Covid-19: Maharashtra, Ker slowest to come out of second wave; Sikkim sees spike



NEW DELHI: Ker and Maharashtra, the two states hit the hardest by Covid, continue to be the slowest to come out of its deadly second wave. In the week ended Sunday, fresh cases in India fell by 11% but Ker registered a rise of 7% and Maharashtra logged a decrease of 4%.


Together, the two states accounted for 48% of all new cases recorded in the week with a joint tally of nearly 1.5 lakh. Nationally, over 3 lakh were reported these seven days. Both have been reporting nearly the same number of new cases for three weeks running. Ker recorded 84,791 infections last week, up from 79,500 in the previous seven days, while 81,155 cases were reported in the week prior to that. In Maharashtra, the case count was 61,283 last week, 64,113 in the earlier week and 63,789 in the week prior to that.


The vir s continued to spread in parts of the northeast, with Sikkim reporting a 63% spike in cases last week although the overall numbers in the state were low. In Tripura, cases rose by 13% as compared with the previous week while Manipur saw a 10% spike.


Meanwhile, for the first time in 91 days, the daily death toll fell below 500 on Monday.


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Ramumurthy Venkatrn

These two are solely responsible for the second wave



elangovan elangovan

Ker is the mother of all vir ses spreading all over India.



Tp Ravindran

Finally all these opposition will put the blame on center govt and Modi



ashok kumar Ghai

Both Govts are either weak or incompetant



Rag Ani

MVA govt hosted Kumbh, there were polls too in Maha , even PM may hv visited maha fr rallies ...so the cases were more ... Maha had nearly 1/3rd of Indias cases n deaths but the MVA govt cant be blamed... blame the Centre



GT-V Racing

Exactly because its not a BJP ruled state. Was it Center ruled state things would have been just fine and funds would have flown. Shows how Center discriminates some state.



satish kumar

These idiots can sell country for self benefits.




Most worthless po itical leadership Ker and Maharashtra, it is proved



sunil fernandes

The states which are honest with their numbers look bad while the jhumla baazi states are busy letting the citizens die and dumped in rivers.



Mariya Hasan

I am not a BJP fan, but Uddhav Thackeray is the worst CM in India, since the begng of the Pandemic Maharashtra is in Grip of Covid and if Maharashtra is in lockdown entire economy of India catches cold.



Simply Indian

Ker and Maharashtra publish figures close to reality. Most BJP states under report numbers by 20 times.



Bchandran Nair V

In Ker the state authorities are making every efforts to bring the state back to normal



Aparajita Ghatak

Again the two states that actually do testing regularly and seriously rather like other states where data is shown to please go nment policies. Both Congress and BJP go nments are doing same way of hiding stuff.



Vijayan Pil

Ker govt busy with smuggling and vendetta po itics....



V For Vendetta

Dear Indian Public, please do not believe in this manipulated media... everyone by now understands how BJP rules states are fudging data



Subbu India

Some states do not give or publish real data.




Don't sing victory yet. Deadlier Third wave around the corner. Sad but true.



The Ghost Who Walks

only these two states may be doing the proper testing and reporting the actual numbers.....other states may not be testing at all.....in such places the truth will eventually come out when bodies start floating down the rivers...



John Mathias




Abdul Gani

Because of non BJP ruling states


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