India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier will be fully operational only by mid-2023



NEW DELHI: India’s indigenous aircraft carrier (IAC) will become fully operational, with supersonic fighter jets and multi-role helicopters operating from its deck, only by mid-2023 at the earliest.


But once deployed, the 40,000-tonne carrier to be christened INS Vikrant will pack quite an offensive punch and project raw military power on the high seas. “The combat capability, reach and versatility of the aircraft carrier will add formidable capabilities in the defence of our country and help secure India's interests in the maritime domain,” said defence minister Rajnath Singh on Friday.


Reviewing the ongoing construction of the IAC at Cochin Shipyard at a cost of around Rs 23,000 crore, along with Admiral Karambir Singh, the minister said the government was “fully committed” to a strong Navy with operational reach and prowess to protect the country’s huge maritime interests.

印度国防部长和海军上将Karambir Singh一起评估了科钦造船厂正在进行的航母建设,耗资约2300亿卢比,印度国防部长表示,政府“完全致力于”建设一支强大的海军,以保护国家重大的海洋利益。

The commissioning of IAC, the most complex warship ever to be built in India with “nearly 75% indigenous content”, will take place next year. “It will be a befitting tribute to 75 years of India's independence,” said Singh.



Aum Shanti

For 70years Conn gress was busy looting India never thought about security


SJ Naik

yes, before 2014 there was no aircraft carrier with Indian Navy. The order for this aircraft carrier and its design and construction also started after Feku came to power in 2014.. Before 2014 Indian Airforce did not have any fighter aircraft, all 270 Sukhoi-30 MKI which the airforce has were purchased after 2014. also Tejas aircraft project was sanctioned and all the flight tests and manufacturing of Tejas was started after 2014.


2014年之前,印度空军没有任何战斗机,270架苏霍伊-30 MKI是2014年后购买的,“光辉”战机项目也是2014年后获得批准,所有的飞行测试和生产都在2014年之后开始。


Abhijit Sharma

Ins vikrant was ready in 2013 but till now it has not been commissioned. China started making it's aircraft carrier in 2015 and commissioned it in 2019.All this due to callousness of Modi. He has all the time in the world to make 3000 crore statue and a stadium in his own name but no time to commission an already built aircraft carrier. No wonder Modi got defeated by China.


Jagdish Madan

Don't cook up tales to blame Modi.



Sathish Kumar

All the 11 US Aircraft carrier were nuclear powered, meaning they can run non-stop for months as there is no need for fueling. Ours is diesel powered, lets not compare please.




we are 300 hundred years behind US interms of the mindset and 400 years behind cina! we take pride in cheating our own country in any way possible!




Am Pm

Thanks to Congress for approving this warship in 2003 in spite of a low GDP.




Started in 2003 and will become fully operational in 2023, 20 years to built one aircraft carrier, one reason is also 10 years of con-gress Gov't in power didn't do anything but was busy in looting nation like termite



Go Corona Go

And From 2014 till 2023 Feku was looting the nation



Devanshu Shakya

Just google and find out the defence deals signed between 2014 and 2021. And compare it with those signed between 2004 and 2013. Modi govt has spent more than double compared to UPA in defence procurement. Do you know that our defence export was mere Rs500 crore untill 2014. Today after 7 years it stands at over 7500 crore. And by 2023 it will be above 20000 crore.




Talk talk talk, Indians are world best talker.



Amit Thorat

USA has 20 carriers out of which 11 are super carriers having tonnage of 100,000 to 107000 tonnes. India operating an AC from 1961, China only from 2011 but even here they've taken a leap from India. 2 carriers in a mere 10 year's. 3rd one almost ready. One helicopter carrier also commissioned. Military gap between India and China has increased while it's dramatically decreased between China and USA.



Guest Login

We should ask the Americans to lease us 2 carriers that are bit dated on their side for stopgap till we build out atleast 2-3 of our own by 2035.




Ra Mon

Without nuclear powered propulsion, this is going to be a very expensive sitting duck at sea.



Although, Nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier would have been better but India didnt have the technology when this was started. We still dont have this technology. But it is still better than not having any aircraft carrier. Also, these aircraft carriers never travel alone. They are usually escorted by several warships and supply vessels.



Anand Mirle

China's two aircraft carriers and the one we have at present are diesel electric. And they work fine except that we cannot extend the reach like the US has and we are not a country right now aspiring to have a global reach on naval front. We have the support of Quad to extend our reach anyways...



Rahul Rai

One thing that no one is talking about is Where are the Fighter jets that is going to be deployed on IAC.

Only 40 mig29s are left and they have a very poor availability rate of just 60%.




Pervinder Sangwan

Need to note that USA has 11 Aircraft Carriers of above 100000ton capacity...India has only one with 44000 ton capacity..




Aircraft carriers are not cheap, look at the countries that operate one. You can count using your fingers and have some to spare.


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