Don’t wait for 3rd wave, try to avert it, says PM Narendra Modi



NEW DELHI: PM Modi on Tuesday said the focus should now be on how to prevent a Covid-19 third wave rather than discussing when it would hit India.


The PM’s comments to chief ministers of northeastern states came even as top Union go nment offi als highlighted evidence to show the third wave already forming around the world and stressed the need to immediately step up measures and be vigilant. They said warnings of the third wave were being casually discussed in the manner of weather reports.


“It is true tourism and business have been greatly affected due to corona, but today I will say with great emphasis that it is not to have huge crowds in hill stations and markets without masks,” Modi said during his interaction with the CMs of NE states, which are seeing high positivity rates.


Citing examples of countries like the UK, Russia, Bangladesh and Indonesia that are witnessing a surge in daily Covid-19 cases after a decline, the health offi als raised concerns over higher number of cases getting reported from across the world.


“When we talk about the third wave, we are taking it as a weather update and not understanding its seriousness and our responsibilities associated with it,” joint secretary in health ministry, Lav Agarwal, said at a media briefing.



Kattingeri Aj

Avert third wave he says. He will be first to start ve campaign.



Common Man

This babaji has only advise and suggestions, no solution. He grew his beard to look like Rabindranath Tagore, as he was expecting nobel price for controlling Corona.




the idiot will be the first one to start his ion rallies in the midst of these covid waves



Love Rebel

now depends on modiji if he does rallies again then 3rd wave is going to come for sure .




Modi has lost all the moral to preach on Covid appropriate behaviour when he has been its biggest violator



Mukesh M

How do we avert feku? Attending huge ion rallies in upcoming UP ions or going to ayodhya for ram janam bhoomi shilanyas? Any other strategy to avert the next wave?


参加即将到来的北方邦选举的大型集会,还是去阿约提亚参加ram janam bhoomi shilanya ?




I used to like Modi but from the time He has started growing beard, I hate to even see him. He looks like Hindu Os bin laden. He doesn't look like a PM but like a Sadhu.



IDIOT, he is the chosen PM by millions of Indians.... if you dont like him, you can goto Himyas or garbage bin, whatever



Deepan Rmoorthy

Vaccination is at dead slow pace. Pfizer and Moderna vaccines still not allowed. Can you please focus on doing your job rather than putting out discmers so that you can say "I told you so".



Rinku Singh

Sir please increase the pace of vaccinations. After setting a record of 82 lac, it never reached even near to that number again.




Vaccinate all Indians with really vaccine, treat Covid with genuine Medicines. Hang those people who vaccinate our people with fake (saline water) and black marketers of badly needed expensive medicines.



sg global

 Is Govt ready to overcome 3rd wave  What necessary medical precautions are their to safeguard kids 12 yrs and below




achan kunju

At least wear mask and advice, since premier took injection, that doesn't mean that one can avoid mask.



Agnelo Dsa

Please stop your advice, we don't need it. what we need are jobs and economy to be back on track.

ever since you became the PM of India and specifically the PM of the Bharatia Jumla Party, our nation which was doing quiet well has taken a nose dive.





Same to you too, Mr PM... Don't give empty talks, do something meaningful atleast...



anant prakash

Modi my message is for you- Don't wait for third wave , try to avert it- now tell the nation what is u r next action plan for this and where is our vaccines.



Alok Tripathi

Ruling and opposition parties are main culprit then common people



I Love My India

Third wave, fourth wave and forthcoming waves, all are in the hands of the go nment. When testing is ramped up, patients will increase, and when tests are slowed down, patients will decrease.




it is better he should leave chair for the sake of Indians



Zainul Abedin

The culprits for the thousands of deaths in the 5 states where Elections happened are Modi , Shah and J P Nadda . Similarly lakhs of deaths at UP after Kumbh Mela it's Yogi who is to be blamed !

在5个举行选举的邦,导致数千人死亡的罪魁祸首是莫迪、沙阿和J P Nadda。在大壶节之后,北方邦也有数十万人死亡,罪魁祸首是约吉!


Murali Seetharn

Mr Modiji has got blood on his hands even then he speaks with so much confidence and conviction.



S Trivedi

Lead by example. Wear a mask. Shave your beard so the mask fits well.


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