India's investment seems sinking in Afghanistan, warns Pakistan army



ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army spokesperson Major General Babar Iftikhar cmed on Saturday that India’s investments in Afghanistan seemed to be "sinking" and added that "Indian propaganda" ag inst Pakistan and its role in the peace process was "not gaining traction".


New Delhi and Kabul share deepened economic and trade links despite uncertainties about achieving a po itical settlement to the lingering conflict in Afghanistan. India has invested over $3 billion in reconstruction and relief work since 2001 when US-led troops drove the Taliban out of Kabul. Delhi still firmly supports Presi nt Ashraf Ghani’s go nment.


In an interview with a local TV channel, Gen Iftikhar said that "spoilers" (an indirect reference to India) were trying to hold Pakistan responsible for the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan prompted by the announcements of withdrawal of US and Nato forces from the war-torn country.


"But there is no truth is these allegations. The world is very well aware that Pakistan has made every effort to solve the Afghan issue, without violence and according to the wishes of the Afghan people," the military spokesperson said.


"Pakistan is still a facilitator of this peace process and not a guarantor," the general said.


Responding to a question about whether the US should remove itself completely from the region, he said there was only one requirement from the US: a responsible withdrawal from Afghanistan.



Vishwas Attavar

Don't worry Pakistan, soon these guys will be after you.



Manu R

India should keep Pakistani army busy on it's eastern border.



Rampravesh Upadhyay

There is doubt that Taliban is going to get the power in Afghanistan but fighting will not stop there because of Pakistan.

Pakistan does not want any independent go nment in Afghanistan



Ahmed Iftikhar

I can hear lots of hue and cry on Indian side as their big daddy has left and another big daddy is taking over.



Dinesh Bhanushali

The large concern should be of AFGHAN LAND AND PEOPLE, they should be allowed to get educated and choose their go nment in a proper DEMOCRATIC WAY without any military influence.





Ganesh Shetty

The whole world knows thatpokistan is the chief culprit in training, sponsoring and exporting te rorm especially to India and Afghanistan in particular and to other parts of the world in general. Presi nt Bush had erred in attacking Saddam led Iraq which was in no way involved in te rorm. The US should had attacked pokistan instead. It can still make up its mistake by atleast now carry out carpet bombing of the e l pokistan and wipe out te rorm.

全世界都知道,巴基斯坦是培训、支持和输出恐 怖主义的罪魁祸首,特别是向印度和阿富汗,以及向世界其他地区。布什总统在攻击萨达姆领导的伊拉克时犯了错误,伊拉克并没有参与恐 怖主义。美国应该攻击巴基斯坦。至少现在对巴基斯坦进行地毯式轰炸,消灭主义,可以弥补自己的错误。



Congress is puppet of Pakistan



gm badal

And BJP is puppet of US and Israel.



suresh hattalli

US is the only looser in this battle and they proved they are not worth to trust and depend upon. India should be careful not to misadventure trusting US, instead they should belive in itself and take appropriate decisions on military actions on border or anywhere in the world.



Nick Kumar

Pakistani Army generals knows only to talk utter nonsense and hang phoney medals on their chests - having never won a war in actuality. Shameless lot !!

巴基斯坦的将军们只会胡说八道,胸前挂着假勋章——实际上从未赢得过一场战争。无耻! !


Devarajan Rangan

So why would India invest $3b in Afghanistan?


rohit n

India investment in water irrigation project and welfare of Afghanistan people ...



elangovan elangovan

Slap on the face of India spending huge sum of money on investing when other countried wary of investing in Afghanistan now all gone in air Dumb fools next time dont trust Mus m nations.



Vikas Sontakay

Look who's talking. A country which is already in the pits & is a disaster waiting to happen. Pakistan will cease to est as a single entity within the next 5 years.



Boutros Boutros Ghali

Pakistan is a facilitator of terror. Period.

巴基斯坦是恐 怖主义的推动者。


sarbjit singh

A investment is not business it is Goodwill gestures Pakistan need not woory about India we can afford it Pakistan should think about themselves




This is an irony that the people who serves the country are being killed by their own people



Guest Login

Nothing really goes waste….taliban may harm the investments physically…but the local Afghan knows what India has done and will always remain in the memory of good Afghans…and what has pakistan given…only misery and distruction to that poor nation




India went in trusting the US which was not a mistake but a blunder. The US has proven time and again , allover the world where it had operated, that it is an unreliable partner.



Pratik Gupta

Now Taliban will take over and , pakistan will lose its leverage card of extracting money from US .. Pakis will collaborate with Taliban and attack west again and eventually in Kashmir.

India needs to establish links with Taliban and ensure they are not used ag inst us .



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