Record vaccinations may not stop third wave in India



NEW DELHI: Offi als in New Delhi rejoiced earlier this week when India hit a single-day record by administering more than 8 million Covid-19 vaccinations.


But even this unprecedented pace may not be fast enough for a country just emerging from a devastating second wave to head off a third one, experts say. They also question whether this week’s push averaging about 4.6 million doses a day, up from about 3 million for most of the past month, can be sustained.


Despite halting all exports in April and benefiting from a huge vaccine producing industry, India has covered only 4% of its vast population, putting it far behind most of the West and China, which is deploying about 20 million doses a day. At this rate, some scientists say a third wave could arrive within months, driving fears the country may see a repeat of the recent nightmare of oxygen shortages and overwhelmed hospitals.


“I don’t think the recent spurt can be maintained, given what we know of the supply situation,” said Gautam Menon, a professor of physics and biology at Ashoka University, who also works on modeling outbreaks. “The single-day spike seems to have been the result of a concerted effort by some states, who may have stockpiled doses for this purpose. We would need to get to about 10 million doses per day to ensure that a future wave is less pent.”

Ashoka大学的物理学和生物学教授Gautam Menon也在研究疫情爆发,他说:“根据我们对供应状况的了解,我认为最近的大量疫苗接种无法维持下去。单日接种峰值似乎是一些邦共同努力的结果,他们可能为此储备了大量剂量。我们需要每天接种大约1000万剂,以确保接下来的一波疫情不会那么猛烈。”

India’s challenges in accelerating its inoculation drive are considerable. The fewer than 100 million doses per month being currently pumped out of two local manufacturers are struggling to cover its nearly 1.4 billion people. There is also considerable hesitancy to overcome and logistical hurdles to reaching much of the countryside, where more than two-thirds of Indians live.



Shobitro Chatterjee

Blame Modi blame Modi blame Modi

Whatever happens blame Modi.



Sandipan Dutta

India is lucky to have MODI as it's leader,we will undoubtedly fight this CHINESE VIRUS with full strength and come out successful.

People with negative mentality can do a lot by kee their dirty mouths shut.



Firm Oion

Your paper seems to hell bent on spreading fear among public.



Sudhanshu Shukla

stop fear mongering to prome yourself. people are already depressed enough



Kumar Patel

when nobody anticipated such 2nd wave, how come we can now predict 3rd wave. it's like saying it rained today, so it will rain tomorrow also. everyday it's a new prediction. just mask up , follow social distancing, maintain hygiene, get vaccinated and shut up



Reena Tyagi

The author has gone mad. I don't why such biased articles are allowed.




Present vaccination drive should be encouraged.



Bhadri Vakacherla

real problem is the chaos being created by so called "experts" .. never were their predictions consistent to one another nor they hav advised in time ..



Atul Srivastava

who is this pessimistic author. why are you looking for negativity in this positive development




Rupesh Shukla

News papers and News channels will make sure 3rd wave comes in India!!



Raghavan Chandroth

Blamng Modi has become a fashion for decimated po itical parties with back ground support from many news channels and publishers who are in act the brain child of congress .



Santosh Kumar

The situation arise because of modi....



Rajesh Sachdev

This article is as per expectations is negating all the effort made by the go nment.



Nimesh Solanki

We are in a country where po iticians & burecrats just make big promises & we blindly accept them as we don't have any option. Only we ourselves can save us by following rules for a few more months




BJP needs to go.. they are only worried about upcoming UP ions.. rest of the indians can go to hell...



Akash S

One thing I didn't understand till now why vaccine roll out of Sputnik V is so slow. It's been 2 months since 1st batch arrived but till now board didn't even approve the vaccine. What po itics they are playing?? Something fishy is going on. Seems they 1st want to sell all Covishield vaccines then they will start roll out of other vaccines.

有件事我到现在还不明白为什么俄罗斯Sputnik V疫苗的推出这么慢,第一批到货到现在已经2个月了,但是直到现在都没有批准疫苗的使用。他们在玩什么政治把戏?

有点可疑,似乎他们首先要销售完所有Covishield 疫苗然后再开始推出其他疫苗。


Ashis Mitra

Hope there is no ion at that time.



Rudra Kundu

This article is a junk. This week after record, India inoculated on a 6 million per day.



Anjan Kesh

Only 4 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. Single dose vaccination numbers may fool citizens but it will not fool the vir s.



Vikas Shelke

calculate in percentage please China US has covered 90 %of population . India has not even covered 25 % fully .we need to tech 50 million doses per day



Krishnamurti Narrainen

why INDIANS are having so many children


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