Air India hit by massive data breach, flyer data compromised



NEW DELHI: Air India’s customer database — name, date of birth, contact information, passport information, ticket information, frequent flyer data and also credit cards data — has suffered a massive security breach. In all, about “45 lakh data subjects” may have been leaked. The airline has informed affected passengers that the “breach involved some personal data registered between August 2011 and February 2021.” It adds that “no passwords data was affected.”


This is the second major airline data breach in last six months. Last December, some servers of IndiGo were also hacked and the airline had said there was a “possibility that some internal documents may get uploaded by the hackers on public websites and platforms.”


In a detailed statement, Air India said: “This is to inform that SITA PSS, our data processor of the passenger service sy em (which is responsible for storing and processing of personal information of the passengers) had recently been subjected to a cybersecurity attack leading to personal data leak of certain passengers. This in dent affected around 45 lakh data subjects in the world. While we had received the first notification in this regard from our data processor on February 25, 2021, we would like to clarify that the identity of the affected data subjects was only provided to us by our data processor on March 25 and April 5.”


The breach involved personal data registered between August 26, 2011, and February 3, 2021, with details that included name, date of birth, contact information, passport information, ticket information, Star Alliance and Air India frequent flyer data (but no passwords data were affected) as well as credit cards data. However, in respect of this last type of data, CVV/CVC numbers are not held by our data processor, Air India said in a statement.


The airline said it has taken steps to ensure data safety, including “investigating the data security in dent; securing the compromised servers; engaging external specialists of data security in dents; notifying and liaising with the credit card issuers and resetting passwords of Air India FFP program.”



sg global

It's because of Congress & Nehru data was breached . BJP is best of India ...




As long as modiji is there, nothing is impossible



Aditya Sharma

What is the Govt doing? All around Failures. Lakhs dead because of Covid. Economy in the gutter. Donating vaccines without ordering for Indians. Bodies floating on Ma Ganga. Now, data breach






Rashmi Prakash

Instead of crying that foreign hackers hack your sy em upgrade your sy em security..Most people in govt organization are from quota category, so very limited knowledge..This sort of things bound to happen.




they had internet since mahabharat era, guess they have not upgraded their cyber security since



Prasad Koranne

It's all because of NaMo, earth moves because of Modiji.



Vasaikars M

It is all nehru’s fault.




Bad, inefficient dishonest management are the reasons for this breach. Go nment should sell this white elephant entity away.



Jeetendra Makhija

All those who have used Air-India's services should get their cards replaced and should also change their passwords too.



Muralidhar Jyoti

Who the hell is responsible for this. What is the use of cyber security?



Shobitro Chatterjee

Modiji murdabad... please resign!!!



Sendil Kumar

In India.. whatever happens modi is held responsible..how stupid of the haters..go get a life..

在印度. .不管发生什么,莫迪都要负责。


Go Corona Go

Definitely Nehru is to be blamed. He nationalized Air India in 1953. Modi and his Bhakts had warned him not to do that but he didn't listen to them.



Shasti Brata

Nothing surprising here.




Why there is a delay in implementing Data Privacy Law in India. We need stringent measures like GDPR. Govt should enact Data Privacy Law in India asap



Stawan Mujumdar

So weak security in India that any Indians info is only public information now a days.



Original Patel

Why india is hated all over the world?



Sanjoy Pandey

There is no doubt some corrupt people are involved in it, who should be punished.



Narendra Mertia

Serious lapses in the part of Air India.


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