With over 350 private space companies, India in fifth place globally



NEW DELHI: Amid all the pandemic gloom, good news emerging from India’s space tech sector is that the number of private firms — more than 350 — is already more than Japan, China and Russia, putting India in fifth place globally. Of the 10,000-odd firms analysed as part of a global report that projects the space tech economy to touch $500 billion by 2025, over 5,500 are in the US, followed by the UK, Canada and Germany. The report lists 368 firms in India compared to 288, 269 and 206 in China, France and Spain, respectively. Japan and Russia have 184 and 56, respectively.


Isro chairman K Sivan said: “There has been a good response from the industry, both big and small. The number of proposals with IN-SPACe has also gone up by around 30% compared to the end of 2020.” As per the report by Spacetech Analytics titled ‘SpaceTech Industry 2021/Q2 Landscape Overview’, most companies globally (2,820) are in navigation and map, followed by 1,000 manufacturing firms, 718 doing space communication, reme sensing (211), aerial imaging (152), spacecraft development (80), space travel (58), and space medicine (48).

印度空间研究组织主席K Sivan说:“业界的反应很好,与2020年底相比,加入IN-SPACe的提案数量也增加了约30%。”根据Spacetech Analytics发布的题为《2021年/第二季度空间技术产业景观概述》的报告,全球大多数公司(2820家)从事导航和测绘,其次是制造公司(1000家),空间通信(718家)、遥感(211家)、航空成像(152家)、航天器开发(80家)、空间旅行(58家)和空间医学(48家)。

Jayakumar Venkatesan, CEO, Valles Marineris International, which helps train global astronauts through its partners in Russia, says: “The model Isro is following must change to that in the US. We can’t have a vendor-customer relationship model if we want industry to grow, it must be partnership based.”

Valles Marineris International通过其在俄罗斯的合作伙伴帮助培训全球宇航员,该公司首席执行官Jayakumar Venkatesan表示:“Isro遵循的模式必须向美国模式转变。如果我们想让行业发展,就不能采用供应商-客户关系模式,必须建立在合作关系的基础上。”

The report, which projects the space tech economy to touch $10 trillion by 2030 from the current $380 billion, has also analysed investments made in such companies during the said quarter. It has reviewed 10,000 firms, 5,000 investors, 150 R&D hubs and associations, and 130 go nment organisations across the world.


Total early-stage investments in space technologies in 2021 are $68 billion. “With a total of $28 billion invested in 3,086 companies, the US is an undisputed leader. This is six times the amount invested in companies in China — the second largest country in terms of space tech investment ($4.8 billion invested in 122 companies),” the report says. China is followed by the UK, where funding is mostly raised from public sources and IPOs. India is in fourth place with investments in about 110 firms, totalling not more than $2 billion.


“One of the main aims of opening up the space sector was to enhance India’s share in the global space tech economy from around 3% to more than 10% in the next few years,” Sivan said.



Jagdish Madan

Way to go! India has already broken the surface and is all set to make its ful place in every field! Proud of ISRO and other private space companies!




sanjit ghosh

This is good but when India will launch next rocket? Other space agencies are launching rocket frequently inspite of Covid-19 issues but ISRO has launched only few rocket in last 1 year.




R Venkatesh Govind

Absolutely ! Modi sir should launch more rockets, they cost only Rs 400 crores or so, instead of his posh Rs 8500 crore Boeing 777s, which have "limited" use.



Ashis Biswas

What is the relevance of this news . What has India achieved on ground to be in 5 th place. Super power India is now begging vaccines from small nations . Let us stop things like chest thum and glorifying the past and do work now instead to get back its place among nations.





ISRO has been performing ever since it's inception. Now India has come down so much is because of total mismanagement by Modi in every front.



Indi space

Indians are boasting, bragging and self-praising for NOTHING again. Why not try to land on the Moon SOFT, not Indian style HARD, first?


Kalmokta Banchanbali

Very good question




Remember ISRO is the only go nment owned enterprise that is giving stellar performance! So don't talk about them lightly



Indi space

Stellar performance? Withe India's Vikram crashed to pieces and Shivan crying on Modi's shoudler? What a stellar performance






ISRO: Plz study how USA and China used parachute for the soft landing of lander in Mars? Why ISRO has not used that in moon lander which failed?





Just registering the company does not make it space companies



Sahil Arora

that's great



Need More Land

Bharat is Building!



Agnelo Dsa

bharat is back to the stone age, thanks to modi.



Kalmokta Banchanbali

Purely and Bluntly HAVING STUPID SPACE COMPANIES IS NOT ENOUGH. What did they achieve ?



B Srinivasan

INDIA's brain power which decides our "SPACE TECH"capability is well recognised&well rewarded overseas mainly in USA,CANADA where the INDIANS are targetting their next move.




Very good news for our young generation into the future !!!



Newton Issac

space economy increases from 380 billion to 10 trillion from now to 2030. Can India do something realistic rather than saying big words?



Sanjoy Pandey

It is heartening to see India emerging in many spheres during the recent times.



Rajesh E

Thanks modi ji,


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