Bookings for Ola’s first e-scoer open at Rs 499



NEW DELHI: As ric gets a push through attractive central and state-level policies, competition in the segment is escting.


Start-up poster-boy Bhavish Aggarwal threw a virtual challenge to established players such as Hero Moto, Honda 2Wheelers and Bajaj by announcing a highly-aggressive Rs 499 booking amount for the company’s debutant ric scoer that is set to be launched very soon.

初创公司的代表Bhavish Aggarwal向Hero Moto、Honda 2Wheelers和Bajaj等老牌公司发起了挑战,宣布了可以499卢比的价格预定该公司即将推出的首款电动踏板车。

The scoer will be the first commercially-available two-wheeler from Aggarwal’s Ola and the company is believed to have set aggressive targets for the category.


While details are yet to emerge, the Ola scoer – which has been pitched and highlighted aggressively on the social media – will have a range of around 150 kms on a single charge and have a top speed of 100 kms per hour. This is being seen as “extremely lucrative” by industry watchers, especially when petrol prices have crossed the Rs 100 mark in most places.


“India's EV revo tion begins today as we open reservations for our ric scoer, the first in our range of upcoming EVs. With its incredible performance, technology, and design along with aggressive pricing, it will help accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility," Aggarwal, chairman and Group CEO of Ola, said.


Ola Electric, which sees EVs as a global opportunity for India, said bookings have opened for its first product and consumers can reserve the scoer on its website by paying a refundable deposit of Rs 499.

Ola Electric将电动汽车视为印度的全球机遇。该公司表示,其首款产品已经开始预订,消费者可以在其网站上预订电动摩托车,只需支付499卢比的押金,押金可退还。

Ola Electric aims to operationalise the first phase with 2 million annual capacity, with plans to reach the full capacity of 10 million annual vehicles by next year.

Ola Electric的目标是在第一阶段每年生产200万辆,并计划在明年达到全产能,每年生产1000万辆。



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Star Man

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Uday Panchpor

Great news! Keep it up, Mr. Agarwal. All this going to ultimately help Indian customers and our economy.




yea, good news,they should sell in tire 2 and 3 cities too, unlike ather which is acting too arrogant, u contact them




big big news ,,giving soothing feeling for soul



Nur Amin

Hi,Ola app



Raziul Is m

I need for a car



Rv Sagar

Hope it doesn't end up like the Rs. 100/- mobile phone sales a few years back.



Star Man

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New branded scoers have no experience in this field. To cut costs, they cut corners use ch parts. Look what happened to Mahindra & Mahindra, they started a scoer brand which bombed. It's very difficult to sustain in this industry. No. 1, they need a good scoer which does not disintegrate, give fantastic after sales service and advertise their product.




good attempt by Ola ..EVs are need of hour people should move into and help the environment hygiene. batteries should be recyclable so that less waste into the nature. efficacy of battery for durability and longitivity is where innovation to continue.



Jayeshkumar Panchal

Automobiles should recycle the Kinetic Energy (while Braking), before having to recycle those Batteries.



Jayeshkumar Panchal

All New Automobiles should Accelerate by using only the Braking Energy (that is Recovered and Stored in a Transmission), without using any New Energy, Engine/Motor Power and Fuel; or without using any of the Battery Power!.



Pn Raina

Ola being the early bird with others eager to follow to survive.Even Elan Musk has planned EV manufacturing in India.



Jayeshkumar Panchal

Is recovering Kinetic Energy from Automobiles (while Braking) Not Renewable Energy?



Shakeel Ahmed


but it shouldn't be like Rs 250 mobile which was launched 2...3 yrs ago and never delivered



Jayeshkumar Panchal

Time for Established Automakers to respond to this Challange by incorporating Regenerative Brakes in to these Electric Vehicles, which would Accelerate by using only the Braking Energy (that is Recovered and Stored in a Transmission, or in the front wheel), without using or Consuming any of the Battery Power!.



Dutta Pawle

how is it better than yo bike that failed 15 years ago?


Jayeshkumar Panchal

Lithium Batteries.


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