她的父母教她空手道,我相信这个神经病女孩用同样的武术技巧制服了她的母亲并杀死了她。我见过不少母亲对女儿过于严厉,而对儿子却不那么严厉。暴力招致暴力. .



this is a women empowerment


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