Delta variant of Covid-19 mutates into Delta Plus: All you need to know



NEW DELHI: Around 40 cases of the Delta plus variant, classified as a variant of concern (VOC), have been detected sporadically in Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh, the Union health ministry said on Wednesday.


The govt has written to these states to take up immediate containment measures in the districts where Delta Plus variant, categorized as a 'Variant of Concern', has been detected.


The highly infectious Delta variant (B.1.617.2) of Covid-19 that first surfaced in India is feared to have mutated into a more virulent version called AY.1 or Delta Plus — one that is possibly capable of resisting even the monoclonal antibodies cocktail currently being prescribed as a cure.

首次在印度发现的高传染性的德尔塔变种(B.1.617.2)恐怕已经变异为更具毒性的版本,称为AY.1或“德尔塔+”(Delta Plus)——这种变体甚至可能能够抵抗目前的单克隆抗体鸡尾酒疗法。

As per Public Health England (PHE), an executive agency of the UK government's health and social care department, 63 genomes of Delta (B.1.617.2) with the new K417N mutation had been identified so far on the global science initiative GISAID.



Rudra Kundu

From my personal experience I can say vaccine works. My in laws get infected, both are having one shot one month before.



P Rc

No one, either scientists & govt told that the person got 1 or 2 doses of Vaccine, will be 100% free from covid infection chances ...Yes , it is 100% true that mortality rate for them will be too much less or rare against non vaccinated people...So get your Vaccine as early possible and maintain SOP of covid... only way to normalise the country..




Tariq Khan

what next - The vacccines hack into your immunity system and you might need boosters every year ?




Asif khan

what's wrong with everyone.Such a pathetic coverage of news.Very irresponsible writing.World knows vaccine is for protection.Still majority of citizens of our beloved country are not vaccinated



Maxmus Supari

Nothing is positive in this BJP era....All country is sinking.....They are big panoti for india and indians...



Andy Parlap

Sad state of affairs! Unnecessarily creating panic. So far 60% deaths happened due to fear more than the virus.




Tantra Couple

We all know vaccines do not work esp for the new variant. So only locking yourself inside will work for years - do not meet anyone, do not have physical contact - just stay home and order things online.



Sudeep Biswas

the vaccine efficacy is between 70 to 80 percent, then how is it surprising if 10 percent gor affected



Sudeep Biswas

Delta variant has already swept India.... and majority must have already antibodies against it.... also vaccine efficacy is not 100 percent but definitely the best bet for all....instead of fear mongering by writing such articles, lets get vaccinated, follow covid rules



sethu raman

why is the media only giving negative news all the time? As fourth pillar of de-cracy, press has a major role to play. Please please boost the morale of the public .




Rag Ani

vaccine helps big time in boosting immunity n fighting CoviD by weakening the nCov19 virus thus reducing criticality substantially...



Guest Login

Spreading unnecessary fear



Shivaprasad Dabholkar

Doctors have to make up their collective mind about the efficacy of the vaccine. One day we get the news that the vaccine is effective against the Delta variant and the next day we are told that it isn't. People will be hesitant about taking the vaccine if the present uncertainty about its efficacy continues



Jay Boro

such useless and Fear mongering news.. Testing positive doesn't necessarily mean vaccine is not working.. After all majority of tests results are fake..




Spreading negative news, fake news,creating panic in public, Abusing ruling government is the main agenda for all most all media houses and News channel’s.




Vikas Shelke

All are confused and media has many reason to play more confusions



Long Street

so we can expect a new vaccine soon followed by new variants for every 3 months



Narendra Mertia

If every one would follow the Corona protocols strictly, Delta variant would not be able to breach your vaccination shield



Ramesh Sargam

Vaccine really works. No doubt about it. But few who test positive even after two doses. There the doubt about the efficiency of vaccine arises. Medical fraternity need to clear the reason behind it and encourage people to go for vaccination.


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