WTO members agree to talks on patent waiver for Covid drugs, vaccines



NEW DELHI: Members of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on Wednesday agreed to launch discussions on patent waiver for Covid-related vaccines, drugs and devices, amid indications that the talks will be fast-tracked.


At a meeting of a key WTO panel looking into the issue, India suggested that detailed deliberations should begin next week with an intent to clinch a deal by the end of July, sources said.


Although the European Union, the UK and Switzerland reiterated their opposition, they agreed to join text-based talks, for which a draft has been shared. Japan, Brazil, Australia, Canada and several others agreed to join the discussions to work out a method for implementing the waiver on intellectual property s as well as its timeframe.


The agreement is, however, limited to negotiations.


Norwegian ambassador to the WTO Dagfinn Sørli, who chairs the TRIPS Council that will work out the details, recognised the persisting differences, although member countries have agreed to negotiate.


He suggested that a report be submitted to trade ministers from WTO countries, who will meet next month, setting an informal deadline of sorts.


Indian offi als said that they will engage with all countries to negotiate each proposal.



Free Thinking

I really want to congratulate The modi Go nment for providing free food to 80 cr indians and Free vaccines to whole nation... Modi ji well done...




The WTO will come out with an outstanding solution hel the develo countries, 5 years after the pandemic is over!



Amrit Bindra

WTO must have been coached by Indian Judiciary. After 8 months they have agreed to talks!




Feku is still clueless as always and he is barking up the wrong tree yet again because the bottleneck of our vaccine/drugs/oxygen shortage has never been the prection for patents. Furthermore, the patent waiver might be helpful for a handful of countries which have the vaccine manufacturing capacity but do not develop their own indigenous Covid vaccine.




Former US Presi nt Donald Trump has congratulated Nigeria on its decision to block Twitter - and that other countries should do the same.

"Congratulations to the country of Nigeria, who just banned Twitter because they banned their Presi nt," he said in a statement.



Vjay San

Despite the toll in terms of lives lost and dest yed and, the continued ravage of the vir s some nations are busy standing in the way of hel the poorer and economically disadvantaged peoples of the world, all in the name of profits and wealth. These nations should be castigated as the scourge of the civilized world



Vinod Aggarwal




Hindustan Zindabad

WTO members should grant a patent waiver only if Feku agrees to give the vaccine for free to all Indians.



Giant Frog

What matters is the end result that comes out of talks. To hold talks is itself not a cause for celebration.



Guptan Veemboor

It is sure that by the time a consensus is made and countries make a set-up to start manufacturing the vaccines, the coronavir s would have finished its job and departed.




Even if patent is removed, China would be having huge benifit because it will push it's generic covid vaccines in market in huge number.



Bharatiya Mumbai

No this is a dead end path. Its not going to happen. Companies wont give tech as they spent biklions and huge time and patience. Plus china getting technology.

They will fight nd drag it nd by then covid will b over.



Free Thinking

developed country ... Nobody is safe until everyone is safe... . Thats why don't waste time...If vir s spreads to 137 crore Indians... Nobody on the earth is safe... So immediately take action and Help India..

告诉发达国家,在所有人都安全之前,没有人是安全的... .不要浪费时间了……如果13.7亿印度人都感染了,地球上没有人是安全的……所以,立即采取行动,帮助印度吧…


Free Thinking

The whole world should not waste in giving relaxations to vaccination drive because India with such a huge population is like a time bomb....india can become a Death bed for every developed country .Nobody is safe until everybody is safe

全世界不应浪费时间,放松疫苗接种运动,印度人口如此庞大,就像一枚定时炸 弹....印度会成为每个发达国家的死亡之床。在所有人都安全之前,没有人是安全的


Rao G

These morons still only talking and doing nothing.... whereas people are dying in large numbers because of Covid .



Jeetendra Makhija

Countries with advanced vaccine production facility should take the responsibility of producing vaccine and providing it to poor countries. If Vaccine patent is removed then there may be tampering of composition of vaccine and may lead to medical issues.




hope some amicable solution will be found out in double time.



Rswami Narayanan

Patenting means it becomes much costly as i am seeing with other medicines



Seshadrinathan A

The days are not far-off as the vaccines will be ch commodity available in Pharmacy and govt will be compelled fix price tag



Chus Lee

Time to order Bharat Biech to share it's know-how with any company willing to make vaccines in India. By year end we will start producing over 15 Crore vaccines in a month.


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