Couple gives up Bengaluru life for simple living



BENGALURU: After leading a hectic and ‘pretentious’ life in urbanscape for more than a decade, a couple embraced minimalist living and moved into a spartan house near Mangaluru a year ago — minus fridge, washing machine and regular schooling for kids.


The couple from Shirthady, a village in Moodbidri taluk and 40km from Mangaluru, gave up their plush 17th-floor apartment in Sarjapur, Bengaluru, and shifted into a 600sqft solar-powered mudhouse a year ago. Blessed with twins –– Ethan and Elena –– eight years ago, 35-year-old Jeune Lobo, a content writer, decided to quit her job to be with the children. Soon, her husband Avin Pais, 37, an IT consultant, too decided to bid goodbye in 2018 after realising that he was missing the precious years of his kids growing up after working with an MNC for nearly 13 years.

这对夫妇来自距芒格洛尔40公里的Moodbidri taluk Shirthady村,一年前,他们放弃了位于班加罗尔Sarjapur的豪华公寓(位于17楼),搬进了一个600平方英尺的泥屋,使用太阳能。35岁的热恩·洛博是一名内容编辑,八年前她生了一对双胞胎伊桑和埃琳娜。她决定辞去工作,回家带孩子。很快,她37岁的丈夫、IT顾问阿文·佩斯也在2018年决定辞职,他在一家跨国公司工作了近13年,意识到自己错过了孩子们成长过程中宝贵的岁月。

Jeune told TOI they decided to hit the untrodden path five years ago. “We had to decide between a pretentious lifestyle or leading lives at our own pace. We sold most of our belongings, gave up our apartment and moved initially to a smaller house to try minimalism, then to an off-grid farm in Sakleshpur (Hassan district) to try dback farm life. We lived in a ship container for a year, learnt how to forage, cook on woodfires and tried natural farming.”


In their Shirthady house, they do not use fridge or washing machine and follow the principle –– the less you own, the more you have. “For the past seven years, we have not seen a doctor. If unwell, we do fasting or take home remedies. We started ‘The Lab Farm’ as an initiative to share traditional food styles and, at times, sell farm produce,” said Avin.



No regular schooling


Avin and Jeune have not admitted their children to regular school. “Our kids are learning from our travels. They have learnt to read and write on their own. Every year, we ask them if they would want to go to a regular school. We are teaching them life skills. While Ethan is good with gadgets, Elena has asked for a gymnastics tutor,” she said.


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I'm sure millions of city dwellers are fed up with the fast paced and hectic life of the cities, but are not courageous to change the course.




Great...but kids may suffer in future due to lack of formal education..unless they do farming.



Sameer Bhalerao

Courageous couple and definitely someone to look upto.



AN Subrnian

great that they are able to lead a life of their choice. however not sure if they are doing the thing for their kids - by cutting them off from a 'normal' childhood and growing up with other children.



Preity Aishvarya Zinta Rai

Why have a car ? Need to give up that too. Just fridge and washing machine is not enough.



Ravi Shankar

Where does the money come from?




Report these two to social services. These two hav no business to force their lame minimalist ideology on their kids. Who should be in school and learning to compete and excel by now,




This is the best way to live life instead of dying of health problems in a big, polluted city.



Ecity Resident

well everyone is city are stressed out but very very few have the guts to break the mundane and pretentious life and be minimalistic and independent.




Difference will be seen once the children grow up



Bvp ranga

Appreciate their will power. It takes lot of courage & Planning to take a bold decision to change from Urban to an unfamiliar Rural Environment...



Agastya M

I am 40, and I feel lucky I did not bear children !

If I brought a child into this world, that child will only suffer for mere survival - in this corporate greed based economic sy em - which is pushing us towards climate change and species extinction !





Have healthy life!!

健康的生活! !


Rameswar Pattanayak

We two also gave up hectic city life and moved to a reme village to live 8 years back. We are yet to give up Fridge and Washing Machine but certainly enjoy here.



NoFrame Drops

i ll do this only if had a 100 million dollars atleast



Sushmaa Srinivasa

Children do need regular school. It's not just for education, it's overall development. Being with other children, socializing, having fun etc. They are missing school life. At least some basic education is must.



Agastya M

I applaud them - this whole western model of capi ism - is nothing more than sl very.

We indians have forgotten our roots, our culture, and the fact that in this culture - being roed in nature was always part of daily life.

我为他们鼓掌——西方资 本主义模式只不过是奴隶制。



Manu Mahendra

Wow, you people got the essence of life. Life is short enjoy each moment.



Venkatesh Babu

In India with every passing day the love, trust, craderie are all decreasing... All we see now is just mad rush for money combined with pseudo Hindu preachings...




Health is Wealth!


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