India's first indigenous aircraft carrier, to be named INS Vikrant, finally begins sea trials



NEW DELHI: The much-awaited sea trials of India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier (IAC), which will be reincarnated as INS Vikrant once it is commissioned in August next year, finally kicked off on Wednesday.


Describing the launch of the maiden sea trials of the 40,000-tonne IAC as a “proud and historic day”, the Navy said India has now joined a s group of countries to have the “niche capability” to indigenously design, build and integrate a state-of-the-art aircraft carrier.


Built at the Cochin Shipyard for around Rs 23,000 crore, the IAC will become fully operational only after the flight trials of MiG-29K supersonic fighter jets, MH-60R multi-role helicopters and the indigenously manufactured ALHs (advanced light helicopters) are completed from its deck by around mid-2023.

这艘印度航母由科钦造船厂建造,造价约2300亿卢比,只有在米格- 29k超音速战斗机、MH-60R多用途直升机和国产ALHs(先进轻型直升机)在2023年中期完成飞行试验后,才能全面投入使用。

Once deployed, the IAC will pack quite an offensive punch and project raw military power on the high seas. It will be christened INS Vikrant after the country’s firstaircraft carrier, which was acquired from the UK in 1961 and eventually decommissioned in 1997. In its long and glorious operational service, the original INS Vikrant also played a major role during the 1971 war.

一旦部署,IAC将具备相当的进攻性,并在公海上投射强大的军事力量。它将被命名为“维克兰特”号(INS Vikrant),“维克兰特”号是印度首艘航母舰,1961年从英国购买,最终于1997年退役。在漫长而光荣的服役过程中,维克兰特号在1971年战争中也发挥了重要作用。

The basin trials of the IAC, which was first sanctioned by the go nment way back in January 2003, were completed last year to prove the main propulsion plant of the ship in harbour as a precursor to the sea trials.


India currently has only one aircraft carrier, the 44,500-tonne INS Vikrditya, inducted from Russia for $2.33 billion in November 2013. Another $2 billion was spent on procuring 45 MiG-29Ks to operate from its deck.

印度目前只有一艘航母,即44500吨级的“维克拉马蒂亚”号,2013年11月斥资23.3亿美元从俄罗斯引进。另外花费了20亿美元购买45架米格- 29k在甲板上操作。

As reported by TOI earlier, the Navy now wants 36 new multi-role fighters to meet the shortfall in the number of jets required for both INS Vikrditya and IAC. The case for a third 65,000-tonne carrier (IAC-II), which is pending since May 2015, is also yet to get even the initial “acceptance of necessity” by the go nment.


China, meanwhile, is assiduously ram up its naval presence in the Indian Ocean Region. Fast-tracking its aircraft carrier plans, China already has two carriers, Liaoning and Shan, and is building two more towards its aim of eventually having 10 of them.


The US Navy, of course, has as many as 11 “super” 100,00-tonne carriers, each of which can carry 80-90 fighters. A `carrier strike group’ of an aircraft carrier and its accompanying warships is a self-contained and composite war-fighting machine, with inherent flebility and mobility to shift to a new theatre of operations in 48 to 72 hours.


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Real Yogi

all becoz of Yughpurush Modi. Before 2014, Indian Navy never ested and India was a zombie land.



Vishal Pragya

All credit to Modiji though it started 15 years ago. Even Navy and Air Force was formed after 2014. Before that it was not there.




Making of this carrier started 15 years back. Now it's trial started. China has made similar size carrier in 4 years. We are too slow.



Subbu India

INS Vkrant s presense in the Indian Ocean will give India to combat enemy naval ships.




Congratulations and a very proud moment for each and every Indian



Raz Patnaik

This is AtmaNirbharta in Indigenous Aircraft Carrier. We should feel proud of this Smart Engineering feat! There should be more and more RnD on Defence products here in Bharat. Unfortunately, such RnDs are very few and the Output is always very, very slow!




To be very frank, under Modi India's defense preparedness is the lowest with the lowest percentage budget increases! In spite of formidable challenges, last budget it was mere 1.5% increase! This is actually a decrease considering inflation at 12%!. Modi runs to buy missiles and bombs for 500 crores when enemy puts thier tent inside our borders!!!.


尽管面临巨大的挑战,上次预算仅仅增长了1.5% !




A Singh

We need at least 3 more such aircraft carriers considering our area of water coverage.



Fossil By Then

Only because of Modiji..! Thank you Modiji! Jai Modiji! Jai Hindu--stan!



Rinku Singh

Thankyou Shreemaanji Modhi for giving us Aircraft carrier along with 45 Mig 29K. Before 2014, India didn't have a single aircraft carrier, thanks to Scamgress. Under Dankapatiji, India has become a superpower rivalling even the mighty dragon.



Agnelo Dsa

gov is as usual busy getting ready for ions in UP. NO TIME FOR DEFENSE OF THE NATION. JUMLA PARTY!



Vijayndra Rajput




Weirdo noob

Full credit to our Honorable PM Modiji, who is fast tracking this decission, as he is aware of the danger lucking in our neighbourhood, unlike scamgress congressis slee on the files.




No state in India is capable of building this. Hail Ker, the best state of India. The true Indian State



Subu Subrnian

Congratulations to INS and Modiji

INS Vikrant is India's pride since it's Made In India




Pa jatt

garib phuckistan will have nightmares again



Jest Hancock

A big salute to the Indian Designers and Engineers who made this Possible !! Indeed a proud moment for the Country and it's armed Forces .



Advocate Amitabh Singh Raikwar

40000 tonne displacement aircraft carrier is very small compared to USA's 100000 tonne displacement aircraft carriers. but better late than never.



Ironically Yours

By now India could have had 3 indigenous aircraft carriers had Con-Gress not been in power for so long, unfortunately, as luck would have it, India lagged behind its main and adversary, China, who galloped way ahead in its economic and military prowess. India has a lot of catching up to do! India has an old habit to procrastinate or run to build a fire hydrant after the fire has struck!




Subhash Bose

Feel proud that INDIA has attained the capability to built indigenous Aircraft Carrier. This is the begng of an era of Make in India series to rule the country's sea boundaries with at least three of its own Aircraft Carriers.


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