India likely to send 190-strong contingent to Olympics: Narinder Batra



NEW DELHI: The Indian contingent for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics is expected to be around 190, including over 100 athletes, IOA presi nt Narinder Batra said on Thursday as Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju unveiled the offi al kits for the country's participants.

新德里:印度体育部长Kiren Rijiju公布了印度运动员的官方服装,印度奥林匹克协会主席Narinder Batra表示,参加即将到来的东京奥运会的印度代表团预计约有190人,其中包括100多名运动员。

So far, 100 athletes have qualified for the Tokyo Games, including 56 men and 44 women. The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) expects another 25 to 35 to make the cut for the Games, which open on July 23.


Indian athletes from 12 sports -- badminton, bong, hockey, wrestling, sailing, athletics, archery, equestrian, fencing, rowing, sh ting and table tennis -- have so far qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. Gymnast Pranati Nayak is set to qualify but yet to be confirmed by the world body of the sport.

到目前为止,来自羽球、拳击、曲棍球、摔跤、帆船、田径、射箭、马术、击剑、划船、射击和乒乓球等12个项目的印度运动员已经获得了参加东京奥运会的资格。体操运动员纳亚克(Pranati Nayak)有望获得参赛资格,但尚未得到世界体操组织的确认。

Golf, Judo and Swimming are other disciplines where Indian athletes can qualify.


"...we are estimating to touch 125 to 135 (qualified athletes) by the next two to three weeks when the qualification process is over," Batra said during the online ceremony which also marked 50 days to the Games.


"This means the Indian contingent, including offi als and support staff, is likely to be around 190," he added.


The number of offi als cannot be more than one-third of the athlete group as per the Sports Ministry rules. The ministry can, however, allow additional offi als at no cost to the go nment.


Batra also reiterated that India's medal haul can touch the double-digit mark in Tokyo, which will be an unprecedented achievement. India's best medal haul came in the 2012 London Olympics, where the country snared six medals, including two silver and four bronze.



Thirumi Subrnian

Good to know India has qualified about 100 athletes for the event. I would say every qualifier is a winner. Hopefully the medal winners among them will set the template for future aspirants.



Snehasis Basu

Best of luck to the team. Bring the most number of gold medals.



Kris Toyota

Japan is getting 150 tourists from India. Some of them may get into the field but not much to do other than posing for pictures.



Vijay Naidu

With the pandemic still razing, India should consider sending only those who have a chance to win and cut down on the number of offi als and coaches to the minimum.



Girija Sntaray

It is strange but true our athletes had not given their best in Olympics. On very few occasions they had bettered their personal best in Olympics. If that trend will be broken I am sure that double digit medal is achievable this time. I hope that Neraj Kumar will win a gold in javelin throw. Best of luck to all our participants.




我希望Neraj Kumar能赢得标枪金牌。祝我们所有的参赛运动员好运。


Ulhas Kulkarni

LARGEST contingent with no medal prospects!



The Nationalist

But they should not be I'll due to covid .So give them vaaccine .



Strategic Speaking

Years back when these guys came into power, they said in 5 years India will be a sports super power. They allocated huge fund for the same. But so far the show was too pathetic in all events. Let us see how many medals these guys will bring. Big big words are easy to say. It takes guts to put them to practice



Guru Ghantal

How many cricket players included? Without cricket team Indian contingent is incomplete.





all the best for the participants. Ho for some medals.



complete professional

At least give a start



Rashmi Prakash

Japanese govt should prepare for biggest ever medical emergency created by this strong contingent...



Kishore Gersappa

Half the contingent will be going at tax payers cost, without taking part in any of the field events.




None of them will bring any medals for sure. Instead they might bring some other covid variant into the country. Better 190 strong worthless contingent stay put in the country.



Mukesh M

1.4 Billion population and total of 28 medals so far, the data shows how strong.




Why so many people- is it to show love for Olympics at the nation's expense? Send only those who canbag gold/silver/bronze a few to carry the flags. The team should comprise people from all states to represent the union of Bharat.





Asim Sehanobis

It should not be waste of money. Those only should make the trip who have chances to get a medal.Particularly the Offi als should be the minimum,absolutely necessary only to accompany.



Gaana User

groom talent first like china did and then send them for competition. its shameful that we get about 1% gold only.



Beard Fungus Feku

Veggies and vegans can't win anything



Rjo Var

This show off PM will not miss any opportunity to do his PR..... athletes will work hard and MODI will stand around shamelessly to take credit



Sunny Motu

biggest contingent with zero medals



Times Subscriber

Best of lock.


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